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  1. #51 - The Disney Afternoon Collection I vaguely remember the end of the 16-bit generation but gaming for me really began in the PS1/N64 era. That was a time when “licensed” games were usually just plain awful and for every “Goldeneye 007” there were literally dozens of Superman 64s just waiting to disappoint and ruin a kid’s Christmas. For that reason, I’ve mostly always avoided licensed games (including the games in this collection during my Famicom collecting phase) but after enjoying the Mega Man Legacy Collection so much I thought I’d tackle Capcom’s 8-bit stablemates of those games in this next Digital Eclipse collection and WOW! What a great selection of fantastic games… From Ducktales’ cane-bouncing mechanic to Talespin’s attempt at two-way shmup-platforming there’s something to distinguish each game in this collection and I really wouldn’t argue with any game here appearing in a Top 10 list of 8-bit generation games. Sure, these games don’t have Mega Man’s difficulty or complexity but that just makes them all the more accessible and enjoyable, which in turn makes the trophy list a breeze and a joy to complete.
  2. It might not be too difficult depending on how the rewind and slow-motion features work (i.e. which modes impliment those and if they disable trophies). It’s going to be a long one though, hell of a lot of content to get through looking at that list.
  3. #50 - Mega Man Legacy Collection At one point I thought this was going to be the game that finally broke my 100% Profile Completion. I shudder thinking back on evenings wasted going for Gold in a 20 minute long “All Robot Rush” challenge or the time I missed Gold in a tricky “No Items” Challenge by less than a single second. That aside, I thought this was a really good list. The “Challenges” mode trophies in this collection really forced me to learn the levels and robot boss movements/weaknesses. It’s a real test but the time cutoffs for Gold are fair and the fact you only need 50 of 54 is a godsend. All-in-all, the whole experience left me with a newfound appreciation for the precise gameplay and creativity that went into these games and that’s all you can really ask with these collections?
  4. Haha, I’m the exact opposite, Mario games are my main interest so I’m fairly good at static platforming sequences but I couldn’t pull off a combo of more than 2 or 3 hits (outside of dumb luck after dozens/hundreds of failed attempts in trial/training modes) if my life depended on it. I also suck at rhythm games so I think it’s a dexterity thing, some difference between being wired to execute patterns over multiple buttons vs just reacting to a visual cue with a single button.
  5. I’m not a Yankees fan but this is just so well done…
  6. The issue is largely updates and storage, we’re no longer in a world where you buy a PS1 and then a PS2 will come along packing six years of software/OS innovations alongside improved hardware. Now a PS4 is actually a PS4.9 whereas a PS5 is a PS5.1. Also, on the hardware front the PS4 Pro largely eroded some of the hardware advantage between the two generations, if the PS5 was bringing 4K gaming for the first time then it’d be a bigger deal.
  7. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so in that spirit… Hello, my name is Tsundokuist and I pretty much just play retro collections, remakes and franchises on their 5th-8th numbered sequel… Backlog: Shopping List:
  8. It’ll be human beings, they just likely won’t be gamers or Playstation players so don’t understand what a trophy is and are copy pasting the response that comes up when they search their FAQ system for “Playstation Trophy” It’s just a customer service job at the end of the day. They’ll be hiring people who who have experience of that role (at tech firms or banks etc) or graduates with an IT/Marketing degree. Even if they asked at interview if someone is a gamer people probably just say yes because they have Candy Crush on their phone or played Wii Sports at their friends’ house a few times.
  9. As the issue with placing a bounty on someone that makes the PS3 trophy unobtainable isn’t an issue on PS4 does that mean these modes are still playable in the PS3 version? Just wondering if that means it’d still be obtainable on PS4 by popping the trophy in the PS3 version (on a secondary/dummy account even) then just carrying that rockstar login into a character transfer on a fresh save in the PS4 version to autopop it? (I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, was just curious)
  10. Sounds like you may not be meeting the XP criteria? You have to win the game but also meet the XP requirement (the points you get for a block or “fast break finish” etc) or is that the 7 points you were referring to?
  11. Count me in assuming these qualify, only one has a platinum but it’s technically 14 games… 1. Mega Man Legacy Collection Already started (38%) but the “Challenges” in this game look to be an absolute nightmare. 2. Disney Afternoon Collection A lot of Halloween themes (mummies, headless knights, etc), the skeleton ducks in DuckTales always gave me the creeps at least. 3. Castlevania Requiem - Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood I’ve never played either of these before but gaming-wise this appears to be the ultimate Halloween experience?
  12. Huge reveal, super hyped, but I can’t help but feel that NYC is the real star of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and I wonder how they will fill that void in this. I was half-expecting Insomniac to do a Fantastic Four game set in a 1950s/60s Mad Men era NYC next just so they could keep the location bit still distinguish it visually/tonally from their Spider-Man games. Out of interest, do Wolverine’s origins even have a prominent location? All I can picture is woodland and an underground base behind a water dam but in my mind that game ends up being a lot like God of War which doesn’t interest me in the slightest.
  13. The Platinum isn’t too bad. It’s the DLC trophies that are the biggest pain. The main issue you’ll have for the Platinum is the online grind to reach Rank 100 however there’s a lot of variety in how you can do that and even in solo sessions there’s online collectibles on the map, milestone medals (steal X number of cars etc) and a quite enjoyable Golf mini-game that all net a decent amount of XP and can be played solo.
  14. Well it’s the difference between being a profile-completionist and generally being a completionist when it comes to the games in isolation. Being a profile completionist seems a pretty stupid endeavour. I tend to hit 100% with my profile every two weeks or so but only because I’m primarily a Nintendo/retro console gamer and my taste in Playstation games doesn’t really have me playing a lot of western developed games or any indie games whatsoever.
  15. Regardless of publisher these events are always underwhelming affairs the internet overhypes. Even when there’s a top-tier reveal like Spider-Man PS4 or Breath of the Wild that’s greeted by universal whooping and cheering, it’s always followed/preceded by a massively overlong showcase for some second-rate title like Deathloop or Horizon and extended trailers/developers speaking to camera about games only 2% of the viewing audience will ever play. (I currently fall into that 2% group for Super Monkey Ball and King of Fighters XV so I’ll apologise to the other 98% of you for all the times those appeared in events recently.)