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  1. why would i need to backup save if i pay for cloud? thats on sony whats the point of me paying psplus if the service doesnt even work
  2. my game was never saved to cloud, i dont know if its overkills fault or sony just has dogshit services.
  3. thanks for the help.
  4. i was playing election day and all of a sudden my game crashed, i got back in and my save was completely gone including cloud it keeps saying save corrupted and the only save i have is from months ago when i was level 10. i was level 100 my dw trophy progression is gone with my save, i have screenshots from before and after it happened, if you have experienced this or have a solution for it message me on psn. thanks.
  5. im 13, started playing when i was about five. i got my first plat 3 years ago but only this year i have really been grinding more trophies.
  6. titanfall 2 I wasn’t expecting much but ended up Loving it