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  1. You can use L2 to get to the Save/Options screen.
  2. I made that Reddit post. Since then, I've sent many follow up messages and no one responds. I'm starting to think we're not getting a patch at all. This is truly terrible behaviour by LRG and Screaming Villains.
  3. Please sign me up for Champion of the Gods. I have all the platinums. Thanks!
  4. Check this link for more details. You need to input the correct sequence on ALL of the puzzles, not just one.
  5. My 200th was Little Deviants! A celebration of getting it bundled on Day 1 with the Vita.
  6. Please add me as an Ex-Fireman. I have Bioshock and Watch Dog plats.
  7. Sigh... just missed it. Took too long to download the damn game. And I got a trophy in the first level so I can’t delete it. UGH
  8. Stranger of Sword City is a great dungeon crawler. Should take ~80 hours to plat.
  9. It seems to me that Cross-buy is becoming less and less common. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon was also not cross-buy.
  10. Please add me as a Gigant Slayer. (Stranger of Sword City platinum)
  11. He's back doing mostly gaming/nerd culture stuff. His new podcast series are Side Quest which is current gaming and Knockback which is old school gaming/toys/movies, etc.
  12. Looks very similar to the PS Vita Hot Shots Golf, which I found very enjoyable and challenging to platinum. That Condor trophy looks to be the platinum breaker, however...
  13. Alien: Isolation is absolutely incredible, especially if you're even a quasi-fan of the series. Awesome sound design and great tension throughout. Wellll worth the sale price.
  14. In theory, games don't NEED to have a platinum trophy to be good or to increase sales, but they most certainly help. If I'm sure I'll like a game, of course I'll buy it regardless of a platinum trophy, but if I'm on the fence, or if there's a crazy sale, a platinum trophy will most likely put me over the edge to purchase it. I find it astounding that Devs still don't understand this. Sonic Mania and the Mega Man Legacy collections should most definitely have platinum trophies just based on game length and content. Recent example, Night Trap has a platinum trophy even though the Devs thought it may not due to game length. But, now that it has one, it will certainly sell more copies and therefore reach more gamers which is the intent of creating games in the first place. People have various reasons for purchasing games, none of which are "wrong". If you're a Developer with the intent to profit off the game you make, you should want to touch on as many reasons people buy games as possible. Having a platinum trophy should be a no-brainer way to grab one segment of the gaming audience.
  15. It was originally released on SEGA CD. A group of (sometimes scantily clad) girls are having a sleepover and a group of dudes (aliens? ninjas) invade the house to kidnap or kill them. The point of the game is to switch to various security cameras in the house to trigger traps that kill the bad guys and save the girls. It was one of the first games on home console to feature complete full motion video and it became infamous due to how the girls were dressed and the violence against them from the intruders. We would all find it very tame nowadays.