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  1. same here, i just did not like the forced FP sections due to the perspective. It was making me very sick (motion sickness) so luckily they did not last long. Too Bad you do not have an option to skip them.
  2. That first sentence sounds more like a re-Imagining than a remake. I think most people wanted something akin to Shadow of the Colossus PS4 a shot for shot remake or a Director's Cut remake like Resident Evil 1. I still have yet to play FF7R so I cannot judge it, It is on the gamefly list so when it ships I will play it then.
  3. Wait a minute the title said Lead in a game not Boss. You dare insult Lord Of Darkness?? /s Tim Curry did the Voice of the the final boss in Brutal legend. https://brutallegend.fandom.com/wiki/Tim_Curry
  4. I have only had the Vita for about a year myself but the first game was Sword Art Hollow Fragment.
  5. This game already exists it was made on Gamecube then remastered this gen, unless you mean a Re-Imagining like RE 2/3. Metal Gear Solid 1 already has a remake as well, The Twin Snakes on Gamecube and I think Nintendo owns the rights to that remake. i definitely agree with this one. I am starting to think some folks are actually wanting Re-Imaginings and not Remakes based on some of the comments in this topic.
  6. https://limitedrungames.com/collections/playstation-4/products/limited-run-345-blaster-master-zero-ps4 https://limitedrungames.com/collections/playstation-4/products/limited-run-346-blaster-master-zero-2-ps4 They are being released by Limited Run games tomorrow (May 29-June 28)
  7. i do this as well but also for trophies too.
  8. Thanks I changed out the buttons myself, got the buttons from Amazon
  9. Knight's Contract Witchslayer mode, the difficulty came not from, the enemies but from the Boss (To The Fires of Hell) just before the final boss. He had a 7 QTE with insane timing you had to get perfect, killing him was easy but that QTE can get ****ed.
  10. the only thing on the first game that gave me trouble was the Romeo Exxet on NG+. He was insanely hard for me.
  11. My thought is that it would be a 1 time prompt and to install after if you select No would be done in the options menu.
  12. Doubt this one will be popular but I would like an option at the start of every game that ask "would you like to install trophies" that way folks like myself can try out games without my OCD kicking in. You could install them from the options menu if you want to earn them later, you might have to start over though. I do agree with the tracker as well.
  13. thanks @Snake2410