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  1. Any car setting recommendations for the 'You're one smooth operator" trophy? I have max upgrades, but hitting around 3:10.
  2. Yes there is, just look at your trophy list and it will tell you how many online matches you have played out of 100.
  3. Hi all, playing this awesome game but I noticed the race position in the top left seems blurry, along with the text under the map, and the speedometer are blurry, as if out of focus. Everything else is crystal clear and sharp, and when I disable the HUD, it’s all good. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Strange. I have 2701 points but no trophy.
  5. Is there an update to the game? What did you do to get it working?
  6. Yup. 30 cones and 2 bowls requirement seems to be bugged. all recent players stuck on 91%
  7. So I figured what I was doing wrong. You have to unlock hard and extra hard mode for the final challenges to unlock. This means playing levels 1 to 7 in Normal, and then Hard mode.
  8. Hey peeps. Quick question, does anyone know how to unlock the DLC challenges? Do I need to pass the challenges from the original list? Thanks!
  9. Been a while since I played a well balanced and enjoyable Shmup on the PS4. Having great fun on the path to Platinum.
  10. It has to be the clear arcade mode at Veteran level in Nex Machina. That 5th boss is just doing my head in. However I have heard I could obtain the trophy using local-coop so I might give it another go.
  11. They are for playing the exact same tournament, year in year out. Each trophy/year is a different experience.
  12. My first trophy was in 2008 July, Superstar Dust on the PS3. And back then 100%/Platinum WAS an experience. For starters obtaining a game was harder compared to today. PSN was not as advanced, and the content was poor. Organising Boosting sessions were a mission within itself. I personally rented most of the games in the early days. You really did have to put the effort in despite the game being easy. I have the Hannah Montanas, the Barbies' day outs, The Disney movie games Platinums; but all of these were family fun, took about 20 hours a piece, and were decent games - most importantly a memory. I've also spent 10000s of hrs earning Platinums on games like Resogun, Superstar Dust, Geometry Wars 3, Alienation, All the ACs, HZD, Burnouts, NFS, and RDR2 too. Then there are the other games which I played and earned many more trophies but not the platinum - I still had fun. Have some great Vita Platinums too. This entire argument about cheap and quick Platinums is a myth really. Most people like myself play all sorts, and truth be told, some of the cheap and quick Platinums are more enjoyable than AAAs. I'm old skool, I grew up in late 70s and it's all about game-play and having fun. I have ditch some of the Ratalaika games in the first few minutes of playing because I didn't find the games fun. I never play FPS genres, no matter how many trophies you give away. If I like the game I will play it again, and getting the additonal trophies is a bonus, and why not? If M.Jordan can have 6 of the same trophies while doing what he loves, why can't I? I look at my trophy record and it's really a long documented memory of something I passionately enjoy and that's playing video games. I just hope Ratalaika release more Shmups this year!
  13. Have you been back to your ranch? The statue is above the chimney. You have to find the statue a number of time before the trophy finally pops.
  14. I've played and stacked quite few, but despite being easy platinums, I have,'t played about 20 from the list simply because I didn't like the game.