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  1. Global Leaderboard Increase Trophy point limit per game to say 2000. Improved Search/Sort ability Include trophy list when purchasing game via PSN Progress tracker Dedicated Trophy app
  2. Assassin's Creed 1
  3. It took me a good part of 2 weeks to find this Moose. This Moose should have a trophy all on its own.
  4. Burnout Paradise on PS3 [2nd October 2009] and PS4 [7th April 2018] So almost 8.5 years.
  5. Wow. Roles are great. I stopped at Rank 50 in Jan 2019, and now back online since the plat, and rank 65. I maxed out Collector role (but never got a complete set). Now working on Trader and Bounty. Though my story progression is stuck at 77%. [I have complete the original 8 online story missions].
  6. Pretty much spot on. The only difference for me was that I did all the online trophies, including Rank 50, on the beta online. There were no roles back then, and trust me, that was boring! I now find the online very enjoyable, especially since the platinum. My daily challenge streak is 10 days, never been this long. Anyone thinking of RDR2 Platinum needs to be prepared for the ultimate mental test IMO. I have the patience to watch Test Cricket (5 days), but boy oh boy, the hunting in RDR2 challenge anyone including those with long fuses! Zoologist, Skin Deep, and It's Art - triple terror trophies! I spent 2 weeks searching for the perfect 3 Star Robin. 2 weeks for the West Bull Moose. I don't know if these hunts are easier after almost 18 months of the release, but back then hunting was tough as hell. I managed to get all but 2 trophies within 3 months of day one purchase, but took a 6 month break before going for Best in the West, and Gold Rush. I completed 48 Replay using stock setting, and as you said, the ability to use upgraded gear was a god send from R* at the right time other wise I was dreading the final 22 Gold missions using stock gear. RDR2 Platinum is a test in mental, physical, and gaming endurance. Hence why I believe RDR2 is one of the most difficult platinums out there.
  7. I got the platinum yesterday and without doubt the most rewarding platinum ever. I invested a total of 339 hours [inc online], and now am playing online, and enjoying it more. I purchased a Day 1 release, so this plat took me about 1 year and 4 months to achieve. I have a 6 and 2 month break in between. This game is a technical masterpiece. The world created by Rockstar is breathtaking. You could spend hours just wandering, however if you want to Plat the game, then prepare for a long slog, this game will test your patience, and if you have a short fuse, then RDR2 plat is not for you.
  8. Evening all. Anyone else having issues with Honor Among Thieves mission? Steal the vaccine undetected and complete the mission in under 5 mins? I must have done this mission 10 times, and each time I complete under 5 mins, and end up with silver. I didn't even skip the cut scenes. Can anyone confirm when the timer for the mission starts? I assume once at the vantage point?
  9. Well since the 13th Dec 2019 update, Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego, and Icarus and Friends were a breeze! This trophy is not as hard now as it was thank to the ability in using story mode weapons earned. Still 20 odd to go!
  10. I rent via in the UK. I have saved 1000s renting AAAs and other titles. Currently paying £10 a month and I can get to keep 1 game at home at a time. Some time I rent 7 to 8 game in a month, sometimes I keep the same game for a couple of months (currently renting Tropicano 6).
  11. I was stuck at Level 15 until I realised what the R1 buton was for! LOL! After that it was a breeze!
  12. I hit rank 50 when the online was still in Beta, back in Nov 2018. It was much tougher ad boring then. I played Online after about 7 months, and I jumped from 50 to 54 rank in no time. Collector and Bounty are both rewarding and fun. Defo much easier now then it was in later 2018. So really standard edition should be fine.
  13. Hey all! This is the last trophy I need, and I am using the list in the OP to help me! Firstly, thank you very much for providing this list. Very useful! Secondly, while the list is subjective and dependent on player skill, I think the list is about 80% accurate. Some on the timed challenges are so tight there is literally no margin for error, and the head shot challenges can be crazy. I guess practice makes perfect. Thankfully I can exit the mission/view challenge status' - (press left on the D-PAD). Onwards and upwards!
  14. I played RDR2 online yesterday after about 7 months, and I got to say, the Online seems like a lot more fun! Not only that, I used an exploit to level 50 (Get on Roof in St Denis, and kill police officers climbing up a ladder). It was boring as hell, but now with Collector, Bounty, and Trading XP, reaching level 50 should not be as boring as it was when the Online Beta opened!
  15. Thank you! But I managed to do it legit in about 90 mins yesterday at Van Horn!