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  1. I finally platted it. The trick is to actually slow down when clearing the dialogue. Like only push a button every 2-3 seconds. It makes the plat time a lot longer but at least it won't crash on you. And also save every few minutes in case you get impatient and start mashing the button again.
  2. My game constantly crashes and I’ve only been able to reach the end once. It’ll even crash when I try to save. Does anyone have any tips they used so it wouldn’t crash all the time?
  3. BABYMETAL!!! \m/ ='v'= \m/
  4. The living room is glitched but will really break if you ever pause the game. If you ever need to pause, use the PS button to go to the Home screen rather than the Start button to pause. Try restarting the game on any layout.. maybe 2017 is safest and do it without pausing at all.
  5. I see you got the trophy. What was the solution?
  6. Update: I was able to get the Survivor mode trophies. To avoid glitches, don’t Retry if you fail. Quit and then go back into Survivor from the main menu. However, I did experience 2 crashes after getting to level 50. I turned on flight mode and then it didn’t crash and I got the trophy. Not sure if that’s coincidence or not.
  7. The 3 Survivor mode trophies, the see all endings trophy, and MA-17.
  8. That’s correct. Also on the digital version.
  9. You can’t get 100% because you need to get to level 50 in Survivor and you’re lucky to get past level 10 before it glitches on you. There’s another bug where it doesn’t register when Susan kills you and you need that for 3 trophies.
  10. Don’t. It’s still a buggy mess. Sure, you can complete the game now but Survivor is still horribly glitched, as are a bunch of captures in the Living Room, as well as a specific death isn’t counted which affects a few trophies. Sad.
  11. Looks insanely difficult and time consuming to reach those 100 gold star runs and billion points trophies. I’ll pass.
  12. Highly dependent on skill. I'm still missing one trophy to beat challenges with one combo with multiple characters. I certainly tried it for 8 hours already. The Requiem for a Killer probably took me 10 hours alone. So I think 100%ing it can easily take upwards of 80-100 hours.
  13. This just went up for sale on Limited Run Games so I'm assuming the bug has been patched?
  14. You can use L2 to get to the Save/Options screen.