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  1. Hahaha, or even worse Joey Janela! I'm with you in not really wanting a older legend, although feel it will be. Brock seems to be most likely if they get a major star as he is driven by money and AEW have the finances. I'd also go with Punk as the choice of legend, as he's not been around for years, not too old and had time to recover from injuries. Great potential match ups with him involved too. I'd take Cena too but just for the shock factor, however I think you'd have more chance of Jim Cornette and Kenny Omega hugging in the ring. Do think AEW could do with another main event level guy for now even if it's short term, just to mix it up a little. New Japan Cup is on, so can't believe it'll be a NJPW guy. Of course travel issues as you said will play an issue too! Khan is really hyping this up, feels a bit like a marketing tactic to me. Wait for it to be Paul Wight signing a contract!
  2. Thought it was pretty fun, Shaq had the Kevin Nash type moveset down ha! Wonder who the 'Huge Star' signing will be. Seen alot of the usual names floating around, Brock, Okada, Angle, Punk, Ronda etc. Kinda feel like this is being inflated a little and could be something not as big as people believe just to generate hype. Hopefully I'm wrong! Who would you like in the AEW PSNP?
  3. Yeah, these things take time to work on. As you said it took WWE a while to get things better. With better booking things can change, and AEW do have some good talents who could improve, they'll add to the division going forward as well so it'll help.
  4. I'm ok with the over the top silly 'soap opera' story segments personally, I didn't mind the Lashey/Lana stuff just think fans were upset due to Rusev getting buried pretty bad. For what it's worth, I always thought Rusev was a 'upper midcarder' at best, so kind of understand why McMahon was hesistant to make him a major player in WWE despite the whole 'Rusev Day' thing. In AEW, I think he'll also fall into a similar position long term. Agree with Riho and Stunt, they are just too small to be considered threatening and have nothing really about them that makes you want to see them on the regular to compensate for this. I mean height doesn't mean that much in wrestling anymore, but usually if they are shorter they are exceptional in certain areas. I think Bryan/Cesaro is a great example of a major height difference and how it can be believable. Bryan is 5'8 and Cesaro 6'5. Bryan excels in technique and intensity, making him somewhat believable as a underdog against bigger guys, even in a scripted sport. Also working out helps, Bryan looks fairly well built despite his height. Same with other shorter guys over the years like Gable, Rey, Eddie, Gargano, Liger etc, they are fairly well built. I still struggle with Adam Cole and can't take him that seriously for this reason, despite being not that small he just looks too lightweight to be considered a major star. I think it somewhat comes down to what I said with Bryan for Asuka, she's got the intensity and technical skills to make up for lack of size and like you said good booking can go a long way as opposed to Riho who doesn't have that. I think with the women size isn't as big a deal as the men as long as it's not against Nia or Charlotte who are borderline 6ft, making it a bit harder to believe. Always liked Kairi, shame she wasn't booked a bit better but it's understandable as the WWE Women's division is pretty good. Io should have a better time on the main roster hopefully, I'm fairly sure she was the big star in Japan in Stardom over Asuka and Kairi so be interesting to see if WWE push her well. Yeah, I enjoyed that period of 205 Live. Shame guys like Gulak etc just got watered down so badly as time went on. Enzo clearly is a difficult case to work with due to his legal and backstage issues, but was such a great talker he would be a asset to any wrestling company, even in just a managerial role. Character/Gimmick is super important in wrestling, as much as writers like Vince Russo/Ed Ferrera get alot of stick, they always tried to find somebody a gimmick or character to make them relevant or interesting. I think it's tricky to give best booker of the year to anybody, perhaps Gedo. I don't watch NJPW on the regular but it's always been solid when I have. Besides the WON awards are just like a magazine, doesn't really hold that much value in the grand scheme of things. Looking at the past awards, stuff like best wrestling company in 96 - 98 as NJPW, I love NJPW/AJPW etc but over WWF/WCW at the time.....Paul Heyman as best booker from 95 to 97 whilst Eric Bischoff in 96 created the NWO arguably one of the most iconic moments in wrestling. Loads more could be picked at, he clearly has certain biases. Khan is essentially playing GM mode, he's done some decent things in AEW but could improve for sure. Yeah, the whole Inner Circle fighting each week etc and general heel v heel thing that goes on would be more impactful if done less. I've always liked heel v heel in King of the Ring, G1 etc, it actually can make it hard to predict who will win and makes more booking sense. Yeah I agree with the womens match, for a tournament it's pretty silly not televising it. We'll get some filler tag match with obvious winners instead. Slightly off topic, I should really consider joining a wrestling forum haha!
