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  1. Currently on 2559 Almost there
  2. can someone who has gotten the trophy full this in so we know what we can aim for?
  3. Cool thanks for the tip - I can earn VC while I take a dump
  4. Not for me. I won 10 games and the vault only opened twice for me overall strike rate is about 40%
  5. What's AFK MyLeague? I know what the mode is, i didnt know you could get VC from it?
  6. Anyone else using VC earns in my career to buy packs in my team? so not paying real money to 2k but getting the daily wheel spin, agent money and mycareer games you might play? bern doing this a while now and bought a few moments packs which have collected a few cards plus flipped.
  7. Im thinking my LO idea isnt the greatest right now as card prices are so much higher in the AH now. Going to the token reward market might be a better idea. As I said in a at 125 LO packs (750 tokens), which could be 125k MT, you could possibly buy only 9-10 cards at the prices it is right now. if you spent 750tokens in the reward market, you get 12 diamond cards (at 60 tokens each) -- So in conclusion, a combination of LO and token rewards market would be the best decision i think
  8. Fair enough. But you should never quicksell stuff if you are looking for MT - should always check for the lowest BIN for that colour card then price your auction accordingly and be realistic (if Walton is high at 60k, maybe try 50k, then lower it slowly if it doest sell the first time.) The only thing to quicksell is bronze/silver/gold shoes which dont sell in the AH - only diamond.
  9. im almost on lvl 39 (just a bit left of 38) so i'll get to 40 by S2. My 4yr old son plays every now and then, and gets me 15 fame just for being on round 1 so that a win for me lol. Multiply by 10 rounds or so, and its 150fame while i do nothing
  10. The The only problem with that is that there are two big ifs: 1) IF you pull out a Bill Walton and 2) IF someone is willing to pay 60k for it, considering GOs sell for 8-10k. Yes, someone might pay 60k for it because they want the collection or they just like Walton, but you would have to get very lucky to sell. LOs are abundant in the AH, but if you set the price at 800MT, you get 720MT back for a sapphire. Diamond and PDs can be set a higher price. Then in the LO pack, you also get another player card, where the minimum is 720MT as well.
  11. im in the "Buy Lights Out Packs" and flip for MT - you never know how much you need in 2021. Plus every Lights Out pack is a pretty much guaranteed 1000MT after you AH everything. 750 tokens is the next big reward, which is 125 LO packs. So pretty much 125k MT THe 3 GO cards you need to buy are already expensive tokens - even 150k MT is only 14-15 10k cards from the AH.
  12. For me I’m not doing Triple threat off line but online. I have a decent squad, I’m okay at the game so I can get packs and about 20k every day. Im buying anything that’s 10k in the AH now as well. triple threat offline isn’t worth it for me. The vault hasn’t opened 90% of the time.
  13. im in the same boat - my son who's 4 loves this game, and changing outfits etc. So I play with him, and if I get a trophy, so be it. I'm not chasing trophies for this game.
  14. I got my 1st win yesterday. I was so happy and my wife just rolled her eyes lol Not going to play season 2?
  15. Just to help everyone else, i'm just going to fill in what I have for 2409 cards: '20 current nba (complete) '20 current nba series 2 (complete - 1 ) Heat checks (got 35 cards, missing 403 cards) Moments (missing 26 cards) Rewards (completed domination and token rewards everything up until sapphire,21/22 ruby, 25/27 ameythst, 18/42 diamond, 3/37 pink diamond, 3/51 galaxyopal, 47/52 team basketballs,10/13 collector level, 4/13 triple threat rewards, 13/40 spotlight rewards, 3/32 spotlight sim, 10/17 career highlights, 2/32 historic sims, 1/3 kobe completion, 5/22 goAT. 5/10 finals sim, 27/54 players club, all time spotlight sim complete) Premium ( 410 cards) HIstoric uniforms (Complete) Misc ( missing 9 coaches, everything else complete)