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  1. I would like to be able to remove purchased games from my account, and remove trophies as well, I would like to be free to organize MY account as I wish. I know, the first excuse someone is going to use is the danger of someone breaking into the account and removing the games and trophies, but there are some ways to get around that. First of all, I would like to say that it is kind of frustrating to write a discussion like this and to have people question my tastes for the organization of my account, "why do you care about this" or "You are being very choosy", if you think so please don't even comment. Second, I did this same post on Reddit and nobody cared, maybe you guys give me a chance. FIRST PROPOSAL: make an event, the type that happened where the levels are being rebalanced and allow for a period of time for people to remove whatever they want from the account. This one is the least secure and least efficient, but it is better than nothing. SECOND PROPOSAL, allow removal of games up to 5% or up to 10% of completion, because if you play a game consequently you end up unlocking a trophy and it stays in your account forever, but sometimes you only discover that you don't like the game after unlock it, and cannot remove it, if the percentage for removal increased, the freedom to control the trophies would be much greater, and if, in some way, someone broke into the account they could only erase low completion rates, not compromising (seriously ) anyone's account. THIRD PROPOSAL would be to do it just like STEAM does. For those who don't know it, you go to the support page, select the game and choose the option to permanently remove it, so you confirm and that's it, the game is no longer in your account, you can even buy it again at store if you want, but at ANY time you can go back to support and request to restore the game, and it will automatically go back to your account. That is, you can REMOVE (not hide) the game from your account, without fear of losing it forever, of someone breaking into your account removing it and you cannot recover. FOURTH PROPOSAL is to do as STEAM does again, but with the item market. For you to put an item from your inventory for sale, it is mandatory to confirm by the application, that is, there is no way for someone to enter your account and sell for you. The same thing would be with the removal of games and trophies, you would select what you want to remove from your account and you would receive an email or something in the app to confirm, a two-step confirmation, but to confirm the removal. Extremely safe. The main reason for wanting this is because I created an account on a friend's playstation 4 without any commitment, and a while later I bought mine, but after playing a lot on that account I realized that my first achievement, it wasn't me who had unlocked it, and it started to bother me a lot, to see that 1% in FIFA 15 being that I will never want to play that and, knowing that my first achievement was not mine. Also because when I bought Shadow of Mordor Complete Edition, I went to check if there was any DLC besides the ones that came with the one I bought and found one, however when I downloaded it I started to have two SoM in my library, one that I had bought and another one that was just the DLC alone for the Standard version, and now it's like "spam" in my library, just like the DLCs that I got for free from PS PLUS without knowing they would be exposed in my the library. Remembering, I don't like the idea of hiding the game, it's like sweeping the dirt under the carpet, pretending that the discomfort isn't there but in fact it is. Criticizing any suggestion constructively is welcome, I would really like to feel that I have freedom and control over MY OWN account, I don't know a way to send suggestions directly to the Playstation so I decided to post it right here. I would even like it for XBOX and others platforms. Thanks for your attention and sorry for the long text (and the bad english).