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  1. Being a beta test it’s almost certain to be something online. Like a follow-up to Resistance or an online mode for RE8 (including the old characters and maybe locations would fit the 25th Anniversary thing) Pretty sure there won’t be another remake of the original game. They’re working on RE8 and RE4 Remake (which they confirmed a while back) “Resident Evil: Remake Remake” would be a bit much.
  2. To be fair it’s an easy mistake to make. Although the console is “region-free” the games are still localised, think of saving files in Windows/Mac OS... Your North American game installation would be saving in a folder named “C: / GAMES / RE3_NA” but your DLC files/keys would be in a folder named “C: / GAMES / RE3_UK”.
  3. Does anyone know what the MP trophy requirements are to 100% each game in this trilogy? I’ve seen conflicting info and the summaries in the guides aren’t specifically clear RE: DLC being factored, as best I can work out it’s. Tomb Raider: Competitive + Coop Rise of: A lot of Coop in the DLC trophies Shadow of: A little Coop in the DLC.
  4. Not really, it wasn’t even possible in week one, NBA 2K21 was a launch game but one trophy requires 594 “Domination” Mode Stars, the game launched with 297 available, 99 more popped up this week but it’ll probably be April before the other two batches of 99 stars show up for all 594 to be achievable.
  5. I don’t think the Blue Sphere stages are actually that bad. The issue is the way they’re presented, because it cycles through all 32 until you get a medal in each to stop it appearing, you can’t just play the same level repeatedly and it takes longer to memorise the layouts/learn from your mistakes. I picked up the game a few days ago so only just finished the story and started to clear the blue sphere stages (upto 3 Gold, 8 Silver medals so far) but I imagine once you’ve cleared most of the medals and only see the same 3 or 4 levels looping they become pretty easy.
  6. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD 2. Super Mario World 3. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island* 4. Jet Set Radio 5. Mario Kart 8 6. Okami HD 7. Gran Turismo 4 8. Super Metroid 9. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 10. Grand Theft Auto V * = I know the OP said 1 game per series but Yoshi’s Island is really it’s own thing and span off into a separate franchise so I wouldn’t consider it “core” Mario. Also it’s way better than anything else I could put in it’s place (probably Resident Evil Remake or a Street Fighter).
  7. You’ll have to purchase them (but can use FM as you say).
  8. Wasn’t there a rumour a few days ago that a remake of RDR was releasing in an “Outlaws Collection” with RDR2? I guess that stemmed from a misinterpretation of someone seeing that RDR2 discs will be rebranded as a bundle containing single player RDR2 + RDR Online? EDIT: Looked it up, if it was fake the boxart still looks pretty legit.. https://mobile.twitter.com/GameLeaksRumors/status/1330155217850077186/photo/2
  9. Wouldn’t a Spider-man movie on Blu-ray launch at £20-£25 with a 2-hour run time? So in those terms, £-per-hour, Miles Morales is a bargain? I’ll likely pick this up next year when it’s £20-ish anyway as I was always a Nintendo gamer and only bought a PS4 this year so I have enough last gen stuff to catch up on but I have no quarms with the price at launch considering it’s a premium IP and AAA game. As someone who cares about earning a platinum/100% I’d certainly be more than happy to pay £50-£60 for a great game this length, whereas I’ll never pay even £1 for things that tack on multiplayer modes I have no interest in to extend their playtime (e.g. Tomb Raider/The Last of Us/Ghost of Tsushima).
  10. It was unnecessary but I think I prefer the squares to be honest. They both seem to be the same width everywhere so the squares just end up being larger/more prominent and easier to see. If the change had been a mid-generation PS4 update it’d be stupid but because it draws a line between the generations it makes sense. I think most people’s disapproval now is down to it looking odd with relatively few square PS5 icons standing out in lists of rectangles half the size but over time, when our lists show a clear split of 10/20+ Squares together I think we’ll look at the older rectangles and think it should have been squares all along.
  11. Wouldn’t it make sense for rarity leaderboard calculations to be +/- possibly with users or games having a 0 floor? e.g. if the average rarity of all trophies earned is say 70% (it’s likely higher?) and Game A and Game B each have 5 trophies: Game A: Bronze: 90% = -20 Bronze 75% = -5 Silver 50% = +20 Silver 30% = +50 Gold 1% = + 500 = 565 (The games with actually rare trophies move you up the leaderboard) Game B: Bronze: 95% = -25% Bronze: 90% = -20% Silver: 85% = -15% Silver 80% = -20% Gold 70% = 0 = 0 or -80 (if you want people to fall down the leaderboard instead of padding their “rarity” figure with the sheer volume of common trophies they earn)
  12. Yeah, I haven’t played RDR2 but GTA V has the exact same trophies (70 Gold Medals, 100% Completion) and you just need to complete the level for it to count to 100% completion. If 100% required gold medals you’d see the earned trophy %s go the other way (i.e. people would have 70 gold medals but not all gold medals for the 100%)
  13. As of right now, I only need two trophies for the platinum on PS4, both of which need MyTeam content updates and are currently unobtainable. I was hoping that meant a shared list over current and next gen so I’d be able to just pick up on PS5 for the last 300 or so Domination Stars. (at 100+ wins/100+ hours once you factor additional grinding for the “Geologist” trophy that felt enough). As I own the PS4 “Mamba” Edition I have the PS5 version as a free upgrade but I doubt I’ll play it now as I feel just finishing the PS4 list is going to be all the NBA grind I can take and a concern is MyTeam progress carries over rather than fully syncs (i.e. it won’t autopop MyTeam trophies like “Win 5 games online in Limited” and the “594 Domination Stars” could end up only achievable on one system, e.g. PS5, not retrospective if you fire up the game on PS4 afterwards. Another concern would be winning a women’s online 3v3 may be difficult down the line given trophy hunters could be the only ones playing that mode and it could die not long after launch. The “Bet on Woman” trophy could also potentially be a huge grind, 4 seasons of college will drag out MyCareer a fair bit too.
  14. In defence of “completionists”... If “Ghost of Tsushima 2” was announced but Sony said it’s digital-only and costs $5,000, no-one would take issue with anyone skipping it. Well for many we factor “time-cost” into what we play while also using completionism as quality control. E.g. In my own case: I rarely enjoy melee weapon combat mechanics (e.g. I have no interest in God of War even though many consider that the best game on PS4) but despite that Ghost of Tsushima had such a wonderful looking world/setting I was planning to pick it up when it was 30-50 hour single-player experience. Now they’ve added in the need for a second playthrough (gameplay I may not love, a world I’ve already seen) and grinding away in online coop (I have no “gamer” friends online or offline so can’t guarantee getting those trophies would even be possible for me) then I’m just out, there’s just too many other games I could be playing/enjoying while still getting that “100%” sense of achievement.
  15. Watch Dogs 2 might be worth a look?