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  1. I haven't been able to connect to online multiplayer mode since 15/09 😑
  2. Where can i sign? lol
  3. I'm still waiting for the multiplayer mode and its factions.
  4. I hope it works again soon, with more than a week trying to play and without success! 😒
  5. Lamentable this situation, many like me, got the platinum trophy. Now because of the crap of a glitch many will not succeed! To further help Activision not support the game.
  6. it is good to read it!
  7. I hope to return to work soon, I will work on this platinum yet!
  8. If I get the platinum in the version of ps vita and make the transfer to the PS3 I won all the trophies?
  9. Good news people, progress and statistics multiplayer mode Blood Stone returned to work!
  10. The servers are still active, the problem is that the game stopped updating, any effort you make to unlock medals is useless because the game is not registering more! To make matters worse, Activision does not give any support to the game:
  11. I managed to make the last trophy of this game at the beginning of June this year , my friend was not so lucky , medals stopped updating. The only contact I got was through facebook of each game creators , follows his answer: "Hi Lucas, I'm so sorry to hear of this bug, this must be extremely frustrating for you. Unfortunately this is because Activision (the publisher who owns the title) have shutdown the servers that support the game. This will mean that achievements and leaderboards will not work. There is nothing I can do to resolve this for you other than to offer my apologies that you have bought the game and are not able to fully appreciate it. Myself and my fellow developers who built the game put a lot of our lives and love into that game, so it's nice to know that it is still being appreciated, at least in part! Kind regards and all the best, Pete Collier". Unfortunately , I believe that is platinum can not be obtained! =(
  12. Because I love Sony Video Games! \o/
  13. Resident Evil 5 and Free Plantinum Terminator Salvation!
  14. Uncharted 4 Hype!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      The hype is real gamma ray

    2. Araujolc


      Sure Adamantium Balls! lol

  15. Chloe - Uncharted 2/3 Claire Redfield - Resident Evil Series