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  1. Hi HusKy, Yes, I have an avaible list: And I'm using the latest version with tampermonkey and from the good url on google chrome Any idea ?
  2. Hi, I've a question about how using your scripts On this page: https://psnprofiles.com/games , i had possibility to add or remove game to my lists directly 5min after, I can't do that, there were no more + or - What I did wrong ?
  3. Saint Patrick's Day Break JACKPOT !!!!
  4. I'm with Erika, I get the three first level and I can't beat level four ! Level 5 is the harder one and in my mind, if I can't beat level four, it will be impossible to beat level 5 and 6 !
  5. I hate to not finish my games, but I played 6 hours to get this trophy and I don't know if I was really bad but I just can't reach the end of this game in one playthrough. Persevering when you see that you're near your goal OK but here it's just dying and dying, that was why I say that's a wall Thanks for your cheer, it's really nice but I really think that's over !
  6. Thanks, I'll got it !
  7. I give up Arcade mode is really too difficult... If (like me) you encounter difficulties to end story mode, you can forget arcade mode, it's litteraly a wall !
  8. Thanks for your GOOD advice, I amlost gave up and finaly I win this championship, all online trophy done alone, it remains me time attack races and it will be done The game is vicious anyway: -When AI are first, it seems that sometimes magic made it irreperable ! -I would burn the China airport race - And the worst is.... AI which literaly rushes at you to damage you and make you loose precious seconds, I'm pretty sure they're programmmed for this purpose. In 3 turns race, I lost up to 70% of the health of my car to overtake the first..... An advice to all who want to cry in front of this game: YOU CAN DO IT !
  9. I really feel the same about this game: I'm not a pro player but AI destroy me ! Unfair and unbalanced, really frustrating. How do you get platinium ?
  10. Done ! Not so easy one, I really have some difficulties to start but when you have understand all mechanisms (and with save) it's easier Advice: DO NOT FARM POINTS AT AN EASY SPOT ! After a while, enemies get much stronger ! Finish levels as quickly as possible and save often
  11. Ok Nice, I bought it
  12. Hi all Do you recommend this game to me or is it too difficult to reach 100% ?
  13. I give you an example: When I look for find an easy game, I go in Games -> Easy Games and here and I face 231 pages with games I've already done or game from another region I don't want to do or maybe games I don't want to do ! Site doesn't offer a way to hide games. So I have many ideas: - Simply add a function to hide game (Like this guy who done a better psn store) - Possibility to create list of games we don't want to do - Or if it's too complicate just add the possibility to tags game like in our list to have a visual reference directly on this page: https://psnprofiles.com/games?order=average Hope to be helpful and like I said before, really thanks to your great works