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  1. @ pieroV_86 when the game came out it happened to land one the chinese zodiac year of the dragon. (probably not a coincidence) i think that was back in 2012. if so 2024 would be the next year of the dragon.
  2. Arkham City. I hated those riddler maps.
  3. Defeated games w/ Trophies: Lego Batman 2 (ps3) Lego Batman 3 (ps4) Lego Harry Potter 1-4 (ps3) Lego Harry Potter 5-7 (ps3) Lego Indiana Jones 2 (ps3) Lego Jurassic world (ps4) Lego Marvel Super Heroes (ps3) Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (ps3) Lego Star Wars 3 (ps3) Lego Hobbit (ps3) Lego LoTR (ps3) The Lego Movie (ps3) Defeated games w/o trophies: Lego Batman (ps3/DS) Lego Star Wars (ps2) Lego Star wars 2 (ps2) Lego star wars the complete saga (ps3) Lego Indiana Jones (wii) Lego City Undercover (wiiU) Lego city undercover the chase begins (3ds) Lego Battles (DS) games in progress: Lego Dimensions (PS4) -edit forgot the lego movie. it was hiding under not L for Lego ><