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  1. talk about a was of resources, instead of working on improving the gameplay.
  2. I just found this on gamefaqs:
  3. game - what ever i feel like playing movie - Lethal Weapon 1, Die Hard 1 & 2 and Krampus
  4. they still would not listen or would try to find a way to micro-payment it's bollocks off.
  5. Ah yes those guys can boost you super fast since they are from the final levels of the game.I had that listed in the guide I am doing. I have not finished the guide as I need the Tomi Trials done though.
  6. This one caught my eye, I wonder if it will be any good. Also looking at Evil West and Grave G.O.R.E, I was going to get Shrine Maiden until I found out it was being Censored. If they do not censor it on NS I will get it there.
  7. If you like the Spectacle Fighters that others have mentioned (DMC, MGR Revengeance) then you would enjoy the series. I have only played the first game so far. I do have part 2 on the Switch just have not had the chance to play it.
  8. I only get digital when it is 4.99 or 5.99 nothing higher. If the game is digital only then I wait for a sale to the aforementioned prices.
  9. always physical whenever possible. Have no interest in PS5 right now so i am sticking with my ps4 pro.
  10. interesting, I found 2 and 3 to be more fun that some of the higher budget games. They are not great games and have plenty of flaws but there is a charm to them. They need to port part 2.