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  1. I should be able to whip up a quick guide for this since i am off wed/thur.
  2. https://www.exophase.com/game/darksiders-iii-gog/achievements/ The 5 new trophies
  3. Arcane is the main damage output which is counter attacks. have you gotten Fafnir yet? it will increase your damage based on souls you are carrying.
  4. Tokyo Xanadu eX is pretty good and fairly easy, also it plays a bit like Y's VIII
  5. only Bloodstained so far unless you want to count remasters, then the Trials of Cold Steel 1 and 2 as well. Though Darksiders Genesis, Akiba's Trip, Final Fantasy VIII Remaster, Destroy All Humans and Trials of Cold Steel 3 could be good too but they are not out til the end of the year. I have not played Days Gone or Seikro yet the biggest disappointment so far was Resident Evil 2 Re-Imagined.
  6. that looks hilarious
  7. 1 - could be interesting 2 - that could be a good thing 3 - wonder how they will do this 4 - are they saying part 1 will be 2 blu-ray disc? that was such a small section of the game 5 - it was pretty much like that in the original but I was never an Aerith fan and I was actually glad when she was gone. 6 - the ethics department would have nothing to do with the combat they just did not want Tifa to have her "original assets" 7 - immersion is usually a good thing if it is done properly 8 - that is a given as Cloud would not be able to reach flying enemies while Barrett can I am sure there will be other things besides this 9 - no regen on magic naturally is no big deal 10 - nothing wrong with more enemy types. I will say I am extremely worried about this game especially being done in segments and "claiming" it is a "full" game. I will keep an eye on the segment of the game and keep it on gamefly though. Yes the game looks beautiful but graphics do not make the game. On a side note what was with people pronouncing her name as TEEfa? that seems odd to me.
  8. Legend of Dragoon is awesome
  9. i am more interested in this than the Final Fantasy 7 Re-Imagining they are making.
  10. my main issue with the switch is that you cannot back up your save data. You spend hundreds of hours on a game you want to know your save data is save. Plus I would have to get a different controller, i just wish more companies would use the Dual Shock style. I am not a fan of the off-set analog sticks either and at the moment the biggest issue is not enough games that I would purchase to make it worth the money.
  11. @hsn963, it did not feel like Dark Souls the controls were actually fluid. I might not get it day 1 but I will probably get it down the road.
  12. The good news is we are getting the game. Could they have done better on the characters? Yes, but with the graphics style they are not too bad.
  13. joke answer or serious answer? i first do a blind play-through on a dummy account to see if i even like the game (since i rent through gamefly). If I enjoy the game and play it on my main account i ususally use a guide to be as efficient as possible but still enjoy the game. I only get the trophies due to having a degree of OCD. In a nice comfy chair with a basic controller and youtube horror stories in the background.
  14. agreed
  15. One thing I will miss is using my Pocket Station on this game to get all kinds of nice bonuses early on in the game.