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  1. yes you are fine, I have my main US account a secondary US account, a UK account a Singapore account and a JPN account. the secondary was originally my nephews but he wanted to make a new account so he gave it to me.
  2. where is Simon's Quest? Bloodlines might show up on here as well. Also Digital Only? not really a surprise.
  3. i will gamefly it, if it plays closer to bloodborne then it should be fine. I will wait for a Complete edition to buy like I usually do though.
  4. Metal Gear Solid 2 took me years because of the VR training
  5. The CLoS games were amazing, but I would like to see a more classic collection first.They could do a classic collection, a metroidvania collection, a 3D collection and a CLoS collection. Just please leave that crappy one out with the buffy-wanna-be.
  6. Dam why couldn't backers get this? Looks Amazing either way, might purchase that one.
  7. Is it FUN? i keep looking at it but I am not a fan of digital only.
  8. Ace and Expert 1 hit is Game Over. I am terrible with the other control scheme but I might have to try it for that one mission. I usually try to get the Jammer first, i wonder if it is better to stay low or high. I am doing a few other missions before I try again. Edit I managed Hard mode on 8492, but I was badly damaged. Thank you all, I found a workable strategy for myself. Once the fighters appear i 180 and blast as far away as I can using the mountains as cover. Once I have some distance I 180 again and use TLS and they fly right into it. If they start to gang up I repeat the process. Done with 8492 now.
  9. Thanks, I have been using the Falken, The 2 wing-men do not seem to kill any either even after setting them to Attack and SPW.
  10. right now I am stuck trying to S rank mission 18+ 8492. No matter what I do I get missiled. I am at 17hrs with almost all other missions at S rank, just need a few more but 18+ is defiantly a killer mission. Much like nyonmyan i prefer novice controls, unless I get a flight stick.
  11. interested
  12. I do not find it a chore but I guess that is part of my adaptability. it really comes down to the individual, I say dont let it bother you.
  13. Here is the first one made, the next one that was posted was 1 year later. Here is the one i did using the PS4 (thanks to the capture mode), commentary is helpful for something like this but i do not have a mic