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  1. This is the problem with giving a "release date" if it is not met people go bananas. I am expecting people to go absolutely ballistic if Bloodstained gets delayed now that they gave it an actual release date. Why not try some patience? I understand it can be frustrating but what can you do.
  2. I gotta agree with Omar and BlindMango on this.
  3. I still have a copy of Concrete Jungle myself. It would be nice to see a new version of that game.
  4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is only at 35% Red Dead Redemption is only at 23%, this is because I bought the Undead Nightmare disc and it did not have a separate list. Split Second 15% These are a bit higher but I am terrible at the combat challenges so these will remain where they are: Batman Arkham Asylum 87% Batman Arkham City 78%
  5. Sly, may I ask are you doing each account individually? or is it just 1 update? There is no rush just curious as I know you are probably very busy.
  6. i used to love this game, if it gets a disc release I might have to buy it.
  7. Do I need to create a new account for the 2 to merge or will it update eventually?
  8. I was honestly not planning on changing my PSN but I ended up changing it. Now I am waiting for my New name to sync up here.
  9. The only games I am even considering buying this year are Trials of Cold Steel 2 and 3 and The Sinking City. aside from that nothing has my interest.
  10. this pretty much hits the nail on the head. Everything now feels more like the "play it safe and copy & paste everything". Hence why I play more of the lower budget games and usually only rent the so called "AAA" releases.
  11. imagine How much people will complain if they miss that date.