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  1. I finished Yoku's Island Express. I can count this as Pink right? If it's not good enough for Pink then count it for Orange
  2. I agree with this guy, just pick something that intested you and you can stick with! But if you really want recomendations i'd say Until Dawn or Bugsnax as both are super short and fun and its spooky game month so maybe Until Dawn I was gonna play it with ps now pretty soon as well
  3. Just came here to say Chainsaw Man the GOAT, Power best girl
  4. Dude super impressive completion list. I second everyone who's said Mass Effect Collection as even thought i've only plat'd the first one so far it seems super good and worth your time. But based on everything you've played we seem to have similar taste so i'd recommend NieR: Automata as I haven't seen anyone say this yet. Amazing game that gets sometimes overhyped but personally its one of my all time favorites. Try to go into it blind if you don't know anything about it and as for completion nothing is missable and if you didn't have an incredible time by the time you finished the story there is actually a shop that lets you buy the trophies for in game curreceny if you don't wanna do any of the optional challenges or side missions. But yeah NieR!
  5. What did you think about Jedi Fallen Order? After watching some gameplay of it it looks super fun and I thought about picking it up but i've literally seen no Star Wars or know basically anything about it. Is there anything there for a non-Star Wars fan? Would I be confused or enjoy it less?
  6. No Platinum Game #4 6 / 10 Now I still own my ps3 and I've bought physical games for it. I have The Metal Gear Hd Collection, Army of Two, Metal Gear Revengeance, and best of all InFamous 1 & 2. These are both some of my favorite games ever released on playstation consoles. Second Son was a mixed bag but I don't wanna get into that. My point is since it was October I wanted to play something halloween-y so I picked this seeing as I have never played it before being such a big InFamous fan. Now here's where I made my mistake - I own a ps3, I should've just paid the five dollars and got it on there, but seeing as I just got a ps now subscription for all the downloadables I figured I'd try out the streaming experience and see if maybe I could ditch the ps3. I can not. Ps now streaming for me was just horrible but I pushed through it so I could complete this. I can't say too much to the game's overall quality unfortunately as the resolution was ultra fucking compressed and disconnects were frequent which caused me to get quite fed up. I wish I had just bought it on there. It honestly makes me sad because I do not have bad internet and if ps now ran the way it is intended to ps now would be such a godly deal to me as it has pretty much every ps3 game I want to play on there but sadly it barely works and I'm just disappointed. I've read lots and lots of complaints about ps now before I got it so I knew not to get my hopes up for the streaming aspect but I had hoped maybe just maybe for me it would work. I'm still happy with ps now since I can play GoW, Nioh, Fallout 4, Until Dawn, etc. but still, it does sadden mean a major feature barely works. As to the game, it plays just the same as InFamous 2 and the rare times it did work as intended I had a lot of fun draining street paraders blood and stabbing baddies in the street. I should've just played it on ps3, it's my mistake I didn't have as good of a time with this as I could've but for now i'm going to give it a six. If you have a ps3 and a spare five dollars you should play this, it's just a fun and goofy adventure for any InFamous fan out there.
  7. Thank you for the reply and I'm super honored to see you took a look at my list! Your list is incredible and you rank games very well so now I know im going to LOVE these games. I plan on playing Transistor after I finish Yoku's Island Express. Thank you for taking an interest in my list!
