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  1. true, i got Shadow Complex for a decent price but Shante is crazy high. I need to recheck their site and see if there were any others i missed. Waiting for Salt and Sanctuary as they have it listed as coming soon. Would like to see Hellblade: Setsuna's Revenge I planned to get that one until they went digital only.
  2. i like a good balance so i usually stick with normal. Some games I will play on higher difficulties while others i might stick to lower it really depends on the game itself. I am not a fan of "forced" difficulty either, whether is be poor controls to give the illusion of difficulty or making everything 1-HKO you. Also on that note i do not like when NG+ forces you onto higher difficulties, it should be an option which difficulty you choose on NG+.
  3. i just snagged a copy of Cosmic Stare Heroine myself. That will be my 4th Limited Run game, i did not know about them earlier so i missed a couple of games.
  4. i would probably use this just to get the trophies out of the way then just enjoy the game.
  5. Boss Rush and Nightmare will be the hardest 2
  6. game looks very interesting. from appearance alone the "Not Even Once" and "London's Burning" might be the hardest 2. However there is a chance that "not Even Once" will be a lot harder then we realize since it might be akin to playing the entire game on level 1. Trophy list do not matter in the end what does matter is "Did you ENJOY the game". I might pre-order this one after all since it looks FUN, Vampires in 1800's London and No "dlc" outside of pre-order bonus weapons.
  7. It was so long ago that i really do not remember. It might have been either on Commadore 64 or Atari 2600, it was back in the 70's.
  8. and we see the savage Dragon has good taste. the first thing i always think of when i see "Archon" is this:
  9. one of the few games I am actually waiting for
  10. just like Mordor I am waiting on the inevitable GotY/Complete edition. I will say the game was not bad (Gamefly is great) you can tell they focused more on the Nemsis this time but the game feels more like an upgrade (or a side grade) than an actual sequel. Still will buy a copy when or they release a complete edition like Mordor This is good to know glad I saw this post completely agree here, it is almost like they are intentionally holding back content just to nickel and dime customers. I have gotten to where I either wait about a year to get a game, research to see if there is no "dlc" (Dragon Quest 11 and Vampyr) outside of generic pre-order bonuses or just buy used if it is a game (Sword Art games) that wont get a complete edition.
  11. I doubt it will come stateside looks interesting and a little like Persona.
  12. Topic got me curious, not really fitting but: Wanted Weapons of Fate: Completed Chapter 4 The Killer - on Killer difficulty #666 25th Jul 2010 7:26:55 PM Also checked my 6666 and it was Sword Art Online Hollow Realization: Attack of the Elves - Reach Max Affinity with Kizmel #6,666 1st Jan 2017 8:04:18 AM
  13. still have my copy as well along with Baiken unlocked. i remember the demo for this too that was lots of fun.
  14. they could have even brought Billy back from 0. I would like to see what happens with them myself but they will probably end up as 1-offs
  15. same here but PS4