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  1. Hey guy did you have the list of rewards for this month please
  2. Hey, i just begin the game did you have suggest for weapon during the 1 CC run please
  3. Thanks you
  4. Ah yes using X not triangle what the fuck lmao
  5. Thanks bro, other question have play 60 tournament in à row but not trophy
  6. Hi possible to change the script for have a delay of X ?
  7. For this trophy he have only title on online and trials so you need to complete minimum 27 charactere to 100%
  8. I delete the game and reinstal that work
  9. KOF XIII is the last skilled game of the serie, this and the XIV is extremely casual like melty blood, guilty gear strive, ect..
  10. Think that not change anything
  11. New Game ^^
  12. Hey did you have same issue, my sound shut down and after 10 he freezed
  13. My objective : reach 100% Completion Starting : 82,28% Game Start : 64/88 Harder Game : Fast Striker and Trackmania List :
  14. 51 : Burnout Paradise PS4 An easy and fun racing game, have good control, not long, the road rage challenge is so cool