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  1. i have that same problem
  2. does someone have a world that i can do the "great view from up here" trophy? it's my last trophy for the 100% and it's about levitate up 50 block from the attacks of a skulker. if you do have a world for that trophy shoot me a message or a friend request.
  3. this cap? or.. just an early april fools that's teasing around just to hurt thousands of trophy hunter worldwide?😴
  4. its cool i like it, just like the ps3 trophy pop.
  5. this had happened to me last month, the color of my banner turn back to gray and my about me writing disappear, almost thought i got hacked until i notice i wasn't the only person that experienced this.
  6. understood, thanks for the reply👍🏽
  7. for the tower of trials trophy can it also be done with coop? and if so would it be little easier to get the trophy on coop?
  8. 0...
  9. no
  10. vr playroom, until dawn blood and truth, iron man, batman vr