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  1. Don't know if this helps; I didn't acquire the Abyss Fragment Piece in a room. It was hidden away. The area doesn't show on the map and was in an open area with many plants (lots of those red squids). In the corner I could see an unreachable ledge, and a blue orb. Shot the blue orb, path presented and I was able to reach it. There was also an audio log near by too.
  2. Don't jump straight to it being a bug people have got the plat. The drop rate is tied to RNG so there is no confirmed 100% guaranteed method as of yet.
  3. Congratulations man you're in a rare group with this platinum 👏 It feels great to get that over with doesn't it? lol.
  4. Jusy blitzed the game before. Got all trophies except the two glitched trophies; locks and notes.
  5. Any robot can be killed via melee. So if it explodes near you its fine. Only humans killed count for the trophy.
  6. Just to clarify. The enhanced version gives you a new trophy set? Or does this version use the old pa4 one? Thanks. Nevermind. I'm blind its up on the site ha.
  7. Should be ok with Joe's grenade just always be aware of enemies near-by. His grenade will knock them out and not kill them. Thats fair each person has their own preference:)
  8. Oof. I know that pain all too well. Unfortunately this means that you will have to do another one (this game is super unforgiving). Basically somewhere you must have either knocked out someone or an robot explosion near someone knocked them out. If and when you do your second playthrough do the following; For peace of mind, upload your current save to the cloud. Delete the one on your hard drive and start the kill run fresh Before advancing to the next section of the level, double check every body single body. A telltale sign someone has died is the blood splat near them, if one doesn't have that it means they weren't killed Remember as well you have to kill the people during cutscenes 5 in total (Mira at the end is included)
  9. Outside of the advice I gave above I don't think I could give much. With Spider I do the following; Abilities Ensure I have her ability to shoot while cloaked Cause more ammo and energy to drop, ammo being the prioirty Tactics Cloak The cloak should only be used for two methods; You've messed up badly and need to save yourself Remember if you've messed up and you have the shoot while cloaked ensure you use it to your advantage. Use it as a part of a multikill takedown Ammo - Checkpoint Reload your checkpoint until she get her ammo drop Ever new level I was at 100 ammo with her machine gun Enemies Melee I generally try to always wear the enemy down to two point of health. That means a quick tap of the trigger button (so you only shoot 2 shots) Melee, back up, melee then if their health is two points or less shoot two shots Sometimes I had to long shot, basically if one enemy (red jacket with pistol) is standing but a partolling enemy is nearby. I would shoot all the way across the room When you gain 100+ shots you have some leeway but I use the above tactic sparingly Melee enemies can be lured away along with luring other melee away. In heavy areas if you do the crouch (due to the surrounding AI) you actually gain momentary slow down of characters this helped with my reaction time Don't forget to drag bodies - This helps a lot in some areas
  10. If its for the other endings I always choose Spider she quick enough. Her cloak is a lifesaver. If you're going for the Kill All, Spider her ability drops a lot more ammo if you abuse the save reload.
  11. Ha sorry for not seeing this sooner. Just finalising some of the guide The shotgun one was honestly the toughest mainly because of the shotgun being really ineffecient with two people next to each other. I decided the best course was to get get them to move to a specific area, go to the far corner and just hopfully shoot and hit both of them with the spread. I got lucky but glad you got it! Did you have the same tactics?
  12. Yep. Robot enemies are perfectly fine to destroy using melee. Only human enemies have to be killed.
  13. Of course; Frank/Joe have the worse at getting ammo pickups. Spider is pretty much the best. Joe and Spider have upgrades to increase the drop rate Your goal during a Frank or Joe level is to always be aware of your ammo; Before triggering the checkpoint if your ammo is lower then roughly 10 restart the level Preferably save at a checkpoint if you've cleared the area before the checkpoint and you have 12/14 ammo Restarting will force the RNG to eventually be on your side Example: If you face 3 to 5 enemies, and after you kill them and you get 1 ammo drop. You need to restart the checkpoint, until the RNG is more favourable. Normally if I get 3 to 4 ammo drops the other enemies will drop more ammo in the level General Melee enemies and wear down their health points before causing the fatal shot Melee attacking from the behind and front causes different amount of damage Drag enemies away from other ones before killing them in private Enemy Types Remember to prioitise enemies by type If you encounter a room with four enemies (3 melee, 1 gun) remove the gun wielder first Remove smaller enemies where possible so pathways are more apparant to hit others Melee enemies Can be kited and dragged away from areas so you can kill them away from others They should cause no issue Terminator with assasult rifle Avoid them. Normally last on the list unless in a group room Multiple Melee attacks from front until their health is about 2 to 4, then I shoot them Shotgun Second worst Normally take 2 melee hits from the front then a shot. I'm planning to post something this weekend in more detail which should helpin more detail @D-Maestro also posted some info above. Might help.
  14. Thanks man. I also see you got the trophy too and the platinum. Congrats
  15. Good news. I got the trophy. I removed my save file, started fresh and repeated the same steps I posted above but made sure, absouletly sure, that everyone had been killed by a gun. I reloaded a lot of checkpoints. As of note 5 People were killed in conversations; 2 with Joe, 1 with Frank and 1 with Spider + Mara (Final). Got the platinum and this game is now a wrap