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  1. In defence of “completionists”... If “Ghost of Tsushima 2” was announced but Sony said it’s digital-only and costs $5,000, no-one would take issue with anyone skipping it. Well for many we factor “time-cost” into what we play while also using completionism as quality control. E.g. In my own case: I rarely enjoy melee weapon combat mechanics (e.g. I have no interest in God of War even though many consider that the best game on PS4) but despite that Ghost of Tsushima had such a wonderful looking world/setting I was planning to pick it up when it was 30-50 hour single-player experience. Now they’ve added in the need for a second playthrough (gameplay I may not love, a world I’ve already seen) and grinding away in online coop (I have no “gamer” friends online or offline so can’t guarantee getting those trophies would even be possible for me) then I’m just out, there’s just too many other games I could be playing/enjoying while still getting that “100%” sense of achievement.
  2. Watch Dogs 2 might be worth a look?
  3. If you consider “patience” a skill then Monster Hunter World + Iceborne
  4. I think the important thing to remember here is these bans are decided by human beings doing a customer service job. Once you get reported for anything (even just a player taking a dislike to you) you run the risk of: - A PSN representative/moderator also taking a dislike to you for the way they see you talking to people in their back end message logs. - The representative could be new to the job or have a customer service/IT background rather than being a serious gamer so they just see a word like “Boosting” and take it to mean the same as “Cheating”. The TOSs are so vague and full of washy language these reps/moderators can really just ban you at their discretion and call it for whatever they want. PSN accounts aren’t a human right, there’s little need for accountability on the PSN end.
  5. Edit: Nevermind, mis-read the blog post.
  6. I don’t suppose anyone can comment on how this compares difficulty wise to the platinum in Pac-Man Championship Edition 2? I was a Nintendo gamer for the longest time so don’t have much frame of reference for the “out of 10” difficulty ratings on platinum trophies however Pac-Man CE 2 had a similar narrative around it. It’s just not clear from reading if Crash 4’s conversation is down to the sheer amount of content that’s a little tricky you need to complete or if it’s straight-up “6-4” from Pac-Man level difficulty (or harder) for 200 levels?
  7. Forgive me if this is a dumb post (this is my first 2K, or sports game for that matter) I understand you unlock the vehicle shop for Social Distancer by levelling up with “Rep” but my question is two-fold: 1) Am I right in thinking there isn’t any way to earn Rep playing against the CPU rather than online? 2) How can I find an online game with my build? Everyone seems to “squad up” so I can’t seem to get a 3v3 game standing in the circles on the Neighbourhood Courts.
  8. Okami HD is a really good shout but I think I just about prefer NBA 2K21’s “Mamba Forever” Edition.
  9. Dude, commenting on the Internet is like dipping yourself in gravy and jumping into a bear enclosure at the zoo, regardless of how correct you are, you will just get mauled at some point. Back on topic, I think the game punishes rage quitters by docking them the same points they’d give up if they saw out the loss. It also gives them a “timeout” whereby they can’t enter online matches for 24hrs if they rack up 2 or 3 disconnections in the space of a few hours.
  10. Yeah, you still get exp for that. Personally I’ve hit 960k FM and given up. I’ve done all 40 character’s demonstrations, stories and survivals on easy/medium/hard as well as Extreme with Ken but I’m a third-rate gamer at best so not good enough to complete all Trials with any character. I’ll probably return to it next year when a few Season 5 characters are out, I still have 885k FM to spend so should be able to get all in Season 5 for free, however, just the first two (Dan and Rose?) should be enough to get me this last trophy in around 3 hours rather than spending 15+ hours on Extreme Survival runs.
  11. Haha, I hadn’t noticed that but had just won a load of games I’d struggled with earlier in the week so was thinking the same thing (until now.).
  12. NBA 2K21 is going to be a work-in-progress until mid-next year I think, unless they roll back shooting %s to as they were before the last patch. Street Fighter V I just need one trophy in (Priceless), which is a hell of a grind, hope to finish that in September though. Then it’s either Persona 5 + Sonic Mania or Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 through October.
  13. I don’t think Trials give a load of FM once you factor FM comes from character levels and I’m fairly sure you need greater EXP amounts to level up as you climb up the character levels. e.g. even if you get a decent amount of FM from doing Trials early that just robs from how far EXP goes from Survival mode runs you’d have to do anyway. Example; At level 18 with Ryu (completed Story, Demos and Survival Easy/Normal) completing Hard Survival took me to level 23 (5k FM or 1k FM per level) but if I’d used Ken exclusively for online he’d be about level 29 and that same amount of EXP from a Survival Hard run would only take me to level 31 (so I’d get 2k FM, not the 5k I got from Ryu) My other issue with trials - although admittedly I only tried them for an hour or two - was I suck at them and I think you have to do all 10 for a character to get any FM. I could only manage to pull off 5-8 for each of the 4 characters I tried (Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Amuma - fairly similar move sets) so that seemingly gave me zero FM.
  14. Priceless is a monster grind, I question it’s even reasonably possible now without buying the Champion Edition. For context, it’s the only trophy I need for the Platinum. I have the Champion Edition so I’ve completed Story and Demonstrations with all 40 characters then Survival on both Easy and Normal with all 40, Hard with 18, Extreme with 1 and I’m still only at 856,570 FM... I figure as of now I need to do Survival on Hard with all remaining 22 fighters and then Extreme with 7 to hit the 1M. Given Survival on Hard is 50 rounds and Extreme 100 I estimate that’s 30hrs+ of gameplay ahead of me just to get this one trophy... One bit of light at the end of the tunnel is ‘Dan’ is slated for release in “Winter” and if I wait for that then Story/Demos and Survival on Easy/Normal/Hard with him would spare me 5 runs on Extreme (about 6 or 7 hours since they take well over an hour each) but still, a long road for sure. EDIT: Forgot to say, make sure you pay attention to/complete the weekly missions/extra battles for additional FM, I only just started doing that but it would’ve saved a load of grind in the long run.
  15. Guessing you have the Champion Edition as I had the same issue with that version. It seems to be glitched because Champion Edition gives you all costumes/colours but you haven’t technically earned them (can’t earn the alt. colour if you didn’t earn the costume in the first place). I fixed it by completing a character’s ‘character story’ in story mode, then completed easy survival with a setup I was certain I had unlocked. That was either their default costume or their story costume in colour 12 or 13 (you get notifications to say you earned the colours levelling up a character to levels 5 and 10 and the story costume for completing the character story mode).