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  1. Not yet sadly.
  2. Why you here then lol, people talk about trophies and such.
  3. Glitched like some of the other trophies unfortunately. (thrifty for me) fingers crossed they fix the bugged trophies soon.
  4. Im hoping it will get sorted soon, its bugging me lol.
  5. In my opinion it's terrible.(To be fair, my controller is busted and doesn't respond well making it a bit harder to play) so far my experience has been awful. But if you like it great.
  6. Cant stand the game its terrible.. this trophy is going to be a pain..
  7. Iv tried her, glitch( multiple times) Dime and some others and nothing. But in the awards menu it says iv done it. Just no trophy sadly.
  8. Hey, Thank you for this. I had actually given up to be honest but I will be giving it a shot for sure now
  9. Hmmm suppose I could try playing with someone and see if unlocks. It might unlock hopefully Not for me, have you tried it with multiple characters? Might be the character your using, tho that shouldn’t be the reason but I’m not sure what to do besides waiting too see if they fix it.
  10. I considered the same thing, but I might try reinstalling the game, But I’m gonna do the 100 wins and revive trophy’s first. Hopefully it might pop before it comes to that.
  11. It’s proper strange, I just checked my awards and it says I done it the other day. I’m hoping it will get sorted soon. Someone else on Twitter is having the same issue too.
  12. 😞
  13. I know but the trophy still isn’t unlocking
  14. Yeah, played the entire game with the pistol
  15. Anyone else having trouble getting this?, Iv done it about 7 times now "win a match without purchasing a primary weapon"