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  1. Maybe there is a New Game+ kinda thing after you finish the Story that would make the XP gain more reasonable for Level 99? There must be a trick to all this. I doubt that the Developers would want to make the List extra hard just to fuck with Achievement hunters. Tho those Devs do exist in other games haha
  2. According to @PowerPyx it's very short tho he can't comment on Master difficulty just yet. He also says there are about 200 Collectibles and you need to find all of them. Some enemy types seem to be missable too (mages) since they won't spawn outside the Story (?) Which could make a few combat Trophies also missable. I'm personally excited for this game since it was announced tho i rather wait with purchasing it. I wanna see how people like it and if it's really that short.
  3. Hello. Sorry for the Text but i have a Question, maybe someone with a deeper understanding of this Sites Features could help me 🙂 How does a hidden List with a Plat affect my Milestones on here? I'm asking this because i have my 200th Plat ahead but i always have to hide a game from my List "Modern Warfare 2". Basically i was young and dumb, personal struggles combined with many Account switches lead to me using an Online save to pop it - Whatever, i got older and i don't mind hiding it so I'm not always shown as flagged. That circumstance is 100% fine by me. But if I'm hiding it my Plat count on here is naturally always showing -1 compared to my Playstation Profile. So if it says 198 here but it really is 199 there then what if i get my 200th Plat? What will be shown here? Will it actually say that "xx" is my 200th? I get the felling that i always have to unhide MW2 before i reach any Milestone so that my Stats track correctly. Otherwise it will show that my 10.000th Trophy is just another bronze one even tho i wanna make it a Plat lol
  4. I'd say so. Sometimes you still find really high Level Players. Deathmatch is always full. Other Modes are populated tho it's getting rough and you need to create a public Lobby here and there. I advice to join a Session on here for Level 55 because that takes forever to reach... I don't know about DLC but most things are "technically" possible yes. I finished a round of game lab by finding randoms. Sometimes you don't find anyone and then you find many. Most Modes are moderately populated and if not you can create a public Lobby and people could join (again relying on randoms which is possible depending on your Time.) - Only problem is Level 55 because that takes you forever if you're not boosting with People
  5. This worked for me personally. Didn't even take 15 Minutes. Thanks a lot 🤙
  6. Nope just the last one Edit: I just changed my Text making it a little more clear
  7. Does still work as of June 14th 2021. Remember it has to be a full 18 Round-Match + you have to putt the very last hole on the 18th Round with your Main who's set to Legendary. Only the 18th was necessary for me. But (!) If you finish the 18th hole with your 2nd, 3rd of 4th Character it won't count for this Trophy. I wasted 3 Full-18 Rounds until i finally understood this. Edit rage: F*** this game. I lost the last Tourney, i quit and downloaded the Save - Said it's corrupted 😭 So close to Platinum and only had 2 rivals left... Now i can do it all over again b̶̶u̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶i̶̶ ̶̶w̶̶o̶̶n̶̶t̶ F*** you EA Edit 2: I'm trying it again 😅 But this time I'll copy the save onto USB as well. Whatever I'll eventually get it done
  8. I talked to the German / Deutsch Support yesterday. The Girl was very nice and said she forwarded my request to their Internal Team since she couldn't do anything. I didn't need to tell them much except some Info on how to call and or write me back. Today i got the Email that the Avatars were added to my Profile. I got all 21!!🥳 Best early Birthday present (it's on Saturday) So it's actually possible of getting them here in Europe Germany as well for anyone who was wondering @da-Noob123 I wish you good luck 🤞🏻🍀
  9. That sucks. I'll do the same after 4 weeks tho. I really really want Tifa hell I'd even pay for that Avatar pack. Why don't they just sell them?? Whatever good luck getting an employee who knows what you're talking about 😅
  10. I got the Plat on the same Day as you did just 1 Week later Let's hope for the best ✌️🍀 Man i really want those Avatars
  11. Finished the Plat today, i'm probably one of the few people who took their sweet time. 154 Hours, 4 Minutes and 17 seconds to be precise. Hellhouse on Hard took me a day. I was also too stubborn to look for a guide until i eventually did... 🙄 Then i realized my Materia were trash so i let the AI farm in the Chapter 14 Colosseum with the 3 Team Challenge: Lowest assisted Difficulty, Cloud with first strike Materia, 2x Magic Ups & Magnify + fire. The rest you can equip whatever you want to level. You'll wreck them all in a few seconds. Best AP Method and you can instantly do it again after Round 5. I managed to MAX out all of my 119 Materias (yes i actually counted) that were in my Inventory in a few hours. I advice you to do the same @DaveMcDamage it'll be helpful especially those HP ups🤙🏻 Anyway, i was also afk often and fell asleep sometimes because of the beautiful Music. I rewatched all Cutscenes again in my Hard run because i choose Japanese Voices instead of English, they're really good. Now i need a big break from FF7 haha. I hope I'll get those Trophy Avatars for my Account. I'll re-visit Intergrade on PS5 next Year to do it all over again✌🏻
  12. Yep
  13. Congrats to anyone who got this legitimately! I always got to 4 wins but then always lost, so now i thought fuck it It'll be patched soon anyway just like they patched any other method that existed
  14. @SnowNinjaRaccoon Already got the PS5 Platinum.... Lol what, how? Was it hard?
  15. I'm a little bit confused as to which Version this is now, i can see 3 games in my Hong Kong Store - is this the correct "AS" one? 😅 Edit 23th April: I can confirm that that's the one, i just bought it. Btw. you have to change the console language Settings to English, then it's fully supported! Wuhu