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  1. i figured as much but still good to know, thanks
  2. this still cracks me up
  3. look at how small a 120GB card can be now-a-days you can get a mircoSD card that goes up to 256gb. So it would not be a stretch to see something like that. plus it would still be able to download from the card to the system like the blu-rays. But also as DaivRules it could just be a patent to prevent other companies from using it.
  4. agreed but in 3rd person not first, but give people the option.
  5. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9930-star-wars-jedi-fallen-order anyone else notice the trophy list is up
  6. i do not think it is the laser, I have a friend that does repairs so when I have some free time I plan to drop it his way so he can look. If the PS5 does end up fully and physically backwards compatible I would probably buy 1 sooner over later.
  7. 2 & 4 myself, Gamecube, PS2, PS3 all still hooked up to my TV as we speak. Played Gamecube not even a week ago, Eternal Darkness and Twilight Princess. PS1, N64, NES, SNES, Atari 2600 all died on me still have my PS1 games but i think my PS2 is dying.
  8. I have never gotten the highest rank in any Metal Gear game and this one would be even harder. Also I asked because your title is very misleading saying remastered. Would I play a Remake besides Twin Snakes, probably if they did a good job on the the game. Perfectionist just sounds absurd in my opinion as well.
  9. i gotta ask are you talking about a remaster (original assets cleaned up) or a remake(rebuilt from the ground up)?
  10. Dead Space 1-3, the mobile game & Extraction and Dragon Age Origins that is all I would be interested in. I missed out on the Dead Space Mobile game.
  11. as one one of the worst writers here, I would say just write what you know. I try to write the guide as I play that way I am putting down as I go. Take Zone of the Enders 2, I wrote that guide while playing the PS3 version since the PS4 version was coming out. What I did not know until I had finished my writing was that there was a guide on another site. The only reason I found out was I was looking for videos to add to my guide. When I found out who's guide it was (he is actually on my friends list too) I asked him for permission to use the videos, you do not have to but I chose to for that instance. I write the guide to help others nothing more nothing less.
  12. while i do not regret backing it it was terrible.
  13. only thing i disagree with on there is the Permanently Dead difficulty and like the above user said 50 runs is a bit much despite the game being only about 1.5hrs on a good run.
  14. that makes me want a copy, is the save file copy prohibited for that version?