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  1. Nah, it requires four people. 1v1 was added later on into the game, but won't count towards any of the MP trophies which is kinda annoying. Online should still be good in lobbies, you'll find players at any time of day. Rooms consist of up to 16 people and somebody will be likely to be hosting. Just make sure you are set to 'Worldwide' on settings. Ranked is barren though, so it's very likely you'll have to get a boosting group on here. Must admit, I did struggle through this one as it's pretty grindy. I'm guessing by the Quattro/Char avatar you're a big fan of the series, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get round to picking it up!
  2. Saints Row 4: Re-elected
  3. It's the same as last year gaining points through Division Rivals, but points go towards the play-offs rather than going straight into the main mode which is considered the final. I think it's less points to qualify than previous years from what I've seen, but can't be totally sure. I'm guessing the 'win in a certain amount of matches' is related to getting to the final which shouldn't effect any trophies, as you just need to points to qualify for the play-offs.
  4. Was considering giving Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order a go at some point, as I have EA play for a brief period. Was on the fence, as I'm not really a big Star Wars guy like yourself. Luckily I popped into this thread and looks like it may be best to be avoided based on your review 😂
  5. Looks similar to last year, just a bit easier without having to get to a specific online division for FUT and Volta. They should just get rid of Volta though, it's pretty shite and put more time into Career mode and Pro clubs. Hopefully, the servers for FUT will be better this year. Bad gameplay was far too common during peak times. Oddly Fifa is the only game series where I don't go for trophies straight away. Got way too much to do in FUT, and usually don't go for trophies until I'm happy with my squad. Hopefully we'll have no milestone-like glitched trophies. Took them months to patch it.
  6. Hotline Miami
  7. World Of Warcraft (Vanilla/TBC only for me, never enjoyed it as much after) Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Shenmue 2 Bloodborne Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  8. Great advice to anybody who still needs to get the Platinum and hasn't done this. It's also great for those who have no intention of going to the new game, all it costs is time so basically with enough effort you'll get anybody you want. Some players are really uncommon on these though, you'll constantly get the same people over and over. I opened 100+ and haven't got FOF Militao, FOF Vinicius Jr, FOF Firmino, TOTS Varane, SS Neymar, TOTY Mbappe so far. Packed SS Ronaldo, TOTS Messi, SS Sterling and SS KDB once. It's ok though as the duplicates can be constantly put back into it, or into other sbcs. With the fodder from these, I completed PIM Ronaldo for nothing. Got PIM's of Gullit, Eusebio, Cannavaro, Ballack, Henry, Carlos Alberto, Roberto Carlos, Cruyff, Vieira from completing Icon picks and several more. They are very cheap on the transfer market, like 12k coins or so now. You'll get multiple TOTS cards back (unless you are super unlucky, I've had a few with no TOTS in them but had loads in the club so it's no issue) from doing the SBC once, so you'll just need to fill out the team and you can keep repeating it over and over.
  9. What a bizarre move from EA. Not quite sure why they would shut just Division Rivals, basically makes the game unplayable online bar friendlies. Could be a bug though, I'm fairly sure that Rivals is ok in 19 still.
  10. Ending was great fun. Stumbled across Meltzer and more reputable dirtsheets running with Bryan was going to debut at All Out, so had an idea it was gonna happen. Loved Kenny on mic during Cole's Elite reunion. Cole REALLY needs to bulk up though, guy is so lightweight. Bucks look like bodybuilders compared to him lmao. Bryan a huge get though, and one of the best in the industry right now even at his age. Glad to see Suzuki and Kojima getting good reactions too, as a Puroresu fan I'm glad these guys are getting brought over. Tag match, Christian/Omega were great. Punk took it easy on his return, but the match was solid. Tights didn't suit him much though, hope he goes back to his older gear. Matches on the card were all pretty good bar Battle Royale and Wight/QT and those were not too bad and in Wight/QT's case very short. AEW is in a great spot right now, lots of interesting talent to do new and fresh programs with.
