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  1. Another update. Games complete: 5 Games planned: 10 Current points: 95 Beyond: Two souls was a little drag and I had trouble with Medicine girl trophy but I was a bit moved by Ryan. Even in the routes where Jodie treated him badly, he still came to save her. Gris was really pretty! Now I started to play Prince of Stride.
  2. Update! PSN Name: edolusill IA/VT was an ok rhythm game but I'd have enjoyed it more if IA's voice had been different. Maybe vocaloids are not for me.. As to Atelier Ayesha, I had always wanted to play Atelier games so I was happy that it met my expectations. Especially liked the alchemy system which got more depth when crafting the best equipment. I wish there were more male party members though. Also, I think Fallout 4 platinum isn't ultra rare, so at least for now I don't have any bonus trophies.
  3. I have been lurking for a while but had wanted to participate in some community event and Platinum rain seemed most fun, so I'd like to join too! I hope this is still active even though there hasn't been many updates on the thread recently.