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  1. You can boosting with 2 account yes. Waiting on training with the parameter : System : only ps4 Ranked match Connection : 5 Always call Start searching same time, if you have the same cooldown accepte, win 2 time and repeat, he have win steak bonus so think for run rookie to gold only 25 win is needed but not sure. You can play with same ranks 1 less or 1 highter. I help a friend to boost is easy with good communication
  2. Thanks i change the name
  3. Thanks you, so only LBP 3 ps4 is OK ? I know karting is closed too
  4. Hello, i try to list all game with trophy need to have some equipment, move, 2nd controler ect... Maybe this can help some people before starting a game and have all information, according to the topic of unobtaible game, For VR game im just Write if you need other than the VR, like a move. Please tell me if you see any error, or correction, i home some people here can help me for complete this topic. Ps3 : Vita : PS4 : *If you loose or never have the vita card game you can dowload here : https://gamergen.com/telecharger/psvita-ar-cartes-telecharger-realite-augmentee-20271/envoi ( Sorry is the French link, if you have other link is better ^^ )
  5. Hi, maybe is just me and not see it but Littlebigplanet ps3 is unobtaible right ?
  6. Is not really help to know the exactly frame, some charactere of street fighter Iv have just frame of course but, you need to practice and try different timing for understand the combos, Honda have just frame, vega, zangief ect.. i can finish all trial on 1 demi Day but i can t tell you thé exact frame of trial, so you can see is not interesting to know the frame, you can see easily the différence of just frame or 4 frame
  7. Thanks and so He not have New game+ too ^^
  8. Hi, i finish my first playground on easy, so sith difficulty has unlocked, so my question is, if i start a New game on sith difficulty, the kill number with saber thrown, force push, ect... is reset to 0 on this game or if i kill 420 enemy on easy and i kill 80 on sith the trophy pop ? Thanks
  9. I delete all but same issue,and i try in my friend home same issue
  10. Hi i cant access to my kombat card have infinite loading screen other have same issue ?
  11. For uknow reason ( probably stupid reason ) some collectible is moved with a patch...
  12. Hi, not its not glitch, and its not a problem if you hit with cross, i know your problem have thé same ^^ In the first part, kill all enemy BEFORE grab in the etage because if you not, the enemy leave