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  1. Hello according to the banlist, the game a tier 0 deck is tri-brigade zoo, have rush golden league without defeat, but of course im regular competitive player, so i give à decklist for helping, i suggest you look vidéo for tri brigade zoo combos Monster : 3x Fraktail tri-brigade 3x Kitt tri-brigade 3x Nerval tri-brigade 3x kerass tribigade 1x Zoodiac Througblade 1x Zoodiac ramdam 1x Zoodiac Whiptail 1x Zoodiac Katarost 3x Maxx "c" 3x Ash blouson Spell : 3x pot of desire ( prosperity is better but more expansive ) 3x Fire formation - tenki 2x Called by the grave 2x Cosmic Cyclone Trap : 3x tri-brigade Revolt 3x Infinite impermanence 1x Impérial order 1x Vanity emptiness Extra deck : 1x Zoodiac chakanine 1x Zoodiac Drident 1x Zoodiac Borbow 1x Zoodiac Tigermotar 1x Arsenal Zeus 1x Ancient warrior oath 1x Doomeagle 1x Accesscode talker 1x Apollousa 2x Tri-brigade Shuraig 1x Tri-brigade bearbum 2x Tri-brigade Ferrijit So its my exactly decklist i use
  2. With gravekeeper you are no chance sorry the deck is very bad
  3. See the other topic here i give a decklist
  4. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Rhr-w You can see here why this deck is so violent I just need to farm now but i give 36 win for 1 loose before, now farm the burn trophy...
  5. Yes better to play meta so Tri-brigade Zoodiac Pure tribrigade Lyrilusc tribrigade Swordsoul Eldlich trap Drytron Dragon link Virtual world Dogmatika invoked Juste tap the name deck for see decklist on youtube
  6. With decraft card
  7. Im gold 3 The best deck of the game is tri-brigade zoodiac according to the banlist
  8. I you are à competitor of ygo is easy, im top in some event like ycs, ect... so for me is easy, but you must play meta not other
  9. Hi, can run the boss rush on free mode and select thé charactere i want or i need to run to story and play with the kidd girl ?
  10. Hi, how i can accès in the dlc ? I need purchass someone ? Or other ? Thanks
  11. Hi its actually possible to give all ring and weapon with the fan server ?
  12. Hello have a problem i try to connect to my 2nd ps3 my american account but each time i write my email and PW for connect he say Email or passworld has incorrect But is the correct log, when i write the exact same Email and PW on my first ps3 that work, i never activite double step security, my main account same problem on other ps3 Did you have help for the problem ?
  13. Exept 2 mission all can be done on solo and its easy
  14. 21# Super stret fighter IV + DLC

  15. Hi, the MP can be done with 2 turbo controler ? Thanks
  16. Think is just New skin, maybe no other trophy
  17. 20# Tekken 7 Difficulty : 1/10 Time : 10 hours Fun : 8/10
  18. Have platinium cup is hard, but old is easy, i suggest just little trying, with silver cup is so long...
  19. Hi you can add me too, have 99% only gold cup rarely Platinium cup
  20. If you win 21 time in à row you get thé gold league, with bonus win steak, the best way is up so super silver that is so easy and boost with golden league player or ultra silver until you get thé gold league
  21. Mortal Kombat X Difficulty : 2/10 Time : 50 hours
  22. Hello, i try to list all game with trophy need to have some equipment, move, 2nd controler ect... Maybe this can help some people before starting a game and have all information, according to the topic of unobtaible game, For VR game im just Write if you need other than the VR, like a move. Please tell me if you see any error, or correction, i home some people here can help me for complete this topic. Ps3 : Vita : PS4 : *If you loose or never have the vita card game you can dowload here : https://gamergen.com/telecharger/psvita-ar-cartes-telecharger-realite-augmentee-20271/envoi ( Sorry is the French link, if you have other link is better ^^ )
  23. Yes i prefere think some people can't share play and added thé game here
  24. I can confirm RUSE online is operational without problem i think is just server swap because i remember on november the game is very unstable during one week