  8. Platinum #34 & #35 9 / 10 5 / 10 I'm lumping these two together because I completed them on the same day so I might as well post my thoughts about them in the same post. The Outer Wilds was just. so. good. I'm hesitant to say much about it in this post because if I can convince even one person to try this game I don't want to spoil a singular thing about it. It's just an instant classic, I heard so much about it before finally starting it and picking it up and I could not be happier with my experience. It challenged me in a way not many other games can and makes you feel like you are making meaningful discoveries the entire way through. Honestly that's all I really want to say about it, please try it if you value discovery in games even a tiny bit as there is so much meat to bite into with this game. I'm happy I picked it up with the dlc being out now and the next time I get some money to put into games it will be one of the first things I play. A Way Out was fun for a night and I cannot have seen myself playing this for more than that. I finished it in about five hours in one session with my brother and it was really good! However who would pay full price for this? I got this on sale for a few dollars and I enjoyed my time with it but thirty dollars??? Really??? I would've been extremely disappointed with it if I paid that much for such a short, barebones experience. I've seen a lot of hate on the game and I think that's where most of the dislike comes from, expecting a thirty dollar experience from a fifteen dollar at most game. But besides that, I don't see a lot of strictly co op experiences out there and I really value when one comes along. I love co-op games and think you can get some of the best experiences from a game out of one and making memories with a friend and A Way Out will give you that for a day if you're willing to be a little patient with it. Don't expect anything amazing from it but if you want a good night with a friend pick it up on a sale!
  9. So far i completed Outer Wilds
  10. Thank you for the reply! I'll let you know what I thought about it when I finish it.
  11. UPDATE!!!! I recently bought some new games! I've decided whenever I get new games i'll add an update with each purchase. This thread is more for myself since I know a lot of people aren't very interested and there's a lot of other threads that look better and are more interesting created by people with more free time and more creativity so I know mine won't ever pop off. Anyways for the 1 person who cares or decides to check in there was a new sale on playstation! Whenever there's a sale I gotta get something. I don't usually have much money to spend on games so sales are honestly what fuel my passion. I also decided to get a subscription to ps now for a year! I know it's not a very popular application and I understand that but please don't hate me for getting a subscription for a year. I split the price with my brother who will also use it and I think it will work out well seeing as I don't come into a lot of money and the downloadables on there are honestly packed at the moment with stuff I want to play like God of War, Bioshock, Borderlands, etc. So anyways onto what I decided to buy - Ashen I've had my eyes on this one for a while. I also decided to get the dlc, Nightstorm Isle. I haven't played many Souls-type games and honestly I don't consider myself a very skilled gamer so those kinds of games kinda intimidate me. I have started and finished 1 playthrough of Sekiro but it ended up going into the backlog as my save became corrupted and I haven't felt like restarting, but that's off topic! Ashen, from what i've heard and seen from the gameplay, looks like a very watered down and simpler Dark Souls style game so i'm hoping it'll be a fun introduction into more of that style and help me for when I do get around to the Dark Souls games. The art style also looks extremely apealing to me with the very simple almost clay look to it yet still manages to have a very horror-esque vibe to it. Yoku's Island Express I've played video games for most of my life. I'm only 19 years old and my first ever gaming experience was with the ps2 playing Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat, and Crash Bandicoot. Now i've never really considered myself a "gamer" until very recently. I only every played games that came to me, I never kept up with news or sought out new and interesting experiences and most importantly I never valued completing games or trophy hunting. I mostly would play Call of Duty or GTA Online and never had an intention of completing anything until recently and it has really changed my perspective on a lot of things. I never really understood how many genres of games there were, how many unique experiences and creative ideas there could be and Yoku's Island Express looks like one of those to me. I also value games that don't have combat and try something different because I feel nearly every game has some sort of violence and games like Yoku's Island Express truly looks different and exciting. I also never knew of the metroidvania genre until recently when I played Blasphemous, Guacamelee, and some others on my pc and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I'm truly happy this went on sale and i'll be playing it very soon. Transistor & Bastion I got these games for the same