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  1. PS4 : - Sherlock Holmes: The Devils Daughter - Watch Dogs
  2. Another patch has arrived!
  3. I haven't got any money. Fallout Shelter and COD: Black Ops 3.
  4. Thanks for all. I've trying to found in my languaje Spanish, and I can't found anyone, but the three pages works for me!
  5. Does anyone have a list of all the games presented in E3? Preferably for all consoles, but no matter if only is for PS4. I mean those from outside the conferences too. Thanks!!
  6. I hope that, with a Operation Genesis Remake I'll be happy.
  7. Two GOTY. Congrats my love.
  8. Patch is available. Hope all works fine now! EDIT: My problem was solved!!
  9. And the game becomes unplayable to me in 28th winter. Can't pass the night ... Waiting for the patch ...
  10. Thanks! I used it for get Joja trophy fast.
  11. Ghost Recon Wildlands. A part of Far Cry 4. Far Cry 5. Dying Light. Dead Island & Dead Island Riptide. Borderlands, The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2.
  12. Stop buying please.
  13. I'm on 5th Summer day, and only one crash when I'm going up from the bed. Edit: Second crash 😥 in the same moment ...
  14. 10 hours? A lot of time jaja
  15. Have you see in your pockets?