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  1. Really a Nice Job, Congrats from France !
  2. I think we should let trophies list as they are but we should sort game by region. So if we play only NA games we should can see only games from the region which interested us. But I'm agree with the original post, Forum Should be the same for every game 'cause like many of us when I'm looking for find a tips, I have to read all forums from all games stacks to find that I need ! Sorry for my english I'm french !
  3. Hi, First * Sorry for my English it isn't my mothertongue* My idea and the purpose: I use this website and I am fully satisfied with it. I'm always on look to find new game with easy plat to have so I use the easy games section. I only use my region psn to buy my game So when I look for find a game I encounter these problems: - I must sort all game from all region while I just looking for EU game - I can't take off game I've already finish So I ask myself: "Why there's no more filters" and I just thought that it's really bad And finally, I think that's possible to put more filters on a website and that would make the site better So can you do that ? If another people read this message and want more filters, just take 5 seconds and let a message (maybe with the filter you want) ! Thanks a lot and long life to PSNProfiles
  4. In high score mode, there's no way to save game. You have to do it with 3 lives and if you push the start button you cannot back in the game
  5. Hi, Trophies Hunter I have a problem with the high score trophy, I read somewhere that the goal is 66000 pts, it' simply impossible for me in 3 lives. Someone can explain, how he do that or give me a trick ! Sorry for my english it isn't my mothertongue