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  1. Also a tip: if you love yourself, you WILL NOT play this game. Even if its just 3 dollars - the stress and frustration of cheap enemies, buggy content, clunky gameplay and just overall bad game design is not worth 3 dollars. The first one is ok - I don't know how one can f up a sequel this bad. I am now dreading the third one. You have been warned. i am on my way to platinuming this game and in no way shape or form am I proud of it.
  2. Anyone having problems unlocking trophies? Ive done all tower missions and it never popped at the one with seven waves. The three altar items are also not popping even though I got them all Edit: got the trophy for towers to pop midway on my fearless playthrough. Altar items are actually four even though in the game it's three but the hands part of the set doesnt count for the counter for some reason.