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  1. 13 minutes ago, Nighcisama said:

    If making a new profile will lead to you not trophy hunting on that new profile, you might as well just continue to play on your current accont without trophy hunting, makes no difference really, making a new profile only makes sense if you are going for something specific that is no longer possible on your current profile. Aside from that, making a new profile means you'd have to replay every game to get back to a completed save you seem to care about, but if you replay the game in any case, you can just as easily do it on your account, but you get to keep the trophies you already earned.

    Yeah your right I wouldn't have to earn the trophies again so I could focus on story more then trophy hunting you people think better then I do I think I know what I'm gonna do now thanks for the advice


  2. Sorry for that 


    I don't mind on playing all them games again I had fun playing them I just wouldn't trophy hunt this time around


    But I just can't make my mind up should I just continue playing my new games or just start fresh 


    It will be a while before I get a ps5 because my partner bought me a new PS4 in June this year


    3 minutes ago, AJ_-_808 said:

    What good will old save files for games you completed do for you?  I used to do the same thing and keep "end game" saves until one day i figured I'm never playing those games again, and if I do, it'll be from the beginning 



    To add to that, trophies make a better proof of completion anyway because other people can see them vs a save file that only you see

    You do have a really good point 


  3. Basically had a power cut my PS4 went nuts and IV basically lost every save I had also my cloud wasn't on auto upload so I can't get them back for a good three weeks IV been contemplating on making a new profile and it's been stopping me from playing my games I try and play a game and then I think should I just start fresh I just can't make my mind up also I'm a bit of a trophy hunter but if I made this new one I think I wouldn't bother this time around hunting for trophy's for some reason if I complete a game I like the save to be there but there all gone😭

    So let me know what to do start fresh or just carry on with the profile