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  1. Most of first party games have easy plat. I believe there has been some sort of of guideline which took in place recently for those first party titles, because a lot of remaster/remake games got much easier plat. For example, both The Last of Us (PS3, 2013) and The Last of Us Remastered (PS4, 2014) share the same trophy set, which is pretty stingy (you barely got a handful of trophies on your first playthrough) and includes multiplayer trophy, grindy trophy that requires multiple playthroughs, difficulty based trophy, etc, and it takes about 40 hours to get the platinum. However, The Last of Us Part I (PS5, 2022) made it so much easier. No difficulty based trophy, no multiplayer trophy, no grindy trophy, no more stingy trophy. So you can get the platinum in 10-12 hours. TLoU Part I has an exceptionally easy platinum (compare to other first party games). Other (recent) first party games usually have 25-35 hour platinums, and they usually don't have difficulty based trophy. For example, this is a list of easy plat first party games (no difficulty based trophy, only took 10-40 hours usually 25 hours, etc). Demon's Souls (2020) - slightly more difficult only because it's one of those souls game Detroit: Become Human (2018) God of War (2018) Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) Horizon Forbidden West (2022) Knack 2 (2017) The Last of Us Part I (2022) The Last of Us Part II (2020) Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (2021) There are some first party games which is harder than other games (e.g. Returnal, Sackboy: A Big Adventure), or took more time than others (e.g. Days Gone, DEATH STRANDING Director's Cut, Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut, Gran Turismo 7), but they usually have their own reasons (e.g. harder than others because they're roguelike games, took longer time than others because main game is already longer than others, or it has a long standing tradition for grindy platinum like Gran Turismo). I think first party game before 2018 usually have slightly more difficult (usually not that hard, but still require either difficulty based trophy, speedrun trophy, multiplayer competition trophy, etc, unlike recent game which usually allow you to get a platinum with the lowest difficulty and even accessibility turned on, so any granny can get it), or longer platinum (around 40-50 hours or more). So these games got slightly more difficult or grindy plats, especially compare to its counterparts released later than 2017. Bloodborne (2013) Driveclub (2014) Gran Turismo Sport (2017) Killzone Shadow Fall (2013) Knack (2013) The Last Guardian (2016) The Last of Us (2013) The Last of Us Remastered (2014) Uncharted 4 (2016)
  2. As a rule of thumb, most best selling games usually got much rarer platinum trophy (compare to its actual difficulty or grindiness), as they have huge amount of casual gamers (i.e. who don't care about trophy at all). Some of them may have grindy (e.g. Fortnite, GTA V) or difficulty platinums, but even those games still got some inflation on its platinum rarity. Most sports game fall in this category. FIFA, NHL, MLB The Show, Madden, UFC, NBA 2K, WWE 2K, PGA Tour 2K. Almost all of them have relatively easier/short platinum trophy than its rarity suggests. Some of them have ultra rare platinum trophies that could be earned in 20-50 hours and doesn't need any special skills. Also, if the game had been given for free (as PS+ free games), it will increase the platinum rarity by a significant margin (usually it became 2-3 times rarer). Similarly, F2P games and deep-discount-all-the-time games also tend to have rarer than its difficulty/grindiness platinums.
  3. C2 and 500 Mondial was a fluke. Before these two, all other cars took 4-5 days (usually 5) before turning into limited stock, and 2 days from limited stock to sold out. However, C2 and 500 Mondial turned into limited stock in just 3 days. So I thought they introduced faster rotation cycle after 1.08. But both C9 (appeared on Mar 19) and F1 (appeared on Mar 20) haven't got the limited stock mark yet (Mar 23, which is D+4 for C9 and D+3 for F1). I guess we just have a broader possible range now (3-5 days until limited stock). In this case, this is the liekly timeline; C9 limited stock Mar 24 / sold out Mar 26 / replaced Mar 27 F1 limited stock Mar 25 / sold out Mar 27 / replaced Mar 28 917K limited stock Mar 26 / sold out Mar 28 / replaced Mar 29 GT40 Mark I limited stock Mar 27 / sold out Mar 29 / replaced Mar 30 Mangusta limited stock Mar 28 / sold out Mar 30 / replaced Mar 31 And it could be longer than that, since '5 days until limited stock' could be just the longest interval we've seen yet, and may not be the longest possible (and both F1 and 917K is rather expensive).
  4. Mine is too shameful to share, as it's a collection of boilerplates and spaghettis 😁 I can tell which parts are different to yours though if you want. If you're stuck at the race result screen or 'to next race' screen without touching anything, there is a good chance that your problem is originated from the hard coded position not matching to your resolution/scaling. Proceed to the screen with 'replay' and 'to next race' with a green icon. Then launch the window spy and bring your mouse cursor over the green icon. If what you see on the 'screen' section of the window spy is far from 342, 363, then it means the script is looking for the green on the wrong place. Same goes for the race result screen. Hover your mouse to 218, 359 and see if it's on the purple banner. To fix this, you need to change both position and color, according to the value found on your setup.
