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  1. I faintly remember reading somewhere years ago that being connected to the internet/PSN while playing any of the Prince of Persia HD games could result in glitches--could that be the cause for most of what's in the OP? In other words, maybe playing offline would result in fewer problems?
  2. This trophy list is in English, but can anyone confirm whether this Japanese version of Bayonetta on PS4 has an English option for text?
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the direct response. If that's the way to go, I assume that finishing Secret of Mana for the plat will ultimately be pointless, but as a matter of principle, I might just get it anyway since I only have grinding for weapon orbs left before fighting the last two bosses.
  4. 3-4 weeks ago, I decided to rebuild the database on my Vita because I hadn't done so in a while. I then made the mistake of playing Secret of Mana without connecting to the internet first, so the three trophies I earned at that time don't have a timestamp. This is the first time I've encountered this, and initially I didn't think it was too big a deal. However, today I noticed that because of the missing timestamps, those trophies aren't in my Trophy Log which means my total trophy count is off by 3 trophies; furthermore, my non-Platinum Trophy Milestones have all been shifted 3 "spaces", which I read elsewhere in these forums happens as a result of missing-timestamp trophies. My question is this: Is it really in my best interest to hide the Secret of Mana trophy list? I understand that my overall level on PSNP will drop as a result, and that I would have the dreaded Blue H of Shame on my profile, but I'm more concerned about my milestones (several of which I had planned beforehand) and currently-inaccurate total trophy count. It's just a shame that to ensure consistency, I basically have to pretend I never played SoM and "wasted" hours playing it. Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask. Thank you in advance.
  5. You can just hold the Circle button while stationary on a flat surface to make Sam sit down ("Rest"), then press Circle again to make him sleep.
  6. Amazon:
  7. You can unlock the Hard version of Whack-A-Box on Normal mode--you just have to play normally until Chapter 14. Finishing that sidequest on Hard will technically unlock the Normal version of Whack-A-Box.
  8. Thanks, I had enough points to redeem for that reward, and it'll give me a reason to start the game soon.
  9. Is this second trophy list for the European version?
  10. Uh...I didn't change my PSN ID (Cloud_Squall78), but now I don't have any trophies? Can someone help? Everything looked fine yesterday.
  11. Why would ZTD get a new list? It isn't being rereleased.
  12. I'm also missing File74 for Tsurugi, and it's literally the only thing standing between me and the plat. Any help in acquiring it would be greatly appreciated.