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  1. Felt like the game got announced ages ago and still no install button
  2. I made up my mind last night I'm just gonna keep this one and earn more plats thanks for everyone advice appreciated
  3. Basically had a power cut my PS4 went nuts and IV basically lost every save I had also my cloud wasn't on auto upload so I can't get them back for a good three weeks IV been contemplating on making a new profile and it's been stopping me from playing my games I try and play a game and then I think should I just start fresh I just can't make my mind up also I'm a bit of a trophy hunter but if I made this new one I think I wouldn't bother this time around hunting for trophy's for some reason if I complete a game I like the save to be there but there all gone😭 So let me know what to do start fresh or just carry on with the profile
  4. Yeah your right I wouldn't have to earn the trophies again so I could focus on story more then trophy hunting you people think better then I do I think I know what I'm gonna do now thanks for the advice
  5. Sorry for that I don't mind on playing all them games again I had fun playing them I just wouldn't trophy hunt this time around But I just can't make my mind up should I just continue playing my new games or just start fresh It will be a while before I get a ps5 because my partner bought me a new PS4 in June this year You do have a really good point