  5. It seems it's getting better and better. The loop time is now pretty close to my Python script (mine is around 290s). I can see why there are some people having problem with this script. The script will resize/move the window initially, but the absolute position will be still different depending on their resolution and scaling. As such, both searching for the purple and searching for the green part doesn't work for those people, until they manually reposition it and repick the color.
  6. There are two possibilities on how to treat the 917K '70 and XJR-9 '88. They won both Le Mans and Daytona, but according to their liveries, 917K is a Daytona winner and XJR-9 is a Le Mans winner. If the livery is important (917K is a Daytona winner, not a Le Mans winner), we have the following options; Any 3 Le Mans winners: We've got only two Le Mans winners, Mark IV and C9, so we need either 787B or XJR-9 or F1 GTR. Specific 3 Le Mans winners: Same as above, but we don't know what's the right combination among the possible 5C3 options. Specific 3 winners (either Le Mans or Daytona): We've got three winners, Mark IV + C9 for Le Mans and 917K for Daytona, but we didn't get the trophy. So at least 1 of them is wrong. In this case, C9 is the most likely wrong one. We need another winner, probably either 787B or XJR-9 or F1 GTR or 330 P4. Mark IV + 330 P4 + XJ13 (GT5 trophy): We still don't have 330 P4, so this hasn't been completely debunked yet. If the livery is not important (917K/XJR-9 has the double crowns), then we have the following options; Specific 3 Le Mans winners: 917K + Mark IV + something (787B or XJR-9 or F1 GTR). This something has to be significantly more important than C9. I don't think any one of them has the 917K or 962C like importance, but if I have to pick one, 787B (because in this case, it's one for each region America / Europe / Asia, but no other car could do that. Also, this is the only rotary Le Mans winner and the first Japanese winner and had been only Asian winner before TS050). Mark IV + 330 P4 + XJ13 (GT5 trophy): We still don't have 330 P4, so this hasn't been completely debunked yet. 917K + 330 P4 + XJR-9: All Daytona winner combo, but Daytona is not exactly as prestigious as Le Mans, so low probability option. Any 3 option was debunked by 917K + C9 + Mark IV There are other options as well (such as less prestigious 24 hour race winners, like Nürburgring 24 Hours or Spa 24 Hours, or much less important class winners, etc), but these are pretty much it. However, out of those options, Specific 3 Le Mans winners + livery is not important or Specific 3 winners (either Le Mans or Daytona) + livery is important are the only conditions that are compatible with the following descriptions (which is extremely suspicious). 917K: making it one of the most significant models in motorsports history. Mark IV: because of these facts that the Ford Mark IV has a special place in motorsport history. I'd say among the potential candidates (787B, XJR-9, F1 GTR, 330 P4), if there is any car with the similar description (talking about significance in motorsports history), then that has to be one of the correct cars.
  7. Let's hope that the new car which is supposed to replace the Corvette (C2) '63 in 12 hours is not DB5 '64, because if that's DB5 '64, we have strong chance to get 20 million S Barker Tourer '29, followed by 100k Willys MB '45 and 8 million CLK-LM '98, all of which are useless for this trophy. I did that on the first page, though I'm not a Japanese native speaker. I'd translate like this; Acquire 3 legendary racing cars that were born to win 24 hour races in the past. かつて24時間レースに勝利すべく産声をあげた、伝説のレーシングカー3台を入手.
  8. 962C '88 is a wrong year model because XJR-9 '88 won both Le Mans and Daytona in that year. Same goes for D-Type '54. If they're included, then no reason not to include R92CP since R91CP won Daytona 24 in 1992, or Ford GT40 Mark I '66 (GT40 Mark II '66 won Le mans in 1966). Also, if these are included, then 917K and XJR-9 are surely double winners for both Le mans and Daytona, because they're the same model year car with a different livery.
