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  1. I would try putting on the psalms Smileycrow mentioned. Try to increase your supreme crit chance. I do see a lot less crits on your video than what I experienced (like a lot of white numbers). I was also using a sword that procs 100% crit chance for 3 seconds. Try to roll for that enchant on your weapon if you have the extra resources.
  2. I can confirm glitch still works on artifacts, but incomplete artifacts only. Once you collect all three pieces, it will sell the artifact like a normal piece of equipment and you cant do it anymore. This is useful for that 2nd valhalla hardcore playthrough. Your 1st more powerful character can craft items for your valhalla char and socket them with tier 5 runes. Just put them in the stash. Then craft legendary versions for those equipment without sockets. It makes the game easier at level or equipment breakpoints but after 2 to 4 levels, you're weak again and you will have to craft again lol. But every little bit helps. I'm not sure if the bow build is just weak af but those giants are arrow sponges.
  3. With Diablo 2 remastered coming, I've been playing isometric hack and slash dungeon crawling games and I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel when I played Aerea. Do NOT buy it even if its for 2 bucks. Its bugged as heck. I've never seen a buggier game than that steaming pile of crap. Van Helsing 2 - not as buggy but hell that was an unfair game. Very painful platinum. Lords of the Fallen was also a painful game but it works for the most part. Needed three playthroughs and the room right before the FINAL boss, game decides to corrupt my game file. My first and only experience of something like that. Boy that was painful. I still feel it.
  4. I just got the trophy by doing it in Unholy Cathedral thanks to Smileycrow's suggestion. Ran a seasonal 70 assassin melee arc blade crit build. Crit was 50%, used digital weapons and an arc blade with chance for all attacks be critical for 3 seconds. Had 3 crit perks:Keen fury, stagger exploitment and frenzon dispenser. But the thing was I dont think I was following the criteria which was 10 consecutive crits with 1 seconds in between. There were more than 1 second lulls between my crit attacks and the angel of death would still proc. Arc blade attacks were also AOE but still procced AoD. I say just run Unholy Cathedral with max crit and keep killing stuff while doing your cabal directives farming. I noticed that while continuously killing, "killing spree" pops first, then "massacre" then a little while after "Angel of Death". Only use your default x attack. When I used my other skills other than the x attack, it didnt proc as much and it instead procs "tactical strike". AoD just pops there and nowhere else. I was getting 2-4 procs per 5-8 mins. and one time I had 6 in 6 mins. Goodluck
  5. You're man of culture for sure. I love indie games like these. Salt and Sanctuary anyone? Too bad it wont get a PS4/PS5 port. KIDS these days only want games in 3D. Graphics whores - the only way they can cum is if they see 4k and/or 60fps which is a shame. Dont get me wrong, I love my games with glorious graphics but automatically giving a game a pass just because its in 2D is stupid - and this happens a lot in this new gaming age unfortunately. I cant blame the devs if they dont want to put effort on something that might be fruitless.
  6. It really depends season to season. Go to poe.ninja and search for builds. There you can see the meta OP builds that most people are using. You can also see the top builds for each character. But since they're meta, items and gear used will be pricey. I platted this game a long time ago so I'm not sure if my build still works lol, but I heard they took away the requirement for Hall of Grandmasters - that was the brick wall of my plat and the expensive unique maps. Uber Atziri was a pain but managed to beat her on my last portal lol. I actually miss playing this game. I bought a Ps4 pro and an SSD drive just so I can play with no lag back then. Best of luck - this plat is ultra ultra rare.
  7. Also a tip: if you love yourself, you WILL NOT play this game. Even if its just 3 dollars - the stress and frustration of cheap enemies, buggy content, clunky gameplay and just overall bad game design is not worth 3 dollars. The first one is ok - I don't know how one can f up a sequel this bad. I am now dreading the third one. You have been warned. i am on my way to platinuming this game and in no way shape or form am I proud of it.
  8. Anyone having problems unlocking trophies? Ive done all tower missions and it never popped at the one with seven waves. The three altar items are also not popping even though I got them all Edit: got the trophy for towers to pop midway on my fearless playthrough. Altar items are actually four even though in the game it's three but the hands part of the set doesnt count for the counter for some reason.