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  1. I was stuck at Level 15 until I realised what the R1 buton was for! LOL! After that it was a breeze!
  2. I hit rank 50 when the online was still in Beta, back in Nov 2018. It was much tougher ad boring then. I played Online after about 7 months, and I jumped from 50 to 54 rank in no time. Collector and Bounty are both rewarding and fun. Defo much easier now then it was in later 2018. So really standard edition should be fine.
  3. Hey all! This is the last trophy I need, and I am using the list in the OP to help me! Firstly, thank you very much for providing this list. Very useful! Secondly, while the list is subjective and dependent on player skill, I think the list is about 80% accurate. Some on the timed challenges are so tight there is literally no margin for error, and the head shot challenges can be crazy. I guess practice makes perfect. Thankfully I can exit the mission/view challenge status' - (press left on the D-PAD). Onwards and upwards!
  4. I played RDR2 online yesterday after about 7 months, and I got to say, the Online seems like a lot more fun! Not only that, I used an exploit to level 50 (Get on Roof in St Denis, and kill police officers climbing up a ladder). It was boring as hell, but now with Collector, Bounty, and Trading XP, reaching level 50 should not be as boring as it was when the Online Beta opened!
  5. Thank you! But I managed to do it legit in about 90 mins yesterday at Van Horn!
  6. Over 8 days in Story mode, but my online time is saying 0???
  7. Need for Speed.
  8. Hey peeps! Long story short, I took a break from RDR2, about 8 months, and wondered if there are any *tips* for Gambler Challenge 8? Yup, the dreaded challenge! I understand it is luck based, just wondered if there was a particular place/time I should play? Or does this challenge remain pure luck? (I just have Gambler Challenges 8, 8, and 10 left to do!)
  9. He is behind it, saw his name in the credits. Awesome game!!
  10. Think I will wait for the DLC before I go for the grind. As much as I love the game, I just don;t fancy playing 99 lap races.
  11. I would assume so. The game is brilliant, fast, and vibrant. That's the Llamasoft I remember!
  12. Nope, but I got a feeling this trophy is for something else, and glitched. Last trophy I need!
  13. Thanks guys! Found the livery!
  14. Hello all. Where do I find the Ravenwest Livery for this trophy? *Win a race in a Ravenwest livery with Nathan McKane as your team mate* Thank you in advance!
  15. Im enjoying the game. Love the arcade style drifting!