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  1. I may be late compared to others but i thought i share my Times too 😁 Rapture Farms - 00:16:44 Stockyards - 00:20:57 Monsaic Lines - 00:04:56 Paramonia - 00:03:23 Paramonian Temple - 00:15:41 Paramonian Nests - 00:01:44 Scrabania - 00:14:28 Scrabanian Temple - 00:19:56 Scrabanian Nests - 00:02:44 Free-Fire Zone - 00:07:15 Zulag 1 - 00:21:14 Zulag 2 - 00:13:05 Zulag 3 - 00:15:44 Zulag 4 - 00:12:51 Boardroom - NONE (for some reason i didn't had to do that one and it never showed a time the plat popped after zulag 4 🤷🏻‍♂️ i take it lol but it probably took like 5 minutes) My Total Time = 2 Hours 55 Minutes I'm not the best at this Game and it actually got kind of frustrating when i started back in 2014. Back then i didn't remember anything from the PS1 and i just stopped at some point. Then continued in 2016, i beat it and i did everything except the Speedrun Trophy. Took another break and now i Finished it 3 Years later 🏆 It wasn't that hard. The fact that you can Quick Save and Quick Load makes it more accessible. Also for the Speedrun Trophy i recommend smashing X while running because jumping while doing so is actually faster than just normal running. Also, if you go to the Pause Menu the Time won't continue in the Background. I'm saying this because Trophies related to Speedruning aren't the most "Fun" for me so i used this to my personal advantage and always took a small break in these Levels. Also great for checking the Guide. For the Guide i choosed PS4Trophies from youtube. He has a nice Voice imo and explained everything in all Levels very well it. Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ4VW1nTAWXeJ49WqcIwIpyi3fUNKen4_ Overall (still) very enjoyable after all these Years
  2. somehow the progression in multiplayer is glitched for me and therefore it's really unobtainable and that makes me not want to play this game anymore. months ago i went from level 9 to like 16 and it randomly reset me back to 9. today i came back, level 9 in multiplayer. giving it another chance. i invest some time, did some races with randoms and leveled up to 11. then i go to the main menu and it resets me back to level 9 again, like what the fuck??? i think this game doesn't work correctly if you ever changed your profile name. i read on google that it has to sync with your profile and not with your data on the console. that's why it always resets me back to level 9 because that probably was my level from the old name.
  3. i doubt that. for pc it's rather easy sure, i think fans are faster with this than the developers. but it took them like 2 years to fix the music issues in ff7 and ff9, at least on console that is. honestly if they can't even get an old ass game like ff8 right on new consoles i'm starting to doubt what they are actually capable of.. i mean c'mon, ps5 is on the horizon in 2020 and they can't even get this right.. they are acting like it's a big deal to change the fps in the menu's so we can get a smooth experience, same in battles.
  4. How is this Game overall besides the Trophies? Just bought it from Amazon for 20. I don't remember the Beta at all besides that you always had to search for Boxes to replenish Ammo, which was annoying imo. Is this still in the Game?
  5. sag mal wie hast du so früh eine kopie bekommen? händler des vertrauens? ps: enjoy the game
  6. thought i share mine too since i just got the platinum now😊
  7. you could just look on youtube and get your answers there? lol
  8. I know this is the wrong Thread but i don't know where to ask 😅 Can you get the collectibles and just quit out of the Mission? Does it count? Thanks in advance!
  9. Ah yea, sry didn't saw that 😄 Im new here... Is it true that you can play against an opponent 3x Times Max? Or only 1x Time and then you need to find another one? Edit: Damn, so i challenged everyone in Dali, Lindblum, Treno, Alexandria, Daguerro, Black Mages Home thingy, Chocobo's Paradise and Memoria..... I haven't got the Trophy -,- Who the hell did i miss?! I also fought Lani, still nothing Edit 2: Got it! I didn't knew that you can find People through that Gate where the Championship was at CD2 or 3....
  10. Hi everyone 😀 So (for the Record) i can't challenge the same Guy over and over again? The Achievement said that you have to Win 100 Games in total and it doesn't say "Win 100 Games against different opponents" This is a bit confusing 😅