  11. Not on PSN, but have some achievements which were unlocked around 2005/2006 on Xbox. Got a Xbox 360 for Christmas in 2005 and achievements were in from it's launch. Fifa 06: Road to the World Cup was the first 1000g I unlocked, not really caring for trophies/achievements much then. It's kinda strange as I recently tried looking at Guitar Hero 3 a game I played loads when I was young, wondering how rare the platinum was on PSNP. However trophies weren't a thing at that point, so it wasn't in the database. I thought trophies were in from the start, until realising they were added in 2008 in response to the achievement system. On PSN however, the oldest trophy I unlocked have been something in like 2010/2011 or so on a old account. Either Fifa 11 or Gran Turismo 4, can't remember exactly. Never really got into PS at that time and ended up selling my PS3 and going back to Xbox.
  12. Anime only really aired on Sky, which is kinda like cable here in the UK. With Pokemon and Dragonball taking off, UK channels started to embrace Anime more and take a chance on shows. At one point we had a mixture of the likes of Dragonball, Gundam, Sailor Moon, Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, Kinnikuman Nisei, Yu Gi Oh, One Piece (horrible dub), Shaman King and probably more I've not mentioned. It's never really become culture here in the UK compared to other European countries like France, but spawned lots of fans during that time. I loved Anime, but it was the sort of thing I'd keep fairly quiet around my friends with the exception of Dragonball. Seeing some of those names of shows brought back nostaliga for me as well. Forgot about stuff like El Hazard and Oh My Goddess, I havent watched those for about 15 years. Alot of those didn't air in the UK, but my older brother was big into Anime at that time and brought bootlegs off Ebay as official DVD releases over here were really expensive, like £40 for 4 episodes. Buying a entire series would cost hundreds and were very cheap on Ebay in comparison. I remember once pretending to be unwell, so I could watch Naruto instead of going to school as I got mega into it haha. I don't really watch Anime much now as I'm not a huge fan of the modern stuff, but have fond memories of loads of series I've watched. I'd also enjoy some old school series being brought back for a game series. Arcsys did a Hokuto No Ken game back in the PS2 days, so I'd love them to do something with a another Anime franchise as they are more than capable. Yu Yu Hakusho would be a really nice game by Arcsys. Some series would make great JRPGS too for sure. Sorry If I've rambled on a bit much and gone a bit off-topic lol.
  13. Dragonball was very popular here in the UK, to the point it was one of the most popular shows on Cartoon Network. As a kid, I rushed back home to watch the double marathon of Dragonball Z/Gundam Wing pretty much everyday in the early 00's. Good times! Sailor Moon aired too but didn't get popular here at all. We never got Yu Yu Hakusho, despite being probably one of the closest series to Dragonball in style at that time. But yeah, I'd pick it up if it came back on the store at a reasonable price. Is annoying that delisting games happens. At least Seiya/Shiryu are playable in Jump Force!
  14. Same thing here in EU. Physical copies are way too expensive in the UK on the second hand market. Can't see it being relisted on the store which is a shame. Saint Seiya never aired here in the UK as far as I know, so I'm guessing we didn't get too many physical copies here as it would probably sell poorly. Unusual as it's fairly popular in the countries it aired in, I'm surprised it didn't get a run over here.
  15. I'd fire both off in fairly quick succession, but maybe after All Out. Then again it could make for a major moment, and plently of people will be keeping a eye on All Out due to Punk, so probably will have more interest rather than a Dynamite show as I'd expect him to turn up there if he doesn't appear at All Out. It's a tricky one to call. Punk is a much bigger deal to most, but personally I'd love to see Bryan away from WWE and I'm quite excited for him showing up. Punk debut was great though, and really can't see Bryan topping that. It really felt like a big moment for AEW, and can only see a upward trajectory from this point if plans are executed well.