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  1. Because it's pointless, empty, dull and runs like ass. 15-20 fps on regular PS4, I couldn't finish one of the quests because the game was crashing three times in a row. How somebody can even defend this shit is mindblowing. I liked Aliens Colonial Marines but I fully understand that it's garbage, I'm not asking "why are you hating" and don't mention bandwagon and other bullshit.
  2. Too many great games came out and will come out soon. Still want to grind black market in BO4 after I finish RDR2.
  3. I have 3 snakes, missing animal and 1 more snake. What should be between them? Playing non-english version so it's harder to follow the guide lol.
  4. People on PlayStation Forum are saying that they got e-mails this week