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  1. Yes, it should never really be patched either because it is on the old version of minecraft, which is no longer updated.
  2. Oh ok, thanks for telling me. I was getting hopeful lol 😂. Never mind, hopefully one day they will fix it.
  3. On my PS4 (not PSNP) it says 0.1% of players have earned the platinum. Meaning it is possible, but glitchy? Could someone double check this to see if they have the same as me
  4. According to other users and forum posts, this trophy is currently glitched, hence why no one has got the platinum. There is no point worry about this trophy at this time because it is broken. Hopefully the devs will patch this issue (the devs said that update 1.3.0 will possibly fix it). Btw you can also repeat the same villain sector over and over again to get this trophy according to crystal dynamics (the devs), if this trophy wasn’t glitched of course.
  5. Will free (or paid) console upgrades have a separate PS5 trophy list, alongside the original PS4 trophy list? E.g. Assasins Creed Valhalla, Avengers, Watch Dogs Legion, Cyberpunk etc.
  6. As far as I am aware you cannot do this exploit without access to the old version of minecraft. However, it may be worth trying.
  7. For the first method, in which you have quoted from a previous thread I heard that method has been patched. And, for the second method you are under a 30 second time limit. Although the method I have shared is a bit complicated it gives you unlimited time to place every trophy in the game in the chest.
  8. Hi everyone, there is a glitch in minecraft that should assist you in your platinum pursuit. I thought it would be worthy sharing with you because it will help in you in getting 75% of all (base game and dlc) trophies done. Here are the instructions for the glitch: 1). Open up the old version of minecraft by going to the editions tab at the bottom of the screen. When on the old version of minecraft create a new survival world on easy 2). When loaded in leave the world and when saved and fully out of the world, close the application. 3). Go to settings -> application saved data management -> Saved data in system storage -> Minecraft -> Data file named with the name of the your world (Important: select the save that is not world data one otherwise it will not work, it should just be the name of your world) -> Copy to online/USB storage (depending on what you have available). Apply the change of storage by clicking yes when asked if you want to go through with this. 4). Open minecraft back up and go to the old version of minecraft. Then proceed to select your world, but this time opening it back up in creative mode. 5). Place down items in a chest that are required for trophies (e.g. Catch and cook a fish trophy - place a fishing rod, furnace and coal in the chest) There is no time limit and you can place as many things as you like in the world. 6). Leave the game and close the application. 7). Go to settings -> application saved data management -> saved data in online/USB storage ( depending on what you chose) -> Minecraft -> Data file names with the name of your world. Then, apply the change by clicking yes and apply to all when prompted to. 8). Open minecraft and select your world on the old version of minecraft, as you can see the world has automatically gone back to survival. When loaded into the world your items from creative will be in the chest that you had placed, and you will be ready to earn trophies! Additional Notes - You will need Ps Plus Online Storage OR USB storage device. - On stage 8, you can convert your world to bedrock edition if you wish. Video Guide As you can see this exploit turns the grindiest of trophies (such as the tame 20 cats one) a piece of cake. I really hope this helps you! Thankyou for reading, Adam_31256 Creds to maggardo for the video guide
  9. There is no guide/roadmap for the game and I was looking for people who have 100% this game to give me and others trophy tips, tricks and techniques. I am considering playing this game via my PS Now subscription, I just need someone to point my in the right direction (in terms of trophies) so I don’t go into this completely clueless. I have never played a tennis game, so any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Adam_31256
  10. Pure Farming 2018 on PS Now. Not too difficult at all (3/10) (25-35 hrs). Not the best of quality compared to farming Simulator series. Probably a three stars out of five.
  11. Olli olli 2! Congrats on that btw