  9. Not sure why you feel the urge to link the video. I'll just say it again. Carroll Shelby is the one who are determined to win Le Mans for Ford, not the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. The vast majority of remaining legendary cars are completely useless, because they're either road cars, or dirt cars, or anything that's out of question right off the bat in any sense. We only have a dozen or so plausible candidates, which is a legendary race car either actually raced on any 24 hour event, or at least meant to do so (and we have even less winners). 4 of them (including 3 winners) has been appeared on the dealer but the trophy didn't pop. Which means, the trophy likely requires 'specific 3 winners' not just 'any 3 among the winners or at least born to win', and the claim 'They confirmed there were more than 3 at least' is likely wrong as well as this one 'Look for cars that have the tags #Le Mans and #24Nur' or the 'destined to win' verbatim thing. If every claim is true, then it means every car we've seen so far (including 917K, Mark IV, XJ13, C9) is not one of them, but the game somehow has more than 3 eligible cars. However, there is absolutely zero car that's more probable than either 917K or Mark IV (out of 12 or 70 or 420). Any 3 that carries #Le Mans tag is also debunked by Mark IV + XJ13 + C9. At least some of those claims aren't likely to be true, and it's natural to suspect the credibility of other claims when some of them isn't right. At this moment, there are only two considerable options remaining. 917K + Mark IV + something (most likely 787B, XJR-9, or F1 GTR) or Mark IV + 330 P4 + XJ13. Trophy won't pop in both cases, since we don't have that something or 330 P4 yet. Out of these two, the former is more likely, since both 917K and Mark IV says the same thing on their descriptions; that it is one of the most significant models in motorsport history or has a special place in motorsport history, whereas XJ13 doesn't have such thing as it never raced on Le Mans. 917K: (snipped) making it one of the most significant models in motorsports history. Mark IV: (snipped) because of these facts that the Ford Mark IV has a special place in motorsport history
  10. The sentence ('determined to win the le mans for ford') is talking about about Carroll Shelby, not the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe '64. Also, 917K + Mark IV + C9 combo was not sufficient for the trophy, so 'any 3 winners' theory has been debunked already, and it's most likely 3 specific winner at this point. In other words, almost everything the poster said were debunked (the poster said there are more than 3 eligible cars, which is very unlikely to be true at this point. And also said look for the Le Mans or 24 Nur tag, but the most probable car 917K didn't carry the tag). Mark IV: (snipped) because of these facts that the Ford Mark IV has a special place in motorsport history. 917K: (snipped) making it one of the most significant models in motorsports history. Like I said, 917K and Mark IV are #1 and #2 suspect, and both carry very similar wording, but no 'destined to win'. As such, 'destined to win' theory is also almost debunked.
  11. I also have 917K, Mark IV, XJ13, C9 and it didn't pop the trophy. It ruled out the 'any winner is eligible' theory. Also, it's very unlikely to have more than 3 eligible cars for this trophy. As such, the trophy is likely going to require specific 3 winners. The most probable ones are 917K, Mark IV and 787B or XJR-9.
  12. No. It has very low chance to have the exact 'destined to win' wording in its description, judging from the data available so far. We have roughly 3 major options, except for the extremely low possibility options. Most probable: any 3 car among the former Le Mans winners (917K, Mark IV, 787B, XJR-9, C9, F1 GTR) Moderate possibilty: specific 3 cars among the former Le mans winners (out of 20 combinations among the above mentioned 6 cars, 917K + Mark IV + 787B and 917K + XJR-9 + something is the most probable ones) Low possibility: cars which were supposed to compete on 1967 Le Mans (Mark IV, 330 P4, XJ13) In almost all cases, Mark IV is there and Mark IV doesn't carry the 'destined to win' description verbatim. We also got another winner C9, which also doesn't carry the description. We even got another car for option 3. (XJ13), and it also doesn't have the description. So if it has to carry the 'destined to win' wording, it rules out both 1. and 3., leaving only 2 (or other non-mentioned low possibility options). This introduces a big problem, because the poster also said there are more than 3 cars (which is the reason why 1 is the most probable option in the first place) that satisfy the requirements, and the 'destined to win' requirement contradicts that (unless it's these 4 cars; 917K, 787B, XJR-9, F1 GTR, or some completely weird line ups filled with losers). Also, 勝利すべく産声 would be the original text, not 'destined to win' (which is just a translation). It's hard to make a sentence without altering anything from '勝利すべく産声'. You could use 勝利すべく産声(destined to win), or 伝説(legendary) to losers, but it makes whole less sense than actual winners. Among the winners, 917K is the prime suspect, since it won both Le Mans 24 and Daytona 24 AND literally destroyed every other competitor (did 10% or 30 more laps on Le Mans than the fastest non-Porsche) enough to warrant some rule changes to phase out the 917 AND gives the Le Mans first victory to Porsche AND appeared on the announcement trailer AND '917 Living Legend' is a preorder bonus car. So it's not just a winner. It's the most suspicious 24 hour race winner of all time. Mark IV is also rather prominent one out of those 6 possible winners, because GT40s are the only American Le Mans winner, and it is rather famous for two generations of road cars and the movie Ford v Ferrari. C9 not so much, so if it has to be specific 3, less chance than 787B (the first Japanese winner, and only Japanese winner before TS050, and only rotary winner), or XJR-9 (Le Mans / Daytona double winner).
  13. It took 65 wheels on 30 different cars for me to unlock the wheel trophy. Whenever you change the car, keep buying a wheel, then you'll eventually get it. Same goes for other 10 times trophies.
  14. Well. You should try FIFA or any sports game really. If you want one of the best team on those games, you need to shell out somewhere in the ballpark of $50-100k. However, this team comes with an expiration date of <1 year, since you're almost guaranteed to see a newer version within a year. When the newer one comes out, you'll see significantly shrinkage on player base, limited game features, and many other negative things enough to make it pointless to play the game any further with the team you've bought. This is the primary reason why almost every sport game got very low user review scores, and the following is the reason why they're not going anywhere regardless of those negative receptions. The funny thing is that those FIFA games are just child's play compare to real predatory games. There are games which expect the whales to spend some millions of dollars, or even more than 10 million dollars.