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  1. Just in time for the Cricket world cup! Any idea on the controls? Hope they are the same as the previous Ashes games!
  2. OK, I got the the method working using 3.70. I was actually following all the steps correctly, but there is one warning which should be included When steps are complete - DO NOT check the user signed in under Settings/PlayStation™Network. Even though it shows your ALT account (which is should be), once you return to trophies synch, the user changes to ALT account, instead of your main. This was the reason it was not working for me! Simply, do not visit the settings menu!
  3. Thanks, I did do step 8. Let me try again, I have used 2 Youtube vids, As long as it works on 3.70, then the fault obviously lies with me!
  4. Well, I think after the OS upgrade (3.70) this trick does not work anymore. Main account (UK) Vita Account (USA) I get to the final stage of the trick, open the trophies screen, get the trophy error message, then it does not sync, and instead the Main account (UK) in the trophy screen, is replaced with the Vita account (USA)! Tried the method 3 times now, and same result each time.
  5. 7 to 8 hours for just 90 points? is the DLC any good?
  6. Thank you, but I must have tried this for about 2 hours and no luck!
  7. How do you double kick the same head? Can someone please explain directional buttons I need to use?
  8. Confirmed. Same with me. Got 99.6% before the boss, killed the boss, then hit rate rate dropped to 94.3%. Defo bug.
  9. Worth every penny. Has a certain polish to it. Earned about 6 trophies last night but did not sync.
  10. Easily one of the hardest games from the publisher. Agree, VITA controls are much better.
  11. Agree. It's neither intuitive nor slick as GW3 (which IMO is the best Shoot em up on the PS4). Shame really, had potential.
  12. I thought the same, unfortunately, it's not as slick as GW3. The field of fire for example is not 360, but 8 directions only.
  13. This can be boosted. If 4 to 8 players login at one time, then a Series Showdown is started, you can invite players to the session. Though not private session, it is the closest possible. Even if there are 2 or 3 other players, the 4-8 players can play among each other to boost. I will be starting a session on Friday evening UK time! Please join!
  14. Greetings! UK Gamer here, been playing Online since 13:30. It's pretty good, expect for the idiot players who just fancy shooting you for a laugh! I can say however the Online trophies are much easier than Story mode! There's not a lot to it, fairly straight forward. Wads of cash would help speed things up though! Right now I am earning through hunting and selling. I'm chilling in on-line and already on Level 7. Grind would be Level 50 trophy though.
  15. Oh man! The 2 Moose, and the Florida Panther are the last one's on my list.