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  1. i really enjoyed the old leisure suit games and i even really liked magna cum laude. girls look pretty cute but larry looks......weird. how raunchy do you think this game will be?
  2. Yeah I did all that. Followed that list. But I just did all his songs on all difficulties until it poped lol
  3. I follow the guide to the T n for some reason it hasn't triggered the trophy. Anyone else had this issue?
  4. im hoping adding english to video games becomes easier and the norm in the future. if Sony america don't want to be assoicated with weeb games then i'll buy from sony Asia.
  5. oh thank you for the replys >_< sorry i didn't reply sooner
  6. didn't some new just become the head of playstation US? i want to add, that i have never heard of a SONY, XBOX or NINTENDO telling a company to remove something even if it passed a rating board check. this is not a good sign of things to come
  7. Has anyone achieved this? is it hard?
  8. i honestly prefer those games ( onechanbara, gal gun, Senran kagura ect ) over the western AAA, rushed, buggy titles. i think the reason there is less compared to ps2 days is because game cost more to make now, that is whats going to kill gaming (imo).
  9. sucks being a Australian gamer...if i wanted to buy this and play it on my account i would have to get it from UK store correct?