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  1. I’m sad I was foiled by PSN. If I’d know that was going to happen I would have grabbed different trophies. I’m pretty sure my points will be pretty good. Just sad I missed out on a badge. 😢
  2. Damn! 7 minutes is rough. I missed it partly because of bad luck in a speed run this morning but more recently because I can’t do my auto pops on Sly 4 because of PSN issues.
  3. @Stedde I’m being affected by the current psn issues. I’ve got my last trophy(a) ready to pop but I can’t because of this issue. Can I possibly get a tiny extension? Edit: im pretty sure I’m at 27 of 28 and I’d be pissed if i fail the last mission because I can’t do my vita auto pops.
  4. I’m curious @Stedde do you have a program that takes all of that trophy information or do you have to hand jam it all in to find out the point value of an entire list?
  5. This seems like a bit more of a casual month for you so I’m definitely in. I’m hoping my play what I want to play approach works especially as I’m missing playing my longer RPG games
  6. Ohh. This could make big changes. Lots of prep work to do to be ready for the first 28
  7. I finished Sly 3 early this morning. Now I’m lost on what to play next. I don’t want to hurt my chances with the next mission that I’ll actually be able to start on time. I’m so close to actually placing I think. If only I had gotten more points during mission 1. Darn bronze heavy lists
  8. Pretty sure you're gonna win it all!! Unless the last mission can net a lot of points I'll just be happy being near the top 3. Way better than I did last month with the 5 game backlog challenge.
  9. Holy hell! I jumped from 21st place to 5th?? I need to finish Sly 3 before Sunday so I can get a real idea of where I’m at.
  10. 1 down for mission 3 LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues this game was super buggy which is why some of the pops are odd timings and why it took me almost 11 years to finish a friggin LEGO game!
  11. I’m finally feeling a bit caught up! If my math is right, I just finished mission 2 and should be able to get the first plat for mission 3 by the end of the night.
  12. Finally finished mission 1! Persona 4 Golden took much longer than expected. But now I can start mission 2. Some LEGO and PS2 remakes here I come!
  13. I’m hoping to finish mission one this week then use my long weekend to make strong progress in mission 2
  14. Oof. This will be a rough one. I’m close to finishing mission one. 3000 points seems like a lot for a single week. I see this as putting me even further behind in the map but I’ll do my best.
  15. I also have this game in my backlog and had not thought about the comrades patch and how that affects 100%. Any chance you can link a walk through of the hoops needed?
  16. Sadness, I don't see my pretty purply Chocobo on the map. Now I feel silly. I'm the Circle. Been away from home so hadn't seen my PSN avatar in a bit.
  17. Great timing for this! My game will be Persona 4 Golden Currently at 34% Persona 4 Golden
  18. Hey @Stedde This sounds like another fun contest! sign me up!
  19. Unfortunately it’s now mathematically impossible for me to complete my list as one trophy requires 100+ hours of playtime and I am traveling for work this week. It’s been fun though and I enjoyed playing my older games. @Stedde do you know how often you’ll be doing contests this year?
  20. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to finish my bracket this month. I've got to travel for work next week and am no where close to being done. I will definitely add these games to the 2021 goals list though!
  21. @Stedde I ran into this problem with Digimon Cyber sleuth. What I did was (through the web store ymmv) go all the way back in my purchase history and redownloaded from there.
  22. I’m unfortunately getting very disheartened with my last couple trophies for Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. I think I overestimated my capabilities this month.
  23. I will definitely need to pick my games better if I do another contest. I picked some almost nothing but 100+ hour plats for this bracket. I'm thinking only alternating months to allow for more relaxed game choices. (really want to play some Atelier games this year)
  24. Finally made decent progress. Finished off Nier (PS3) and started cleaning up Chocobo Mystery Dungeon (not looking forward to the 500 floor dungeon) Rainbow Moon and SAO:HF are proceeding on the side and Monster Hunter will probably be my easiest one to finish off.
  25. Man my progress feels really slow. Though I guess that’s what I get for picking longish RPGs that have sat in the backlog forever