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  1. Won't retire from gaming. Have had several long breaks in the past depending on how busy I am at that point. Like a few here, I may consider to stop going forward with future generations of systems depending on how things change though, but I'd just play older stuff. To anybody in the thread, who thinks they are too old or will get too old. My Grandad plays video games, he's in his 80s. I remember setting up Sniper Elite 4 for him, and was going to select the difficulty. I went to put it on easy, however he said he wanted to play it on hard. No nonsense. He's finished MGS 5, Far Cry games and various other games over the years. Pretty impressive for a old guy!
  2. Glad to see Eriksen is stable. He has sent greetings to his team mates which is a good sign. Massive credit to the medics, players, refs and fans who did a fantastic job with dealing with the situation. Kjaer and Schmeichel in particular from the players side!
  3. Some of the other players may surprise you. Zielinski is a very good player, Szczency is a solid goalkeeper and Glik and Krychowiak have been very good players in the past, despite age and inconsistent form these players can sometimes have an excellent tournament. I think Poland could get through to the knockout stages if they play well!
  4. I think I'm in the same boat as most of you guys. France being the favorite as they have crazy good depth throughout the squad, but Belgium/Portugal/Germany all have to be considered alongside them as they have excellent teams. Not really an underdog, but more a fallen giant who aren't really expected to win is Italy. They don't have any major stars like in previous years but a really solid core. I think they could do well, and have a long unbeaten streak currently. Could see them getting to the semi-final or so. Got a great midfield of Locatelli/Verratti, Jorginho, Barella. Turkey, Italy's opponents tonight are probably my pick for a underdog nation. Got lots of players in form currently, and a young team with some experienced guys in the side. Should be a good game.
  5. Hey all, thought I'd create a section for the Euros as it starts today. Love an international tournament personally, so looking forward to this. So any predictions who you guys think will win? Any surprise teams to look out for? Players? Shock exits? I think England have a decent chance of having a good tournment, I'm usually pessimistic with our national team but we have some really exiciting younger talent going into the Euros with Foden, Saka, Sancho, Bellingham.
  6. Dragon's Dogma. Nice work man! I couldn't finish the game as got bored throughout, didnt really get into it at all.
  7. Why is Kross bad business? Too big for NXT as they are mostly sub 6ft guys and better suited to the main roster? Poor viewing figures? I don't watch NXT so I'm unsure but thought he was quite liked by most. Also that Adam Cole it bad that I actually think that would be funny too. Not his biggest fan! I thought the Ruthless Agression era between 2002-2005 or so was actually really good, and personally thought it was better than the Attitude era. Attitude era bar 1997/1998 (possibly the greatest years in wrestling across WWF, WCW, ECW, AJPW, NJPW and others) is a little overrated, just wrestling was actually socially acceptable during 1996 - 2000 or so and then became uncool again as far as I'm aware. I was only young during AE so it may not be totally accurate! But yeah 2008 onwards or so is when the WWE product started to go downhill in my opinion also. Had the odd decent year since then though, and some good PPV's but currently it's really not good.
  8. If you like warriors games, one of my personal favorites of the generation is Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. Still my favorite warriors game to date.
  9. It doesn't phase me much, but I do prefer having something that forces you to play online with some challenges such as win a certain amount thrown in rather than just play. Guess it depends on what genre it is for me and how difficult the challenges are. With Fifa in particular though, I'd love something far more challenging with regards to online with trophies. I'd love something to do with Weekend League rather than the just qualify trophy they have in place. Weekend league matches up opponents based on W/L, so you'll play somebody around your level meaning it won't be too difficult!
  10. Ah ok, was just wondering. Probably for the better to stick to easier trophy games to get into as the majority of us are trophy hunters!
  11. Cool topic OP. Does this list include games which are easier to platinum in the genres, or just far easier to play than others in the specific genre regardless of trophies? I'd be interested personally in some areas like Shooters and Racing, two genres I haven't played in a crazy long time and kinda feeling the itch to do so.
  12. Just checked the segment out. I think they make these segments so awful, so people like me will watch them when they get panned! Must be a Youtube viewing thing or something. Wrestling is stupid at times but this just is pure shite. Still think that Retribution stuff may have been worse last year, seriously awful.
  13. Sonic Generations
  14. I think it's difficult the level that at Omega/Bucks for the Pinnacle/Hangman. Besides isn't Hangman part of the Elite on the Youtube thing they do, so they are probably buddies? I think both Omega/Bucks are worthy of titles at this point, just the whole EVP deal gets them alot of stick. Hangman was sabotaged by the rankings system they have in place and a terrible execution which made him look fairly weak even with cheating involved. Without the ranking system Cage/Hangman would have likely have had a different outcome. I'd say it's Kahn here if anybody. Long term, it won't hurt Hangman Page as he'll still be likely to get his title run and fans still are backing him. If he had of lost to Cage at DoN that's a totally different matter though. Well considering rumors fly about how Cody and Bucks/Omega don't get on well, I'm guessing over how the business is moving forward with Cody being more traditional and Omega/Bucks being more modern must cause some issues. With WWE, unless your in a face role the levels of Cena, then you'll get lost in the shuffle in the end or turned heel. WWE flip/flop guys heel and face so often and for no real reason.
  15. Hahahaha....Pineapple. Wasn't a fan from the beginning with the whole bootleg Four Horseman thing. MJF has won no titles, Revival had a difficult WWE run, Spears is a job guy and Wardlow is just there. Hardly 'pinnacle' level guys from a storyline point of view. Agree with the DoN thoughts, felt it was entertaining and much better than Revolution. As for WWE, I'm pretty much the same except I'll tend watch the major PPV's and check on the results/highlights to keep up to date. Got far more invested around 2015-2017 as I felt it was going through a transition for the better, but it fizzled out and led to the current situation.....borderline unwatchable. I think wrestling's best days are long gone though. I always thought it was a element of nostalgia, but when you go back and watch older stuff you really see how much it's declined.