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  1. - 77 metascore w/ 9 reviews Maybe there are some lower scores coming out later, but I'd hardly consider that "simply unacceptable in every respect".
  2. No, you're correct. This is another Fallout 4 GotY situation.
  3. Does anyone know if the PS5 version becomes free if you buy this on the PSN listing that only displays PS4, not the one that displays both PS4/PS5? PS4: PS4/PS5: The former is discounted to $19.24 while the latter is still full-price at $34.99.
  4. Aren't you tired yet? (S-rank on all platform challenges) and I give up. (S-rank on all challenges) are at >0% on the JP stack while I probably should have seen this coming. (S-rank on all battle challenges) remains at 0%.
  5. I can see that as a possibility, hopefully you're right so it makes the co-op requirement minimal.
  6. Since Night Fight, Hellride, and Kings of the Mountain also mention earning stars, those might be specific co-op maps unless earning stars is part of the campaign.
  7. The_Riddler_475 is correct, the Season Pass is a one-time code and NOT on the disc (which is a standard AC Odyssey disc).
  8. Doesn't the PS4 version include a free upgrade to the PS5 version?
  10. At least this one has a plat unlike the Castlevania and Contra Anniversary Collections.
  11. My main concern at this point is that the physical edition planned for release next month likely won't have the patch on-disc/cart, thus making it an incomplete product.
  12. No--if you don't connect online, your card value is just the last one you had while online, so on the contrary, most of us will have Ace cards from now on until forever.
  13. I. Would. LOVE THIS. No other pause-screen music comes close:
  14. Technically incorrect--I won Mercenary Warfare and Guerilla Warfare matches in Botzone before going online to do a single Warzone match, and I earned Well-Rounded at the end of that match on the winning team when I hadn't done any Mercenary/Guerilla Warfare matches online. Warzone is only available online, so the Online Required aspect is accurate, but this is closer to Centurion in that you can get all but one part of the trophy done in Botzone.
  15. This isn't entirely true--Wednesday-Thursday I went from Jack to King after finishing the campaign on Veteran then doing 7-10 Botzone matches, then yesterday I did 30 Botzone matches (averaging ~3k V-bucks per match) + one online match for Centurion and 3 Recruit contracts and went from King to Ace this morning.