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  1. I didn‘t skip a single day. I started on Sunday and got my fifth victory on Thursday. In theory this shouldn‘t matter and this isn‘t the first time I managed to win five times in a row without skipping a day. I honestly don‘t know why it worked this time. Unless they did indeed fix it, which should also mean that skipping days isn‘t a problem. But until someone attempts it there is no guarantee it is going to work. If five days in a row is the only way to get it, I would advice people to start their streak on a Monday, because every Sunday the goal is to beat Mega-Satan.
  2. I took quite a long break from the game‘s Daily Challenges but returned five days ago. To my surprise the Cracked Crown actually unlocked on day five so maybe they did manage to finally fix it. In case anyone is reading this thread and is still struggling with the secret, I‘m going to go over what I did: 1. I played and won the Daily Challenges for five days in a row 2. I did not play anything else (no normal challenges or the story mode) 3. I had a win streak of 0 for the story mode (perhaps it matters wether it is positive or negative) 4. I always checked the leaderboards after I finished a run But maybe none of what I did actually matters and it works the way it was always intended to. What was quite weird though, is that on day four I was on the leaderboards twice and when I checked again my name was greyed out. Apparently that didn‘t matter though. I hope it is working for everyone else too and if anyone needs assistance with the secret or has more questions about it feel free to ask me. I‘ll check the forum regularly for the next couple of days. Still can‘t believe it unlocked. I have close to sixty wins in this mode and at one point even managed to get a win streak of 16. In total I must have played the challenges for 40 to 50 hours. I‘m just really happy I will never have to play a daily challenge ever again 😅
  3. The daily run secrets are definitely not tied to the trophies for 1001% or 1000000%. I managed to unlock both of those trophies and still haven‘t unlocked the Cracked Crown. I was also fairly certain it would be connected to one of them, because the daily challenges were definitely added before the Repentance update, but it seems like they aren‘t (at least not for me). Based on everything I know, I would assume the secrets are only required for the two trophies Death Certificate and Dead God. Everything else should be independent from the daily challenges.
  4. I‘m glad to hear that! Unfortunately I‘m still struggling with the secret. Some of my runs are viewed by the game as failed attempts, despite grabbing the trophy at the end. In addition I‘m currently at a win streak of seven, but whenever I decide to go for a challenge and win, the latest victory of mine disappears from the leaderboards and I don‘t unlock it. One of those seven victories was deemed a failure by the game. Two of the other victories got taken away from me by the disappearing leaderboards. My only option right now is to play catch-up. The option to skip a lot of daily challenges and to only go for the easy ones unfortunately doesn‘t seem like a viable strategy anymore (at least for me) … Edit: Now I have five victories on the leaderboards but the secret still hasn‘t unlocked. It is either still broken for me or I have to win the challenge consecutively five days in a row. I currently have three victories back to back. If I win the next two days and the secret still doesn‘t unlock, then I‘m probably going to have to give up on it.
  5. I have now won ten daily challenges in a row and still haven‘t unlocked the Cracked Crown. The only way you seem to be able to get every trophy in the game is to get the secret in Afterbirth + for PS4 and to then import your save data over onto PS5 (unless getting it in Afterbirth + on PS4 is also bugged). Should I manage to unlock it anyway, I‘ll write about it here, but for the time being one secret makes full completion impossible.
  6. Really bad news: I just got my fifth victory in a row and the secret didn‘t unlock. Even if you are able to beat five challenges in a row without the challenge bugging out on you, you‘ll still (probably) not get it. None of my attempts had a score of 0 points (which is apparently a known bug) so not even that could explain it. The only thing that might explain this bug is that today‘s challenge is the Satoru Iwata one, which may not contribute to the streak or break it. Has anyone actually managed to get this secret yet? I‘ll continue to win challenges and should I unlock something I‘ll post about it here, but right know it seems impossible to unlock the secret … Edit: One player seems to have gotten Dead God, so it might just be bugged for me or alternatively the secrets aren‘t required after all. I guess I‘ll find out sooner or later.
  7. I‘m very sorry to hear that. The streak must‘ve been broken when the challenge played on it‘s own, which probably means it can never win it (because I‘m at six out of seven victories right now and those were all my own attempts). I‘ll report back in case the challenges don‘t bug again and I‘m able to build up a streak of five victories throughout the next couple of days. Hopefully the secret will unlock by the end of it! Edit: I have gotten my seventh victory today and unlocked the Broken Modem. It seems like the secrets unlock properly.
  8. There was nothing particularly special about the seed. You can get the X-Ray Glasses early on, which definitely help. The devil deals had a lot of good DMG ups. Two of the gold rooms contained 20/20 and Book of Revelations. I was quite powerful towards the end and could rush the utero-floors. Edit: I also just remembered that Mom‘s Foot was in it‘s red aggressive state and that none of the bosses where particularly difficult or frustrating to beat.
  9. Todays daily challenge also worked for me and thankfully it is a fairly easy one, as it only requires you to beat It Lives with Isaac. I really hope they continue to work and don‘t ruin my streak again!
  10. For some reason it suddenly works for me too! Edit: I was able to complete the challenge without any problems. Hopefully they will still work tomorrow!
  11. I have tried playing the challenge immediately after it becomes available. After a quick loading screen you already have a score and can‘t play it yourself. At no point did it even look like I could play one on my own. I can‘t say much about the save data because I don‘t own the game on my PS4 but maybe that can also mess things up. I can only say that the challenges can get bugged, even if you only own the game for PS5.
  12. You do get three secrets from them. I‘m fairly certain none of them are required for the platinum, but I don‘t think it‘s currently possible to get 100% completion for the game. The trophy „Dead God“ should only unlock when you have gotten everything in the game, which would unfortunately include the daily challenges …
  13. I don‘t think the game‘s own runs count as attempts. I had four successful runs before it started playing them without me. Considering the scores the game got me, I should have gotten the secret for winning seven challenges in total, but still haven‘t yet. I suppose after 31 days I‘ll know for sure, because even if the game dies in the first room, it would still count towards the 31 attempts you need for one of the secrets. I‘m not sure the developers are aware. I send them a mail about it, but they haven‘t replied to it or anything. It could probably help if more people complain about it though.
  14. Did you do anything unusual that might have allowed you to participate in them again? I would really like to experiment with different ideas to trick the game into letting me play the challenges again, but doing it alone and having to wait 24 hours between each attempt is very frustrating. After the first seven challenges I participated in, they broke and there hasn‘t been a single time I could have played one myself since then.
  15. For the past eight days I‘ve also been unable to play any of the daily challenges. For me it started to happen after I had played a daily challenge on a different save file then the one I‘m actively playing on. Maybe that messed it up, because no matter what save file you play on, it always seems to be attached to your PSN-Account. So if you fail a daily challenge on your third save file you can‘t try to beat it on your first and second save file. It‘s possible that had nothing to do with it, but for me it at least seems like a possible explanation for the game‘s confusion. I have reported the bug to the developers, but I don‘t know how likely it is for them to fix this. If the game‘s own runs don‘t count for the secrets it would make three of them unobtainable for some of us making it impossible to get all of the game’s trophies (at least I think you have to get every secret to get to infinity percent …)