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  1. come on sony remove the crushing trophies and speedrun one (just make them dlc)
  2. just want to no if it will be open world, if it is how do we get around a massive map, just run compared to spider-man thats going to be a pain
  3. come on wheres the road bustle ps5 upgrade at
  4. Auto Pop Hype
  5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole had a season pass and no new trophies as well
  6. 4 missable trophies seem like a pain
  7. the ps5 ssd speed
  8. looks like with the new update all the trophies might autopop (patch notes) (PS5) All trophies achieved on PS4 will now be unlocked on PS5. (Trophies including Viking Legend, Calling in a Favor, As It Was Foretold, Disorder of the Ancients, Skadi's Hobby, Silent Viking, and Orlog Champion. should now unlock retroactively when conditions were met previously.)
  9. take small breaks while clearing the map, half way through you'll feel like what am i doing with my life trust me its that soul sucking
  10. i got around 159 ye i not its bad for the small amount of games i play
  11. Having the same problem now.... no clue what to do