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  1. You know they would change this completely, RE2 is not even a remake any more it is too different to be considered one. I would love to see Dino Crisis, Chaos Legion and Onimusha (royalties would be the biggest issue here) redone though, Still wont buy anything from them, at least not New.
  2. EDIT:That guy was annoying but he is finally dead.
  3. this is actually sounding pretty good, but whenever i see mention of "dlc" before a game is even release i get a bit worried.
  4. I never trust what they say to the press. I think they are trying to "appease" the fans that wanted FC in hopes of a few extra sales.Call me cynical (I am and I know it) but that whole article just seemed fishy including the part about reviews. The more I read the more skeptical i become about this game, and not because of the camera change but because of capcom being capcom.
  5. agreed
  6. agreed
  7. i know that feeling
  8. That is correct, much like Shadow of Mordor's GotY edition everything was on the disc. It also had a "gold" edition at release but patience can be a great thing, along with Gamefly. not to nitpick but you got my name wrong Shaka it is spelled and pronounced with an X (think mixer)
  9. still waiting for a complete disc edition. but that is a step in the right direction.
  10. not bad, i just hope this time i implement a full NG+. Part 1 was just the Armor carry-over, part 2 was a 1-off, third times a charm? still looking forward to the game.
  11. Darksiders Warmastered and Deathinitve Edition - 20$ each Resident Evil Origins (most Resident Evil Games are 20 or under) Transformers Devastation Battelchasers Dragons Dogma (was mentioned already though)
  12. I want that pendant.
  13. thanks Satoshi Sounds like a variation of Overlord