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  1. Hello, same here: I rented a server last night, put a pw on it, and any progress towards trophies and points was blocked (was going for "Secured the Resources"). I almost decided to play the trophy the regular way, what isnĀ“t difficult, just timeconsuming, but I also wanted to know, if the trophy can be done that way. My server was also marked as "private" in the server list. So I removed the password - after that, the server was not marked as "private" anymore - and started a session. Unlike yesterday evening the game granted points and after "winning" the first game, even the codex entry for "Win a game on map xyz" appeared. So i moved on and did the other three games the same way (yesterday I made one win on the regular way). Long story short: it worked for me and the trophy was unlocked. For anybody who wants to try it this way: the server should still be available until 11pm CET, Sep. 23, name is probably "Server von Kroloc" and the tickets are set to 50% (250 points), so one game takes about seven minutes to finish. Please excuse me, if my English is not that perfect, it's just not my mother tongue