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  1. The way it sounds we are not even getting a "True" remake of RE2 at this point. Granted it is all rumors but from what has been "leaked" we are getting a re-imagining. Still keeping my eyes on it but if they are "doing it for the fans" as they claim all they need to do is look at REmake and do RE2 just like that. as for the series currently the only error I have seen on the list here is that Revelations is between 4 and 5 and Revelations 2 is between 5 and 6 that is if my memory is serving me correctly. Also i would add that when i played RE6 when it first came out i hated it as I kept thinking of it as a RE game. after it came out on PS4 i decided to try it from a different perspective. I played it thinking of it as just an action game and I enjoyed it much more.
  2. "checks to see if any guides were nominated"
  3. i will only buy this is the US gets the DMC 2 infinite Devil trigger "cheat" for Bloody Palace that The UK had.otherwise i will stick with the PS3 edition.
  4. the same trophy list (so no re-earning) plus Pro support, SOLD. If it is only 20$ i will buy it if it is more i will wait for a price drop or get a used copy.
  5. the only guides i wrote this year are for small games that not many played, one of which was co-written. The Persona 5 guide is very well written but i kind of got burned out on Persona after 4.
  6. Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash as it is the only guide I have used that was written this year and it was actually very informative and helpful. I did have a bit of trouble with 1 of the trophies but that was my fault for reading the guide wrong not the authors. There are other guides that are very well written but as i have only read then and not used them (not had a chance to play said games) I cannot vote for them.
  7. wont count until next year but i might throw a quick guide together for Mummy Demastered.
  8. tis very true, people will always complain. i had a guy flag me once on a Bayonetta board. YEARS after the game release i mentioned the fight with Rodin and someone went ballistic about spoilers.
  9. spoilers never bother me
  10. at the very least even if we do not win there are some who will get use out of our hard work, so they are helpful.
  11. it did?? dam i am getting old
  12. i already know i wont win either. i do not even think i made it into the top 50 last year but i do not remember. however good luck to all
  13. Metroid Games also Try The Mummy Demastered and the Shantae games too. RPGs Battle Chasers, Tales of Berseria and Sword Art Hollow Realization i know there are others but these are all i can think of right now.
  14. it is plugged into the controller and it will work even if the battery is dead. i was using it a few days ago and did not even realize the power button was off but it was still working.
  15. i leave the receiver in my PS3 and use a cord for the PS4 and i have had mine since it was released.