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  1. if i had know that for the PS3 version i would have imported.
  2. Now of these I would wait on Shadow of War because they will probably release a "GotY" edition next year. Elex and Lost Sphear are the shortest 2 of the above. I have not played much of TX eX+ yet but it is a great game and the combat is similar to Y's VIII, time is limited for me. So I would say finish Elex then jump to Tokyo and if you finish those with enough time then hit Lost before NNK2 comes out. May I also suggest Battle Chasers: Nightwar, as it is a throw back to older style RPGs and a lot of fun to boot.
  3. i whole-hearty agree, but without trophies (hey i can dream)
  4. always thought it was a waste and many places no longer use it.
  5. I am still curious but i kinda of forgot about this one. I am worried as it is supposed to be a sandbox game though.
  6. Horizon - all has been mentioned already. Souls - such sluggish & clunky controls I would think that From would have improved them by now but they keep them pretty much the same as I really wanted to like this series GTA - bland game (IMHO) that gets really boring really fast, could just be my biased against sandbox games (not Open world different genre) Every game has its audience and while technically Souls would be in my area of gaming the controls kill it for me but Bloodborne was an improvement. As for GTA I am not the target audience so that makes sense. Horizon is a tough one while i did not fall into the hype I was curious, hence why I love Gamefly, and It was boring but Beautiful. On a side Note I used to love From Softwares Armored Core series and 3D Dot Heroes is an awesome game. I am not saying any of the above are bad but they are just not for me.
  7. i prefer them to PVP, multi-player or higher difficulties. But with collectibles it i do agree with OJ9999vr but i will add that they are best when they give tib-bits of story infor.
  8. I am the odd one out on this site as I despise trophies, i feel they take away from the game which is why I make dummy accounts to try out new games. So I am not trying to prove anything I play games for fun but my video game OCD kicks in so try to get the trophies "out of the way". Not everyone feels the same and I accept that, but If i can help out others I will which is why I have written guides and why I use this site. The people here are far more friendly than some of the other FAQ sites out there. Plus sometimes a trophy guide can help you with a game just as easily as a normal guide. So i say enjoy the games how you want and just have FUN, even if that means trophy hunting.
  9. Groovy
  10. Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3 starts this month, too bad i do not have Starz to watch it.
  11. consider that i still play PS1, PS2, Gamecube, SNES and other older platforms probably wont stop just slow down.
  12. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Backer Edition) Darksiders 3 Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Secret of Mana Senran Kagura (both games but forgot the names)
  13. i would love an HD of Twin Snakes, but not another 2.
  14. I would say go ahead and save both in Real Survivor, but do not use the Flare until the timer is almost up. the less time Tyrant is on the roof the better. I cannot remember but I think Rebecca will save Chris form 42 90% of the time. if there is a trigger I do not remember what it is (unless i put it in the guide). However on Very easy Plant 42 should not be too bad on a knife only run. All v-Jolt does is cut Plant 42's health in half, it can be killed without V-jolt.
  15. Warframe and Elex