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  1. Vahalla was definetly not my favourite but the Ireland expansion did make me enjoy it a bit if it was more bitesize. So I'd like a bit more I just hope I don't have to buy another Season Pass =/ All I would like is for them to fix the Trophy Cross Progression PS4 > PS5 on all Ubisoft titles (AC:V, WD:L and Immortals)
  2. Good video. I think these high spike trophies in an easy list all spawn from the early days of Xbox 360 achievements; Mile High Club (Modern Warfare 1), 7 Day Survivor (Dead Rising 1), Seriously (Gears 1). It's not a bad thing actually it's a very good hook to keep a person playing; you've gotten 90% to 95% you just see the 5% left not the full coverage so you keep playing. But I feel we've moved past that era as it ruins the end user's overall enjoyment. The dev/devs who created it, did it for a dick move. PubG, Fortnite etc didn't do it mainly as they realised it was a massive unrealistic expectation to get it. It's meant to be a progression of fun, not a pain in the ass to due to online RNG bull.
  3. No full auto-pop. Some will auto-pop but you will have to still play the full game. I had decker.exe and Complete Act 2 not unlock. I believe it was because I had changed my internet settings (wired to wireless). I closed the game and everything after completed. Unfortunetly I have to do a partial playthrough as I realised too late to correct it.
  4. Some make sense? 30 hours / 2 hours must have a time link with them so anything over the number will always cause an unlock. While the three completed ones seemed to be book/statistics based? I think that 'Duke'Em / Haters Gonna Hate needed you to one more of the action again to unlock if you're using you 100% save.
  5. Right did a save data transfer from a 100% save and got 5 trophies auto unlock; Gender Equality - 2 hours as each gender Flash the Pan - Destroy all gang operations Third and 30 - 30 hours Everything is permitted - Kill all hitman targets Hi-Jack It - Steal all vehicles Starting a fresh game just gave me Hater Gonna Hate - 1000 gang members
  6. I'd like to play it again tbh. I did enjoy the remastered version. Wonder if this means another re-release of SR4/GooH in future?
  7. Damn. No worries. requested a lock
  8. On exophase the PS5 version of Saints Row The Third Remastered https://www.exophase.com/game/saints-row-the-third-remastered-psn-4/trophies/ I hope for a free upgrade
  9. Thats the viewpoint I'm worried the trophy difficulty/rarity has brought. Any recent achievers aren't legit, they add an option to earn it in lobbies it invalidates it. The only legit people are before a time period. Its a dangerous road for just a game.
  10. Right decision? This isn't a political discussion lol I have no issue with it being locked to the main route nor a change and made available later in lobbies. Having a mentality of locking trophies up as a symbolic rewarding process is a dangerous road.
  11. Don't know if this helps; I didn't acquire the Abyss Fragment Piece in a room. It was hidden away. The area doesn't show on the map and was in an open area with many plants (lots of those red squids). In the corner I could see an unreachable ledge, and a blue orb. Shot the blue orb, path presented and I was able to reach it. There was also an audio log near by too.
  12. Don't jump straight to it being a bug people have got the plat. The drop rate is tied to RNG so there is no confirmed 100% guaranteed method as of yet.
  13. Congratulations man you're in a rare group with this platinum 👏 It feels great to get that over with doesn't it? lol.
  14. Jusy blitzed the game before. Got all trophies except the two glitched trophies; locks and notes.
  15. Any robot can be killed via melee. So if it explodes near you its fine. Only humans killed count for the trophy.