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  1. Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes is only on Gamecube but it would be nice to see it ported. Silent Hill has only gotten a Re-Imagining (like Resident Evil 2) which was Shattered Memories on PSP I believe. That game was so different it was barely recognizable as Silent Hill, I will say a remake would be nice but I doubt that will happen.
  2. The first one has a better feel and feels like a complete experience. The second one has better combat but feels incomplete, the best part of 2 was the Endor "dlc".
  3. the funniest part about his comment about games being the same is that it can be applied to sports games and Call of duty (most fps games actually). i would congratulate Belgium for that ban.
  4. Only if it is a niche game that will not have a very large print run. Otherwise I wait a year for a "Complete/GotY/Ultimate" edition.
  5. quoting Van Wilder there?
  6. http://shadowhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Shadow_Hearts The first Shadow Hearts game, Yuri Volte Hyuga the main Character was a Harmonixer and was able to Fuse with other beings. He eventually is able to fuse with a God called the Seraphic Radiance. and expert from the above page: Though in part 2 they changed it to Harmonizer.
  7. i do not blame them, the "climate" here is atrocious. all it takes i one idiot to claim something and the band wagon jumps on it. Will any of them ever buy the product they are attacking? No they wont. I imported Conan Exiles form the UK because they censored it here in the US. Do I ever use the "full nudity" option? No, I do not but I do not support censorship of any kind either.
  8. is the Japanese version in English or is there an Asian counterpart subtitled? I would rather import than support censorship. I will cancel my pre-order and either import or pass on this one. shame too really enjoy the games as they are actually FUN.
  9. credit to Asmodaios344 of GameFAQs for this find https://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/10/11/darksiders-3-dlc/#/slide/1 and this: Asmodaios344 (Topic Creator)13 hours ago#2 Official response from Darksiders discord: John_GunfireGames: For reference for people wondering, the crucible and Armor would not exist for DS3 if it wasn't for the DLC. We weren't just sitting on these things trying to drain money out of folks. It's unfortunate, but we're a smaller team, half the size of the DS1 team and a third of the size of DS2. DS3 is still a very large game! However, we can't provide the amount of content 500 person teams can, but what we can do is deliver a solid Darksiders experience that feels great from beginning to the end! Sad that they are making a series staple (Abyssal Armor) "dlc"
  10. because of the different style, there was nothing wrong with the controls in part 2. Maybe I am just adaptable who knows. The controls from part 1 would not have worked in part 2 because of the massive shift from RPG to shooter. Also Square was trying to copy the success of RE at the time, which is why PE2 was more like RE than PE1.
  11. recently replayed PE 2 myself and it was still great, not as good as part 1 but still great none the less. saw this myself, look like they cleaned it up quite a bit from the last trailer.
  12. I stick with physical as well, but i see digital as a glorified rental. Since with digital they can take it from you any time they want, I do get digital but only on super cheap flash sales. So this is good news for me as I wanted to get the back back when it was originally announced but waited since they went digital only.
  13. I am the reverse I get motion sickness from first person games that are NOT in VR, but I have no issues with VR.
  14. season pass really? no surprise. This just got regulated to wait for a low price or a "complete" edition a year later if there is one.
  15. while i bought 1 and 2 I have not yet had the chance to play them. so I will just wait for the PS4 editions. Also I feel games should have shared list, but that is just me.