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  1. looks interesting, but seems more like sandbox than open world
  2. the collaboration with Kallume was the last guide (RIsen 3) I worked on
  3. i no longer have time to write guides. i got promoted a few months ago and it takes a lot of my time no. but i enjoy the job and the pay is pretty good to start. But I can always help if it is a game I have played and enjoyed
  4. at least this time it gets a physical release, though i did import the disc edition on PS3 as i missed out on the PS2 edition.
  5. for me I would say: Darksiders 1&2 Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed Witcher 3 Complete Edition Shadow or Mordor Game of the Year Edition (and i am not even a LotR fan) Resident Evil Origins collection Nier Automata Dead Rising 1 Now if only Bamco would do PS4 port of Ace Combat 6 and bring the Tales of Destiny Director's Cut stateside.
  6. i am still hoping to hear about some kind of save transfer myself.
  7. Uncharted Drake's Fortune Demo, Folklore "PlayStation Underground" Demo and Devil May Cry 4 Demo all on 1/24/2008
  8. Interesting, I have not played this game in a LONG time. the translations are pretty funny
  9. got a copy of Oceanhorn myself and Wonderboy releases this friday. i got the Asian version of Wonderboy instead of the LRG. Kept thinking it was the same but I was wrong. Mine shipped from Play-Asia before LRG had a release date.
  10. i like Damage Inc as they actually have the little details to make them look like patches
  11. you do not need to do Hardcore and yes you can save to an External. Deathinitive is just a new difficulty.
  12. i myself am an anime fan, while my avatar is not an anime character one of my sigs is. i think a lot of gamers are anime fans (not all mind you just a lot).
  13. my UK edition is on its way since i prefer Disc edition and the US is only getting digital. do not care about "dlc"