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  1. thats a relief. About the armor, apparently it goes up as your weapons goes up, if you are at power level 20 with repeaters and have 540 weapon power, you will be somewhat around that with your armor, its a bit confusing but somewhat like that.
  2. after the update I think the trophy All Decked Out is no longer obtainable, since you can no longer upgrade something to +10, can anyone confirm this?
  3. Yes, it's not an easy game, there will be times where you have to do very long grinds, but that's definitely a really fun game.
  4. Since there are trophies that are no longer obtainable, shouldn't we add something like [Unobtainable] to the list or something like that to show new players that the Platinum for this game is no longer obtainable?
  5. Changing language to English (United States) actually worked!
  6. They actually should add some kind of leaderboard so we can keep track of that, I honestly have no idea, only know I have more than 20 because of the trophy.
  7. Slime climb You mean unless someone do what they are supposed to do? lol
  8. One thing I noticed is that if you walk out of a platform with one foot before the other, you will fall, like that one from the beginning of fall mountain
  9. I have performed emotes around 10 times before coming first in a race round and the trophy never popped, is that a bug?
  10. I saw that Loadout is in "Servers that didn't shutdown". "Loadout - 24th of May, 2018 (Server was turned on again as Worldwide version was shutdown in 24th of May)" Does that mean trophies are still obtainable somehow?