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  1. at least we know we are getting part 3 which means we should get 4 shortly there after.
  2. Considering that RE2 Re-Imagined felt more like RE6 then that does not surprise me. But I take all reviews with a grain of salt as they are merely one person's opinion. Not a bad game based on the demo by any means but as I said it feels more like RE6 or Revelations 2. So I will try to full game but I doubt I would buy it all full price, demos are strange beast. I have played some demos that kept me away from games for a long time (Dead Space for ex.) or demos that were fun but the full game was awful. So when gamefly sends me a copy I will run the full game and see how it is overall. The last RE game I bought at Full price was PS2 RE4 (owned both GC and PS2 editions) and Code Veronica X.
  3. my nephew was wanting a PS4 so I upgraded to a pro (using a 25% off coupon) and gave him the base model. I also upgraded my HDD to a Hybrid 2TB drive. As for others I still have a working launch day PS2 and a super slim God of War Red PS3.
  4. XB1 is getting AC6 not 4
  5. just found about this game and it looks really interesting. nice job on the video.
  6. graphics were beautiful controls were fine but I felt like I was playing RE6. Headshots landing killing blows seem random (not unlike the originals), sometimes it would take 2 shots other times it could take up to 5 headshots. The damage to the ghouls is a nice touch though. I will leave it on gamefly to give the full game a chance, while I did not get the feel of RE 2 from the demo it was not a bad experience. Not sure if I will buy Re-Imagained 2 yet but if I do then it will be after a complete edition (like Capcom always seems to do with their RE titles). I did not get the inventory upgrade (i did see it though) but i did get the shotgun. Are you able to fight the licker or is just a window dressing? I might download on one of my other accounts to try it again and see what I can do different.
  7. gotta love the classics
  8. agreed, i do not like the list myself but i pre-ordered it anyway and plan to enjoy the hell out of it. but to each their own
  9. Ace of Aces will be hard and the MP will be grindy.
  10. I hope the combat is not like Souls games, If it is like Bloodborne then I am cool with that. I added this to my Gamefly.
  11. If there is no "official" name then i usually use Fasalina (for female characters; see Gun X Sword), male characters it varies. A few choice names I use are Jareth and Navarre
  12. nevermind found the answer
  13. i hope it is all on disc and not a voucher code. This game is amazing.