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  1. Hey, i follow video with all collectible but little trouble with gueko when i kill him have not a counter left of my screen like any other collectible, this isent count ?
  2. Long time no play, but last time is ryu the first of the tiers list
  3. 73 Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 

  4. You can boost thé golden league but you need to have pyramidal organisation, so suggest try to reach thé super silver league legit, personaly im not good on fighting game have just correct execution but have my dhalsim ultra gold without really try hard this, if i Can, all can too you just need to select a correct charactere and little train with, of course is harder with dan and easiest with bison, akuma or ryu cause both are top tier and dan the lowest but tape your time and finnaly you got it
  5. Hi, can you help give a noté diffuculty and time
  6. Hi actually have 93,79%/96% of the trial any sugget wich trial i can run ? I finish all exept Dante 10 Chun-li 10 Vewtiful joe 10 Crimson viper 10 Jill 10 Phoenix Wright 9,10 Strider 10 Wolverine 10 Captain america 10 Deadpool 10 Super-Skrull 8,9,10 Thor 10 Spiderman 8,9,10 X-23 9,10 M.o.d.o.k. 9,10 Phoenix 8,9,10 Magnéto 9,10 Taskmaster 10 Iron fist 10 Hawkeye 10 Rocket racoon 10 So i need 11 trial left
  7. Hey, did you not what pack purchass for have tous card : Just Dessert, Secret Barrel, Secret Blast, Ojama trio Thanks
  8. Hey, now the server down the plat + 100% is impossible or is already Good ?
  9. Hey having trouble with Jack ^^
  10. Hi any way for booster the 1000 Fight with turbo contrôler ? Have 2 ps4 can boost myself alone ?
  11. Thanks for reply
  12. Hi, the is write on Japanese or english ?
  13. Hey guy did you have the list of rewards for this month please
  14. Hey, i just begin the game did you have suggest for weapon during the 1 CC run please
  15. Thanks you
  16. hey, just starting the time trial so only finish the first one, my question i witch player i need to select with moto ? thanks
  17. Ah yes using X not triangle what the fuck lmao
  18. Hi, have clear my ranked troohy on remote by autokey, but now i need to done the player match, and when i using thé autour for turbo X the match never start, anyone can help me ?
  19. Thanks bro, other question have play 60 tournament in à row but not trophy
  20. Hi possible to change the script for have a delay of X ?
  21. For this trophy he have only title on online and trials so you need to complete minimum 27 charactere to 100%
  22. I delete the game and reinstal that work
  23. Hey did you have same issue, my sound shut down and after 10 he freezed