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  1. i do not care, that is my opinion
  2. interesting, but i have not played diablo 3 much since the last anniversary event. might not get this, looks cool though.
  3. I would like to point out that Dead Space 2 (have not tested 3) has the BEST use of trophies in a game.All of the games unlocks are tied to your trophies. So if for some reason you lose your save file you would still have all the gear you unlocked for the harder difficulties.
  4. agreed, I hope they use Gun-Kata/Fu for Strife.
  5. late reply but i think the 2 are just a palette swap unless the game specifies. I found no real difference between them outside of hit boxes.
  6. They released a GotY edition called the Break Edition with everything on the disc. Sorry for the late reply
  7. I will bite: Folklore Ghostbusters Overlord Raising Hell Bonus: Castlevania Lords of Shadow series and Star Wars the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition but with the Endor Level from part 2.
  8. out of curiosity why an older model?
  9. I have thought about getting a Vita as well, partially for the PS 1 games i got for 1$ or less on sales and a few mentioned games here, I also would like to play Adventure of Mana (Final Fantasy Adventure Remake as i loved that game back in the day on Gameboy).
  10. @blazeaire not really as my OCD gets in the way, plus the folks here are more willing to help than non-trophy sites. Hence why I have made guides as well, I enjoy helping folks out.
  11. i must say part of the reason i want a switch is the LACK of trophies. I heard they are doing a NEW 2D Metroid, plus we have the Zelda. I know there are a few other games as well.
  12. game does look really good, i am looking forward to it.
  13. I expect this game to be hilarious myself. I would also include Both Darksiders games since part 3 is currently scheduled for next year. I would also second the Resident Evil Origins (Remake & 0) and Witcher 3 plus I would Add in Akiba's Trip Undead and Undressed
  14. Pre-order bonuses are only for people buying the game digitally, so us folks getting the Disc edition will lose out.
  15. I will be importing a copy from either Asia or the UK, depending on who gets the disc edition.