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  1. Can i track no. Of weapon plans earned and cosmetics unlocked
  2. How to collect plans and cosmetics? As cosmetics are too expensive i.e. minimum 150 crowns and i have only 269 till now and I have upgraded my shelter to level 7. plans can be obtained from crates that all I know, is there is anyway to collect plans?
  3. @Riszcky Special thanks to you I got the trophy will camping beside locked container. 4 Players Rushed it and I killed them all.
  4. Thanks to all of you i will try it now
  5. I dont know how to become a threat in vigor ? Can we do it in shootout mode?
  6. 1000 coins collected trophy popped when I collected 1800 coins.
  7. Mine 100 win trophy is also bugged did you got it lumibella?
  8. I also cant unlock X marks the spot and craters hero trophy despite all requirements met