  5. I don't think a promo is needed for a Japanese wrestler to be a success in the US, although it certainly helps. Asuka, Io Shirai, Kairi Sane all have been successful in the WWE, maybe not to the level of a Charlotte or Becky Lynch, despite having limited english. Just think the female talent isn't as good as the WWE's and AEW's poor booking doesn't help them get over. Wrestling again is rather subjective, I'd argue that Vince's 205 Live in the 2017-era was far more interesting than any of the current iterations. King Neville as crusierweight champion, Enzo yapping away, Gulak's 'No Fly' Zone and Powerpoints, Heel Brian Kendrick etc. Honestly, I was so impressed with Neville/Pac during that period, I think he's a got a great midcard title run in him for sure in AEW if he's ever pushed. AEW's women are poorly booked for sure though, maybe it'll change in the future.
  6. Didnt know who she was before seeing this. Certainly has a great look and star potential, surprised WWE didn't try harder for her. Agree with this, didn't expect Big Show to join AEW at all. Don't think he will do too much on TV but still interesting.
  7. Probably self relegation, some people tend to relegate down the divisions for easier matches when going for objective players as live fut friendlies is linked to your division. Probably will only get worse as more objectives get added.
  8. At least this looks like it won't be as big a grind as on the last game, awful grind for that trophy Had the same issue with the milestone trophy in FUT luckily gives you chances to do redo it, not good seeing this as I'm about to start this trophy
  9. I don't watch Impact so I don't really know the talents other than the ex-wwe guys who were largely used as enhancement, so just going off the roster by name value and how it would affect viewer interest. I'm sure some wrestlers will impress and it will help AEW create some new stars. I don't think they would be able to pull off an invasion type angle though, as the rosters are just too big in terms of star power. They could shift some talents across though if they were to go down that path like they did with Steve Austin, Kurt Angle in 2001. Totally agree, competition can only help both brands.
  10. I don't really get the hype that I've seen for the AEW/Impact collaboration, It does literally nothing for AEW as Impact has nobody with any name value barring maybe Ken Shamrock and hes well past his best. WWE currently is putting out utter garbage and still getting people watching, so yeah can't see them being too worried!
  11. PS4 FUT data will carry over, it did the same previous gen when I went from Xbox 360 to Xbox One on Fifa 14. Hopefully this doesn't cause a issue with the trophies as you stated as most people carrying over might have done certain trophies which would be annoying to reobtain. I would expect they just unlock instantly when you start up, but you can never be sure. Still if not they should be obtainable again as they will add new milestones and sbcs throughout.
  12. Wondered why I hadn't unlocked this, I finished the MLS objectives so can't do it in one session with another milestone. Might just have to do a ton of bronze/silver/gold upgrades to get the SBC milestone when I unlock another one!
  13. Think this might be random, I had this unlock over two sessions with my co-op partner within the 10 games like it should. It didnt unlock until the other day for him whilst we were playing, we've probably played over 35 rivals games together at that point. He was host for most of the matches also, seems like you may have to persist it should unlock eventually!
  14. Yep 3 wins to 2 losses, scorelines were all fairly close. Nobody knows how to play yet, so currently it's the same old dragback/ball roll/drop back etc from last year. I'd recommened waiting though as placement matches were harder for me than usual, had some really tough matchups (may have just got unlucky with matchmaking) and people already have decent-ish sides, additionally sweating it out due to the coin boost you get. Winning all 5 gives you 100k plus and puts you in D2 so people are really going for it.
  15. Just did placements won 3/5, Got D4 seems it's more lenient than last year. Also gives a nice coin bonus too!