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  1. FUT Champs points/qualifications carried over on 22 season to season, so I'd expect the same on 23. I can't totally confirm as season hasn't ended to clarify everything is the same, but I'd be surprised if anything changes.
  2. Got it at the end of the 8th season I believe, just before going into the 9th. Was 2030 on the in-game career calendar.
  3. Just did this trophy, thanks to those who have contributed to this thread to give an idea of what needed to be done. My approach was to use the calendar week to week (it auto sims matches) rather than sim games manually through play game/instant result (not that it matters as far as I believe, just easier for me to get into a pattern going week to week) and use training/activities each week to get the required points. I didn't play any matches, literally just simmed through the calendar. Simming using the calendar gives no points towards the personality categories, so there are probably more efficient methods, but this is quite safe in regards to getting enough points in the specific personality category. It's damn boring though, so you'll want something on in the background. Also for those having an issue with having two training sessions for a specific personality category instead of three, use a created pro. I used real players initially and always only had two slots for whatever reason.
  4. I had this happen also when attempting to get the trophy. Luckily I was only a season in or so, otherwise could have been a colossal waste of time, therefore just stopped and will go back to it another time. I used Mbappe also so perhaps something to do with him?
  5. Made some changes after learning that the 85 x 10 was repeatable daily as I'm not following whats going down on FIFA as much now, thanks @TomataEighty9 for pointing that out. Here is my current squad ( Might add R9 but that will likely be the only change. Very much ready for FIFA 23 now, love building a new team up at the beginning.
  6. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus (although was very tempted to go with Virtua Tennis 4 WT Edition, love the Virtua Tennis series!)
  7. Geez, what's going on with AEW. I thought all that CM Punk press conference stuff/backstage issues was a work, but seems that this may not be the case. Several of the dirt sheets are hinting at something, so make of that what you will.
  8. Like others thought the show was very enjoyable. First WWE PPV I've watched since Royal Rumble, which was complete trash and made switch off to the product for several months. I've only been loosely following the results since the creative changes, which the company was desperate for, and have been intending to watch a show since then. This was a significant improvement and certainly peaked my interest to make me consider watching more future PPV's on the regular. Gunther/Sheamus was easily MOTN. Only thing that I thought was poor was the Drew/Fury post match event. Promos and vignettes prior was basically alluding to this being a huge deal to Drew, for him after beating beaten by Reigns to only go 'never mind, lets party' and join in with some some sing-song. I know they have to send the crowd home happy, but just was a really bizarre segment.
  9. Very nice squads to those who have posted here. This is my team now ( - starts on 100 chem, just showing how it is in-game), will likely stay the same apart from upgrading Dybala if he gets a pre-season card as he is rumored, or unless they release that repeatable 85 x 10 again like they did on 21. It basically meant you could get basically any player by constantly recycling into it, so would probably complete R9 or Pele from the fodder you would get.
  10. I miss the old PES like some others here too. PES 6 was my personal favorite on Xbox 360 (several of the PS2 games were amazing also). Everybody used to pick Brazil/Inter online as Adriano was utterly OP on that game.
  11. Metal Wolf Chaos X D MICHAEL! RICHARDDDDD!
  12. Had a look through some lists on here and noticed Bayonetta was used as a 9 in a few lists. I've always wanted to play it so decided to put it into my challenge. Not quite sure how it got rated a 9 on Plat Prices (perhaps got muddled up with Vanquish) but I'll certainly take it. Either way, that's the event done for me for now. I may do a second list in time, but feeling a bit burnt out of trophy hunting so will likely take a break for a little while. Thanks @Rebourne07 for creating this event and keeping track of everything! 1/10 – Grim Fandango (PSNP) 2/10 – MediEvil (PSNP) 3/10 – Grand Theft Auto Vice City: The Definitive Edition (PST Community Vote) 4/10 – Warriors All-Stars (Plat Prices) 5/10 – Lost Judgment (Plat Prices) 6/10 – Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- (PSNP) 7/10 – Elden Ring (PSNP) 8/10 – Dragonball Fighterz (Plat Prices) 9/10 – Bayonetta (Plat Prices) 10/10 – Street Fighter 5 (PSNP)
  13. I'll join! Missed the deadline to make a team for another league that I normally join and not much point if starting late, so will make one quickly as we are starting on GW 3. Also hope you like my team name, the honor the wonderful state of trophy hunting these days 😂