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  1. The highest is 8 after 6am stay if you haven't already gotten that security pass in the area that's locked, a couple of security rooms you also get items WITHOUT needing to pick badges up so you have missed it that way also
  2. Anyone find a good method for this worthless 45 grind devs just trying to force us to play and I'm not gonna tolerate it so let's hear the cheese
  3. What the actual fuck is this Roxy programming and how the hell do you beat it? She detects me even if I stand completely still by hearing me I'm having trouble in the hazard zone due her shitty AI, any solutions?
  4. Clearing tower is half a level it seems so I'm doing that
  5. That's what the video for it implies I guess it's a bug and you should contact them asap
  6. For those asking about time limit I read an article do NOT take this as the correct answer just yet, they said they're keeping previous rewards to earn in the future that's all I have right now
  7. I solod it today I used dual swords with radiance golem to take hits for you explosive bow is a must for round 22 I think for the big guys with shields or they gang and kill you and damage reduction / chance to block make the armory legendary also be careful I was running it and the end DLC has a map where rocks fall I got insta wiped losing a life to the falling rocks
  8. I'm glad they're not charging even more for a game that's already burnt me out with stupid rng requirement s I just wish they'd stop adding to games that have already outlived their usefulness
  9. Play online Mondays for money increase and use the money bags as a farm in the tower place they drop items you can sell as well
  10. The camera is absolutely terrible on nightmare I believe it resets to no upgrades it's slow reload and barely any damage I don't if leveling helps with nightmare I never said they're worth no points to purchase just no points in the result screen allowing you to not use healing items to take points away.
  11. Yea you get a message after an ending talking about her that's when it pops
  12. Try my solution, go to a friend's world and brand new character you must have got the bug I did and so far it's the only solution
  13. No they're worth 0 and you don't get negative points so feel free to abuse them
  14. Easiest farm is final drop where you're running as Yuri with the 3x maiden and up to 4x guardian per maiden just buy cap items and wait for a maiden to taint you only works on normal maidens never taint or very rarely on easy
  15. On nightmare mode you'll only be using fatal frames because enemies quickly heal any other damage you do (if you don't picture the floating faces real quick so if they have you grabbed they'll just heal what you did) shutter chances are real easy too you'll get a lot of enemies that group up and give you automatic shutter chances so again it's not too much of a problem, but yes it does I had to dodge 12 hands from reloading checkpoints cause I missed a specter