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  1. In fairness, the Switch’s eShop has arguably even more lazy cash grab games than PSN. There’s lesser 3rd party support from the big publishers on Switch and the audience is a lot younger so there’s a whole eco-system of talentless devs making super simple/IP-infringing games to fill that vacuum and either catch out the uninformed or cater to parents looking for simple button pushing games to keep Peppa Pig off the TV without their child smashing up the place.
  2. Are we assuming “Project RE Fantasy” is just Persona 6 then? i.e. Persona 6 is partly the high fantasy world they’ve talked about with Project RE Fantasy, but partly still a modern-day Japanese high schooler’s world (or it’s reimagining the franchise, maybe opening with the high schoolers but then it’s a little similar to Forspoken)? Given the people involved in Project RE Fantasy, I can’t see how there’s a “full fat” Persona game in the works alongside it? Maybe some PS4/Switch-level Persona Q-like spin-off from new people but next-gen Persona? Surely not?
  3. From memory, (and we’re talking 20 years since I played this so…) I’m fairly sure this game gives you an ending per character so as the trophy just says “ending without continuing” you may be able to power through to the last boss with continues, then drop in player 2 and let player 1 die to get player 2’s ending.
  4. Feels highly unlikely given all the non-gaming industry business Square Enix are also tied up in, ignoring that, this would be a disaster as (for me) Square Enix are currently the best they’ve been since the SNES-era... - They’ve disposed of their sub-par North American arm. - They’re not adding a tacked-on multiplayer modes to every game. - They’re hitting every note with the FF7 franchise in terms of what fans want. - They poached Capcom combat staff which undoubtedly helped FF7R and has FFXVI looking to have Bayonetta-levels of fluidity and fun. - They’re doing really interesting things like HD-2D and Pixel Remasters etc. Playstation studios on the other hand I don’t particularly have much hope for going forward… - Ever since the Bungie/Haven acquisitions the noise is all about Sony’s big push to live service games. - All of their North American studios have such high film/TV pretensions I sometimes wonder if Sony are losing track of what an actual video game is, or at least what made them fun… - Their previous Japan studios they shuttered and what remains (Team Asobi) are likely stuck on a VR game few will play or some barely-enjoyable OS-level hub experience/experiment/novelty.
  5. Isn’t this Digital Eclipse? They seem to be anal-retentive game preservationists who probably have Pantone swatches out making sure colours are accurately reproduced from the original arcade monitors or that they didn’t crop 2mm from a scanned concept doc they found after two weeks sifting through dusty boxes in a Konami store room… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this was actually planned for later in the year but is now being rushed out to capitalise on the moment TMNT Shredder’s Revenge is having and the hype around that game.
  6. Basketball… I’m British but my first memory of any major sporting event is watching the ‘92 “Dream Team” at the Olympics, a few years later that lead me to the OG NBA Jam and I’ve loved the NBA ever since. As a SuperSonics fan, I moved to Seattle (from the U.K.) for a year just to be in attendance for their final season. I also saw Kobe’s last game at Staples and two “Linsanity” games (amongst roughly 40-50 games I’ve been to at MSG). Nothing compares to the NBA…
  7. Have they ever said/shown if you play in the “Human” world? My impression was New York was just an opening FMV (probably an ending one too) and the entire game is “Athia” based?
  8. It is the same, it’s still just commercially-minded developers/publishers making games for the mainstream audience. In the PS2 days everything was “to the max!” and bombastic (MTV/Jackass/South Park/X Games etc) and the heroes du jour for kids back then were loud and confident types like rockstars, Jack Sparrow and wrestlers (The Rock, John Cena) etc so the OG God of War games leaned into those tastes for sales. Now kids are all Greta Thunberg-lite neo-cucks regurgitating high-concept talking points they see made by activists and other influencers (LGBTQ+ types, Q-anon, crypto bros, female soccer players, Minecraft streamers who will still be trying to sleep with 14/15-year-olds well into their 40s) hence the 2018 God of War being what that game is. Both are mindless drivel to be consumed by zeitgeist teens, it’s just differing generations of zeitgeist teens.
  9. I feel like this entire thread is more a case of we as gamers are going downhill… Personally, I want to see a PSNProfiles’ Reviews page… “The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” - “No Trophies! WTF?” - 0/10
  10. I hardly ever buy physical editions and I already own/have completed two of these three titles as digital downloads but I couldn't resist importing these two badboys from Japan (neither was released here in the U.K.)... MLB The Show 22 - MVP Edition (Shohei Ohtani Steelbook) Fighting Legends Pack (Capcom Fighting Collection & Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection)
  11. #58 - Astro’s Playroom It will be a mind-blowingly good game that stops Astro’s Playroom being my “Game of the Generation”. I loved every minute of this. Gameplay-wise it reminded me of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World which is basically the highest praise I can give a 3D platformer. Beyond that, it’s just such a lovingly made game and stuffed full of fun little easter eggs and basically serves as a virtual Playstation museum. I also highly doubt a game will ever use the DualSense controller this well again. Team Asobi are instantly now my favourite PlayStation Studio and their next project may be my most anticipated game. The trophy list on this game is also perfect, it covers seeing all content in the game but keeps things short and doesn’t force too much post-game replay or anything that makes the game outstay it’s welcome. Enjoyment (Actual Game): 10/10 Enjoyment (Trophy List): 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Platinum Time: 5-6 hours
  12. #57 - Gleylancer Years ago (c. 2007), I was working a secondment in Hong Kong and took an extended weekend trip to Tokyo. There, among a load of other weeb miscellany, I quite randomly purchased a used copy of this game simply because I liked the boxart and it was super cheap (about $10). I’d never so much as heard of the game before and of course, in the 15 years since then at no point have I ever actually owned the Japanese Mega Drive console I’d need to play it so it was a huge surprise to see this cool-looking but rather obscure title get a PS4/PS5 release! In terms of the actual original game, that doesn’t disappoint. It charms by leaning heavily into a gorgeous 90s anime aesthetic and surprisingly for a shmup, it boasts both an actual/prominent plot and well-balanced difficulty. It’s not Super Metroid or Chrono Trigger grade but for a 16-bit game it definitely holds up and is playable today. The “modern” parts are actually what let this release down, it’s a Ratalaika joint so that means it’s basically shovelware for the “EZ plat” audience, you can even set the game to auto-play which is a shame as this fun little title deserves more later-life recognition. Enjoyment (Actual Game): 7/10 Enjoyment (Trophy List): 5/10 Difficulty: 0/10 Platinum Time: < 1 hour
  13. Windjammers 2 Probably the most fun I’ve had on my PS5 this year. At a little over 300 players/owners on this site currently I’d even say it’s criminally underplayed. Anyone into 2D fighting, arcade sports games or that Streets of Rage 4 aesthetic should definitely pick it up! Even if none of that’s your bag but you want something quick and fun for local/online multiplayer sessions I can’t see anybody being disappointed with this game.
  14. Delete your save from the console (everything is on Sony’s server anyway). Re-open and buy a set of wheels, it should pop.