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  1. Looking for anyone who is willing to trade some boss souls, I can trade you all the other weapon drops in the game for this.
  2. I would farm all the materials you need for each weapon upgrade, and upload/download save when you complete each one to reduce farming time. As for boss souls, they're kept through NG+ so you won't lose any of those when you move on. Upgrade whatever else you want to use, though personally I never picked anything but the Great Club +15.
  3. I have been searching for this for the last 3 years since I played Bloodborne, thank you so much. One of my most annoying non-plats can now be done in the matter of an hour. Solid stuff.
  4. Interesting, thanks for the info. This will help when I get around to the ps4 version. Unfortunately no need to do this on PS5 anymore because the expansion is lackluster.
  5. How does this work? You say download, so how do you keep everything if you just download the save?
  6. So glad the girnd for this done. The only thing that will bring me back to this game is a cheap PS4 version and an expansion that is actually worth the money.
  7. I was hoping this would actually make the platinum easier for those new to the game, but that's not the case. From the 3.6k and aorund 6k coins you get from the Campaign, you still have to grind a fair amount of days in the Quick race or Quick match.
  8. The only scummy part about this is not earning XP as a new player from the campaign.
  9. Well if 50k isn't enough I'm just waiting until November 11th. Screw playing this game anymore.
  10. Trying this at certain coin intervals to give some kind of indication of what to expect. 3100 gears, 21k coins, 78 Blind Boxes. Earned enough legendaries, rares and STH's to get me to 5.8k gears. I then Upgrade/Scrapped all the commons I could with this amount, after the 37th car I unlocked the 10k trophy. I carried on, and I had enough gears to get me to 55 Common > Rares Dismantled, which gave me 11300 accumulative Gears. I feel like 40k+ coins Is what we should be aiming for before you have a chance at this trophy if you get unlucky if you don't want to save scum each individual box and would rather do bulk saves instead like I do. I grinded for 2 hours earlier with a few guys and got about 8k coins, alternating wins and 2nds most of this time. 5 more hours of grinding and i'll hit that 40k sweet spot lmao
  11. No stats, you just have to keep track. I believe story give 3600-4000 gears, I'm sat on 3100 and I know I upgraded atleast two cars during the story. Coin wise, you get about 6k for finishing the story. Just keep a mental note of how many you have upgraded/dismantled, Every one you dismantle is +100.
  12. Everytime I open the 37 I have + 20 I can buy I get around 1 STH and 3-4 legendaries. I'm at the point where I'd rather just save scum over and over every 3 boxes for the chance of a STH than sit and grind for 30 hours.
  13. Whether you're hrinding online races 24/7 or save scumming for good cars, its going to take a really long time. We either do one of 2 methods or wait for the seasons yo come out jn the hopes of getting more than 50 gears every 6 years. 25k coins seems like the sweet spot to grab enough cars to hit 25k gears, assuming you've also saved all your boxes from the campaign. The game is short enough that resetting your save isn't the worst thing you can do to ensure an easier time later.
  14. I used an rdr02 o already had and it carried me through the entire game until I got bad to the blade and night striker. Both of these cars upgraded can beat anything in the game with ease. Never spend your coins on anything but blind boxes for trophies
  15. Didn't spend any gears or Coins during the story. Haven't 100% it yet either. 3100 Gears, 6700 coins, 37 blind boxes. ON my first save scum, I did the dismantle method on every single Common car I could, I didn't even unlock the 10k gears trophy. This is going to be a long, long, long grind : On the positive side, if you're smart with all the boxes you get from the story and save scum most of them, 100 blind boxes isn't an issue because every common car sells for at least 300, so you get a box every two. With the amount of boxes I have, if I was to get 37 common cars every time I'd be able to buy 18 boxes, then 9, then 4, then 1 etc. Chances are you'll get a couple of legendaries and Rares too so really the only bad thing is getting the gears.