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  1. Hi!! I miss the beehive (one of the collectibles wich you can get with the Lighthouse elevator) is there anyway to use the elevator again? i can’t found how and i’m starting to think that I can’t get it.
  2. Congrats my big friend @Rafi_004! Now you've to go for your 400th platinum trophy!
  3. Hey, congrats! Can you help me in a Hardware Rivals boosting? A fullHD guy always kill me.
  4. I only want to say that I love @JorgeSleep
  5. Stop pre-ordering games please, first end your backlog. First advise. Según el traductor de google (Detenga los juegos de pedidos anticipados, primero finalice su retraso. Primero consejo.) Así que primero acaba con tu retraso.
  6. Give me arrrrrrgo
  7. Me too. Just lost 30 ingame days. I close the game for upload my save to the cloud and it says that last save was from two days ago, but when I saw it, was later.
  8. PS4 : - Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter - Watch Dogs
  9. Another patch has arrived!
  10. I haven't got any money. Fallout Shelter and COD: Black Ops 3.
  11. Thanks for all. I've trying to found in my languaje Spanish, and I can't found anyone, but the three pages works for me!
  12. Does anyone have a list of all the games presented in E3? Preferably for all consoles, but no matter if only is for PS4. I mean those from outside the conferences too. Thanks!!
  13. I hope that, with a Operation Genesis Remake I'll be happy.
  14. Two GOTY. Congrats my love.
  15. Patch is available. Hope all works fine now! EDIT: My problem was solved!!