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  1. Congrats my friend. I´m gladly that i helped. Which characters do you need now? Soon you gonna have the trophy "Blackout Historian" and be done with the Blackout and with that will come the zombies that is a grind, some Easter Egg´s and a lot of misc trophies. Sorry for the late reply,
  2. No issues, i'm glad that i helped. You gonna make when you get the info try to hid inside the houses and move through the edges of the circle and pray that people kill each orther in the lobby and you gonna achieve him again. Like woods, Reznov is really hard to unlock and requires some skill and RNG, but if keep trying you gonna make, i always hide inside the houses, garages, bathrooms any place that i could hide and people won´t see me and try to have a better gear, gun, armor, health packs so if the barrier hits you or if you need to engage some players you can survive. Using headphones helped me a lot because i could hear better the noises and moviment and stand still the max you can so people don´t hear you as well. If i remember any other info that i can share, i'll gladly too. Good luck and good game. Let me know when you get Reznov, i know that you gonna get all of them.
  3. Hello @seyhano. I can tell you for sure that you don´t need Menendez, the last of those characters that i unlock was Menendez. But i can´t guarantee that you need to unlock Mason before Reznov. When the games was release in order to unlock Mason you needed to unlock Reznov first, has a long time that i did the trophy (12/15/2020) and i really don´t remenber the order that i did Reznov and Mason, but i remember for sure that i did unlock Menendez for last. You can try to boost if you´ve any friends from your region to make easier on Reznov, get the "Ushanka Hat" in the mansion area and get you friend to drop there as well and get the kill with 200 meters distance and finish the match in 4th again and hope that the game don´t crash, but this game crashes a lot with me, so there isn´t so much that you can do from this part. Sorry that i couldn´t give the answer you need but i hope this helped a little. Here is a post that Mason is the last character for this player: Here Reznov is the last one: So you can unlock them in any order. I already replied my answer and for a friend Woods was the last one, so it´s solved your mistery. Hope its helps. And good luck on unlocking Reznov.
  4. This game don't show up on PS5 library only on PS4 library. Don't know the reason i checked 3 times and i can't find on PS5. Try to look on PS4.
  5. I can confirm that Auto Chess can be found as well in Brazilian and US stores. PS4 and PS5 versions of the games.
  6. You don't find the free version of the game in the store but you still can buy the game if bought "Star Trek Online: Discovery Expedition Bundle" buying this bundle on Brazilian PSN Store. You gonna get the full game and the "Discovery Captain Expedition Pack". You can download from another store(UK, Canada, etc...) but if you wanna from BR store you need to buy this version. I've bought and the game shows up in my library. Maybe the game will return for free in Brazilian store. But i don´t think it´s the case that the servers will go down, not now. I still wanna do this game lol.
  7. Yep, we was in the same group if have other person playing you invite to join the group. I did that for Divine Reaver and Tempest Kanash, did have other people fighting i sent group request they joined and still count for me and i didn´t even hit Divine Reaver and still count for me. I can´t say for what reason that didn´t count for you boosting partner, probably the reason you stated because you´re didn´t are in the same group and without saying the game is really bug as well. I got some Feats and my friend didn´t get and vice-versa. But in the end we got the last Feat for both regions “Rule Arun” & “Rule Southern Shara” at the same time. I can ONLY confirm what happened from my side, don´t have any reason to be giving any false information. But thanks for complementing about the group options i forget to say that in my post. I´ll edit my previous post with this information as well.
  8. @Warpedsavior, If you join mid boss, invite the players that are killing the boss and be sure to be in the same group as them. Try to hit the boss at least one time, just to be safe, but you don´t need to hit the boss for getting the trophy. You need to see the boss health and be in the same area before the boss in the moment that boss are killed and the boss will probably count for you. They are two bosses that i didn´t hit and did count for me. The bosses has some in game FEATS, even if you don´t hit the boss, you still gonna get the Feat, no every boss ass Feat, so don´t worry if you don´t get the feat because i did with a friend, has some bosses that i got FEAT and my friend didn´t got and vice-versa. Some boss takes like 2 to 5 hours to spawn, so you gonna need lucky to get there and they are there but you can wait and change the chanel(some areas has chanel 1 and 2 only, but some others areas like the first one has 6 chanels, a few has 3 chanels) maybe the boss wasn´t killed in other chanels. So create a sheet or notepad and keep track the ones that you need and you gonna get the trophy soon. If you have any other questions, please let me know and i'll try to help.
  9. To start grinding with the Tomahawk i need to finish the Cafe? Great post.
  10. Same thing here in Brazil, you can't stack but you can You gonna need to wait until the new plus launches or you subscription finishes. Sony had cancelled the stack of PS PLUS/NOW probably because of people stacking PS NOW before the launch of the PS Plus Premium. So you can try to sell the card or hold the card until your PSN PLUS expires but the card is working fine and can be used in account that don't have any PS Plus.
  11. The other person really needs to have the survival as well to send the fight request? Thanks,
  12. I just add you as friend. Thanks for willing to help. And i´ll ask for help for sure. I'll just bought the coins and i'll exchange for the level 65 scroll. I'll take a look on these. I didn't see how much cost the elite status. I didn´t decide which character i'll create yet. Brawler, Ninja or Archer. Thanks for those tips.
  13. Thanks i'll create my character today. Let's start this game and finish before the servers goes down. Still have a good amount of time.
  14. Really thank you @Honor_Hand; @janzor88 and @AihaLoveleaf for your replies. Now i'm thinking if i play with a Brawler or a Ninja the class will be Elin and i'll choose today which will be in the end. Maybe i'll play in other account to test the Brawler and the Ninja. I'll also take a look in Reddit to find any more info on they abilities and see which ones will be helpful most but i think that have health regen is a beast and don't taking any damage is good as well. But i prefer the health regen without using potions or anything else. Thanks again for the answers and explanations.
  15. I’m thinking in starting this game now and I need some tips. I’ll buy the level 65 chart and if someone could reply me which is the best class/setup to play the game solo would be awesome. The coins are with 20% discount on PSN Store and the level 65 chart is with 50% inside the game. I believe for the bosses I’ll try to use match making but I’ll try them solo just to understand them better. Really thank you,