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  1. give me a sec i have to re-check something first. Ok the trophy will only be voided if you use any other weapons, since you are using the lighter on a puzzle it will not count against you.
  2. aside from Leon and Claire? pretty much the entire game. It comes across as a completely different game with little nods or easter eggs to resident Evil 2 just throw in. I am right there as well. Resident Evil 4 is not a bad game, but I do not find it to be a good Resident Evil game either. While I am not a Fixed Camera purist the camera style gives the game a different feel about it.
  3. From the sounds of it they are doing another Re-Imagining just like 2 and 3, at that point you should just make it a new game. Re-Imagined 2/3 were so drastically different that they are unrecognizable. Once I started to view them as what they really are (Re-Imaginings) and not as remakes I enjoyed them much more. I feel that RE 2/3 could have been done much better, even in third person than what we did get. They are not bad games just bad versions of RE 2/3 but hey that is just my opinion. I wanted to Play RE7 but I have an aversion to the camera choice so I will skip RE 8 as well, first person gives me major motion sickness unless I use VR.
  4. I might grab: Wild Arms XF 9.99 (the only wild Arms i never played) Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles 14.99 (I have the ps4 Requiem but it does not include the remake of Rondo of Blood) Ys oath of felgaia 14.99 Batman Blackgate 19.99 - forgot i can get this one physically so i will pass on the digital My PS3 wont access the store so there is nothing there i could get if I wanted to.
  5. folklore wonderful game from the early years of ps3, game predates trophies
  6. That is why i am not a fan of digital only.
  7. i found that out the hard way myself
  8. nope that is a 1 time only weapon. so unless you start a whole new play-through then you are SOL-JWF.
  9. Did he miss the word Online? because plenty of offline players really do enjoy cheats in games. I know it should be obvious about Online but still.
  10. yeah that sucks
  11. THAT could use a remastering
  12. agreed and the 2 Raidou Devil Summoner games
  13. thanks, i have heard conflicting reports so figured id ask here.