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  1. Why does that make me think of Abobo from Double Dragon
  2. if it gets a PS4 release I would buy it, if it is just ps5 then i will pass as i dont plan to get a ps4.
  3. enjoyed the first game
  4. looks pretty good makes me think of the first Darksiders and Devil May Cry, if the combat is as fluid as it looks that would be nice. too bad it is only on the newer systems.
  5. yeah i missed that free period, i just found out about it today. talk about late to the party.
  6. thanks for the fast reply.
  7. Yeah i missed out on it as well, right now it is 3.99$ until May 26. Not sure if i will buy it though.
  8. does the PS5 disc edition have the Virtous Cycle on the disc?
  9. yes you get a bunch of pop-up messages saying which items are unlocked, it was all of the ones in the topic above. It did say for the mother base team members they would unlock as story progressed.
  10. good question, i would like to know as well. I just saw that it was only 3.99$ so i bought it and you get several messages showing all the bonuses listed above before the game even starts.
  11. never really pay attention to when updates drop. As for characters my main 2 are Eula and Beidou, the others i keep switching out. I did managed to get the Shogun in her re-run. I have gone through a little of the Spire but I have not completed it yet. otherwise I am at the point of just grinding up characters and weapons until the next update drops. The only weapon I would like to get at some point from the wishes would be the Wolves Gravestone. Otherwise I have not used the Primogems in quite some time, I think I have around 8000 of them right now. I have only been playing for about a year as well and usually just casually. I am not sure how many hours I have in this one. The only character not shown on my screen here is Yanfei weapons and artifacts I did forget to mention I did not even realize you could boost character abilities until I was at World Level 5. I was always wondering why my characters always felt so weak at that time. Now They are much better balanced and Eula has everything maxxed out.
  12. While I have not used it myself this is what it does, not the trophy itself just the stats needed for the trophy. Maxing things like the poster above said such as the studies in RDR2 and since they are needed for a trophy it causes the trophy to pop.
  13. I already pre-oredered a copy of Cowabunga Collection (for the Switch) and I will get a copy of this too. I grabbed Mutants in Manhattan on PS4, a disc copy for 19.99 recently. I also got the PS3 game Danger of the Ooze on a Black Friday sale when it was released as well.
  14. this is a good thing, lets hope sony does not screw it up.