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  1. Hi! To get this trophy you have to be the first in a Challenge or you can get it by winning a reward like be one of the Top 20%? Thanks for the answers!
  2. Thanks mate! I'll buy it then. Greetings from Spain!
  3. Hey! Thanks for the info. I'm thinking about buy this game in the EU sale, but I want know first with how many people I can start a online race for boosting the online trophies? Can I start with a friend only?
  4. I don't know why people buy and play this kind of games. Why buy game only for trophies without valour?
  5. Thanks mate! I spend more time triying to get de correct form than finishing the game a getting all trophies
  6. I'm trying to find where I read it. I doubt about it, obviously the companies knows that they can sell more with new trophies/achievements list, but on the other hand is "Far Cry 3 Classic Edition", not a remaster, only a PS3 version's port.
  7. I don't remember where, but I have read that the PS4 version of Far Cry 3 wont have a separate trophy list, I hope this info was wrong.
  8. I want to kiss a lot of people that have write in this post.
  9. Anyone knows if they are going to patch when the booster pack 3 will be release on console?
  10. I think you are the most handsome man of the World.
  11. I was a child, I bought it waiting for play another NFS like de Ps2 Most Wanted. But I remember the feeling when I put in my Ps3 NFS Undercover ... The worst.
  12. Go! Go! Go! But... If you add 3 and you only play 2 isn't good.
  13. 6.340. I'll try to reduce itπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
  14. Same for me with episode 4, I'll try these solutions! Thanks!
  15. It's hard, a lot of bad games ... but Uncharted 4.