reasons; they were both under $5, they're very well acclaimed, and the reputation of the developer Supergiant Games. I'm a big fan of rougelikes and wanna give Hades a shot as it looks amazing but it hasn't gone on sale yet but trust me, the moment it does i'm claiming that shit. For the time being though these are 2 of their games that have massive reputations and I see come up a lot in conversations around Hades. I know neither of these are rougelikes but the art and gameplay of both look unique and interesting to me. I honestly don't know what to expect from either of them as I mostly try to go into games as blind as possible about stories and gameplay mechanics as discovery is the most fulfilling experience of playing games to me. So yeah, no much more to say about these ones. My Name is Mayo 2 I have pretty much nothing to say about this, I got it for the same reason I got the first My Name is Mayo which is that I had a certain amount of money to spend and it padded the final price out to the last cent. So yeah that's it lmao. A Way Out My brother and I often play coop games together and seeing as we only have 1 console couch coop games are invaluable to me. It seems like less and less games are being designed with couch coop and that really makes me sad as it can be such a great experience and more rewarding than online coop at times. Now that's not to say we're great at completing coop games, he's not much of a completionist so it can lead to not wanting to do all of the objectives together which I completely understand or I will lost interest about halfway through and stop. However this one doesn't seem to have too many trophies or that long of a completion time so i'm sure we can finish it! Ender Lillies: Quietus of the Knights Now this one wasn't on sale and was the most expensive game that I got but I've been eyeing this one for a while for a lot of the same reasons I listed up above at Yoku's Island Express. The combat looks super fun with the almost Jojo stand summoning combat and the metroidvania elements make me super excited to play this! Not much to say about it besides that but i'll be sure to leave a review of what I thought of this and all games I complete from now on in this thread so stay tuned and check back in if you're even slightly interested! So yeah that's it! I got all these games for $69.98 and i'm very happy with that. I don't usually have money to spend on games so I really value when I can get a good haul of fantastic games like this. Also Ps Now!!!!! God of War will be the first one played on there and then I plan to speed through The Last of Us Remastered's story as i'm not super interested in completing that atm but I am interested in completing The Last of Us 2. I think i'll get a lot of value from the ps plus downloadables. The ps3 games on there, I wish i could play but the streaming really sucks for me and besides I own a ps3 and most games are cheap on ebay so if i really want to play a ps3 title, like InFamous, I'll usually just grab it from there. So if you're anyone who read through this whole thing or skimmed it, thank you so much! Gaming has recently become one of my biggest passions and i'd realy appreciate if you'd follow this thread of leave a comment! Ask me anything or recommend me a game or just point out a spelling error! I want to interact with the trophy hunting community more so anything is appreciated!
  12. Alright sign me up! For Orange i'll be doing: The Outer Wilds Mass Effect 2 FarCry: Primal And for Pink i'll do: Darksiders 3 Sounds like a good time, thank you for organizing this event!
  13. Platinum #33 7.5 / 10 Blasphemous was my 33rd completed game and god damn was it hard! I don't play many difficult games so many others may think this game wasn't very challenging or even maybe easy, but I certainly had a time with it. The combat in this game is fun and has a very classic metroidvania feel to it, it's not too slow but just slow enough to make you think about what attacks and abilities you use at the right time or else you will suffer major damage. The boss design I found to be overall really good with ONE standout that made me think I wouldn't even be able to finish this game - Our Lady of the Charred Visage. While the combat was very challenging to me personally, the real difficulty in this game came from the platforming. The god damned platforming. The spikes are one shot kills, you're constantly being thrown around, ledges seem to be made out of the slippiest butter substance imaginable. It really needed a big overhaul. However the obvious draw to Blasphemous is the standout art direction that this game takes with its gothic horror motifs and stunning pixel art, it honestly might be my favorite art in almost any video game that i've played. All the environments manage to be colorful yet full of that dark, grim atmosphere you'd expect from the gothic horror genre. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I really recommend you try it if you have any interest in metroidvanias or gothic horror in general as there is 100% something here for you!
  14. Does the game need to be started for the first time past Oct 8 or can games from the backlog count?
  15. This is great news! I haven't played The Stick of Truth in years and was just thinking about getting Fractured But Whole, i'm so glad it still works i'm 100% getting it now.