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  1. My only complaint is that half the time I attempt to sprint I end up entering cover. If what makes it terrible are the cut scenes then I wouldn't know, been skipping those.
  2. I totally agree. I'll stop playing online when the servers die and then I'll have the space to work on my mountain of offline games/trophies.
  3. Twisted Metal (2012). I had never played a Twisted Metal game before but remembered seeing Sweet Tooth's face around and thought a psycho clown with fire for hair seemed really cool, so it was my first buy and boy do I regret not finishing the online trophies.
  4. I'm working on Mindjack right now and it's been a breeze and very fun! 1 online trophy requires 3 players and I have an alt so could help with that if you got it~
  5. Can't I just have 2 dinners?
  6. Here's mine, I'll play yours when i see you've played mine!
  7. This wasn't working for me going through my router, the 80710102 message kept coming up. I then chose to use my phone as a hotspot, connected my laptop to my phone, followed all steps as instructed and it worked instantly.
  8. quick question: does online still work?