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  1. you no you can keep playing the game after you get the plat right
  2. its on the Gematsu twitter page
  3. nice thank you for the heads up i wont really mind replaying it, did really enjoy the loot and rpg
  4. i've replayed it to many times
  5. thanks this worked for me
  6. its a masterpiece thats what it is 😀
  7. they could of changed the trophy card to match the xbox version for the remaster
  8. when i did it all my bonus points carried over in uncharted 4 and lost legacy it was all unlocked already
  9. same thing happened for me you need to go back into the game save and the reupload your save it should then work (to bad like you said you dont have a copy rip)
  10. thank you most of the trophys seem to have popped for me and i used the 1.00 glitch must be my lucky day, just need to redo the combat trophys and got the plat but couldn't get lost legacy to auto pop unitl i made a new save on the ps4 version and same with that just some combat trophys didn't pop
  11. yes you can use cheats its say you can on the powerpyx guide
  12. it will release any day now
  13. i can see gamepass coming to the playstation in the future if xbox acquire every studio lol
  14. thank you for the info will be great when i start it
  15. new dlc is not included in the season pass everyone and its a separate price of 40 dollars