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  1. Control's latest patch added essentially debug in the options menu. It allows infinite health, infinite ammo, one shot kills that dont affect the trophies. The only one I would say keep an eye out for would be the collectibles. There is no real deep list so keep track of what youve gotten and still to get. I know the machine one in the last dlc was a pain.
  2. Im in the same boat. The Main Game was fantastic but adding on difficult multplayer trophies runined it for me IMO
  3. Ubisoft Connect Achievements are here! Added in-game support for Ubisoft Connect achievements to the game. Unlock conditions for Quest-related or not-repeatable achievements: Achievements where unlock conditions have been met will pop when the player completes a new quest. Unlock conditions for Countable/repeatable achievements: Achievements will pop whenever the player performs an achievement-related action past the unlock condition. Oh my god
  4. Heyo. Just wanted to give you an update. Unfortunetly maybe no the news we wanted. Ubisoft recently put out a known issues list - https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/76980/assassin-s-creed-valhalla-known-issues-updated-jan-8/1 There appears to be no mention of trophies issues we've had at all I think we might need to reach out to their social media and remind them its an issue.
  5. Sorry its been a while since I've played Killzone 3. But didn't the game have an offline botzone? Couldn't conditions be set up where it could be possible to get them (though the difficulty would be higher due to it being AI)?
  6. Yeah I got this today on the PS4 version but honestly all it takes is time and practice. It is a difficult trophy compared with the rest...yeah, but from what people mentioned and also what I did. I stopped rushing sections I didn't need to rush and relearned sections (the spike bit I will hate the most). A lot of it was either blind luck or reflex but you can do it. I won't do it again tho Should it increase PowerPyx's from 3 to 5? Sure. But a 9? This isn't Fall Guys 'Win 5 in a Row' trophy which is a definetly a 9.
  7. I believe you need to continue with the main story. Wincestre is related to the main story, and it should give you the option after you continue to a certain point. Just check the tent/pledges after doing some story missions.
  8. No problem. I'm in the same boat as I have a ps4 platinum save ready to transfer over but after hearing problems with accounts here, Im sitting on it until it Ubisoft hopefully fix it 😀 Having to start an 120 hr game again would not be the most ideal situation but lets hope Ubisoft are feeling supportive.
  9. At the moment you're not gonna get a platinum on ps5 if you load a ps4 platinum save. There is no fix. Additionally as it's currently the festive period, you're gonna have to wait until at least, the second week of January before we get any communication back from Ubisoft. Best bets are to contact Ubisoft Support or to Tweet to them about the issue. I had a look at their forums and found these posts regarding the same issues; https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/88293/ps4-to-ps5-trophy-integration-only-carried-over-65-of-my-trophies-platinumed-the-game-already?lang=en-US https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/90505/ps4-trophy-s-to-ps5-glitched-now-i-cant-get-an-platinum-trophy?lang=en-US It should be noted that Watchdogs Legion might be having their Progression issue looked into because someone repsonded here (but again Festive Period has put that on hold) https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2295198-PS4-gt-PS5-trophy-progression-lost
  10. Yeah even on Pro the frame rate drops were pretty bad. From what they're hinting towards its meant to run a lot smoother. I'd gladly play itagain it was an extremely fun game. Yeah everything is now released so this is pretty much the last version of the game. The PS5 has always been on the way its just the upgrade path which has made everyone annoyed. On PS4 if you purchased the original base game, you can't do an upgrade to ps5, you need to buy the Ultimate Edition on PS4. It made Day 1 PS4 supporters pretty angry.
  11. https://www.exophase.com/game/control-xbox-series-x-xbox/achievements/ Same list, but if this has appeared it strongly means there will also be a PS5 version of the Ultimate Edition. I only hope there is cross save support.
  12. This one stumped me for a while; Get a car/van with a boot Go into houses and steal approximately $500 worth of total goods The $500 worth of goods have to be in the same vehicle Take the car to the Trader There is only one trader who accepts the vehicles which is in the North West of the city When you sell the car to the trader with the goods inside you should get the trophy I hope that helps.
  13. I agree that Odyssey started the whole downward spiral, but I believe Vahalla is on par with Vahalla with repeitive structured missions. Origins felt meaningful, I remember sitting through; listening and feeling the world. Odyssey is the first AC game in a long time I started skipping the NPC interacton dialogue, because I knew most of it wasn't worth listnening to. The redeeming feature for me early on was Kass's sass with her reactions which I would always stop to hear Vahalla again was another AC game I skipped dialogue (outside main missions). Oh ok you have a problem, maybe explore a cave to find treasure? Oh you just want me to move something. Oh another issue I can help with! You want to be saved from this solider *mission complete* eh? The missions feel very empty, mainly because they don't world build the area you going to and as you mentioned filler-y. The problem for me, at least, is the world grew 10x but the missions didn't. If everything was strunk down, I think these random missions, dialogue etc would have made sense but because you travel so far to get to one the ambition is lost when its just an odd task.
  14. When you reach the max rank (400) you should be receiving mastery points from then on. As of note: You will always appear as Level 400 on the skill menu even if you get a mastery point Mastery Points will appear on the bottom right of the Skill Menu and with how many you have left to spend The amount of Mastery Points you can accuminate appears to be unlimited You can mastery points similar to normal leveling up in the game Three new Skill Points should be surrounding the centre node (Bear, Raven, Wolf) The Mastery Points can be added to one of these three and constantly incremented
  15. Seconded. Anyone done the PS4 and transfered to the PS5? or vice versa?