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  1. I just installed the PS4 version patch, no new trophies.
  2. No autopop. Just tried with a full complete PS4 save, the game considers them different and you can't use it
  3. I feel that there won't be. They didn't add one for the Isle of Skye which combined Kassandra and Eivor storylines as it wasn't an expansion nor gameplay changes, so I think this is gonna be the same and not have one. But, Ubi might just add one.
  4. I rebought it. Just to mention there is no save data transfer nor online related popping so it is entirely fresh. I'm cool with it, gonna be tough though
  5. Yeah I've had this, or people just sitting at the observtory I just don't understand, it's super annoying. They only started moving after I got downed in Wave 2.
  6. This is an odd choice. I understand not adding anything to the game but not giving a discount for PS4 owners is odd. Like I had a great experience with it and would love to support it even more but I don't see much benefit to buying it again at full price. When it goes on sale yeah maybe but I can wait.
  7. If you check the PS4 playstation list, the platinum currently sits at 0.1% rarity. Might be a reviewer, but sucks we can't platinum it until 28th.
  8. Hi friend. This did indeed help me with my unlocking of many trophies from my 100% PS4 save transfered. I'll add below what I unlocked and stuff so it might help others Auto Assigning Skills - Netted me all the story related trophies (main game) Killing a Irish Wolfhound (from the Ireland DLC) unlocked a Paris Trophy (Bad Bull - Defeat the Ghost Auroch Boss) Doing a Ireland River Raid unlocked an France All terrorties completed All Tombs of the Fallen - Unlocked after passing the entrance to the cave Killing a snake doesn't unlock the Snake in the Ireland DLC All the French story related ones unlocked after doing a rebel mission (except the ones your mentioned) Dawn of Ragnarok Did a Reda Task got; Complete all territories, complete the campaign, fully upgrade the Hugr-Rip, Kill 30 enemies with Atgeir, Discover all shelters Others had to be manual done again Ireland related trophies just don't unlock at all - It's late so I'll try tomorrow I'm hoping the Settlement level ones (main game) unlock after I upgrade the Armory (it was added as an update) At the end of the night I have 85% of trophies, 15% on main game left, and 80% on Wrath of Druids. Everything else is 100%
  9. I misread the Knighthood one as the level related one. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Looks decent. Only ones that stick out are collectible ones and get every character to max rank.
  11. I'm cautious about this game. I liked Ghostbusters and the PS3 multplayer was amazing but I can see this being a game that doesn't stay around long.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I moved to the PS5 version today so I'm gonna go back to the PS4 and hope it's the first level ha
  13. I completed the PS4 version but accidentally didn't fully clean the first level and i missed out on The Germophobes trophy. No where on the main or sub menus can I find a level select so beware that the trophy is missable on ps4/5 and might require a full playthrough again if you missed cleaning an entire level.
  14. As a person who has 100%'d the PS4 version. It is a long platinum and not a weekend nor a week to complete as there is a lot of grind and tons of dialogue My method so far was to get the platinum then slowly went through the DLC's as they released which honestly I find much more enjoyable. I'd say do the following; Main Game When you complete a region take that as a break. Each region is filled inside with lots of small things that make you travel everywhere around it and can be draining If you are stuck on a mystery just use a guide, a lot of mysteries are search and find which draw out it Complete Odin's story parts last (This isn't the DLC) you have a moment to do some dreams in Vahalla and jotunheim If you aren't near the 280 power by you complete run, don't worry the Paris and Ireland dlc's will fill that Ireland and Paris dlc's I found these to be much more fun, bite size of a map with enough in it to enjoy it more You might do these fast they take roughly a day each Mastery Challenge 1 & 2 These are super annoying, they ask you to use skills that aren't fun and under constraints that are stupid Tombs of the Fallen DLC Found this to be pretty fast, maybe 2 hours to complete these. Some puzzle element might leave our head scrathing but honestly these can be one fast Dawn of Ragnarök You can complete it within a day, nothing too challenging The Forgotten Saga You can complete it within a day. Its a roguelite gameplay but eventally after leveling up and understanding the flow it become trival
  15. No problem. Here is a link with more details https://www.ign.com/wikis/marvels-avengers/How_to_Transfer_Saves_From_PS4_to_PS5