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  1. Yeah that is annoying because then people start using the wrong one for the wrong game. If I am correct this trilogy is a remaster as I do not think they are rebuilding these games from the ground up like say MediEvil. However they also mix in Re-Imagining which is also completely different, they will make a re-imagining and it will be called a remake. Here is a rough breakdown of the 4 that keep getting mixed up: Port - a straight transfer of the game with no improvements outside of QoL and trophies ex: Primal, Rogue Galaxy Remaster - an improved version using the Original code as the base ex: Onimusha, Shadow Complex Remastered Remake - a completely rebuilt version of the game from the ground up ex: Resident Evil on GC, Destroy All Humans, MediEvil RE-Imagining - a divergence form the source material akin to "Inspired by" or "based on", makes Massive changes to Story and/or gameplay. ex: Resident Evil 2 (PS4), Wild Arms Alter Code F, Final Fantasy VII Remake Hopefully that answers the question tony. Also I hear they are now censoring these games. That is rather odd considering the content of the game, Yahtzee sums it up best with tis video: Let us remember this quote: When you cut out a mans tongue you are only proving you fear what the man would say not that he is a liar. Not the exact quote and I forgot who said it originally.
  2. I am REALLY HATING that pom pom mini-game, it is so random and I never was a fan of tetris-like games. it is killing my enjoyment. How can you make a strategy for something SO random? I cannot imagine how much WORSE they will get I am only on Ash right now and I cannot beat him. EDIT: just beat Ash FINALLY.
  3. I ordered the Limited Edition and just got an email saying that the Limited Edition is delayed until 11/8. No big deal the kicker is they are sending me a code for the full game digitally so I can play it on release. If I have to cancel though they will charge me for the digital copy though unless I cancel before 10/25.
  4. No but after shutting down my system (PS2 back in the day) and going to bed I woke up in my gaming chair with a controller in hand.
  5. well at least it is not a titty-twister
  6. There is a degree of insanity in this thread, too bad i have no good or bad jokes.
  7. Here is a quick rundown of what I have, I know some is missing as well. Guides Published - 31 Guides with individual views: over 10k views - 16 over 25k views - 8 (2 of these were collaborations) over 50k views - 6 over 100k views - 2 (Resident Evil & Conan Exiles) Total Guide views - 847,663 as of this post (this is not counting collaborations below, 919,099 with those 2) You've helped maintain a published guide not authored by you - 2 (Risen 3: Titan Lords & Dead Rising) You were a Finalist in a GOTY category - 3rd place Imported Game 2019 (Dead or School) You have created a JP translation guide - 1 (Dead or School)
  8. this and Doki Doki Literature Club disc edition.
  9. that does suck but oh well,
  10. I sort my by either game type or series, examples: Online - strictly online, Warframe, Genshin Impact, Dauntless, Onigiri Vehicle - control some type of vehcile: Gundam Breaker, Ace Combat, Horizon Turbo chase, Wings of Darkness Medieval - set in the dark ages: Witcher 3, Dragon's Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur, etc Strategic - strategic combat: Elex, Remnant from the Ashes, Mortal Shell, etc Open World - Metroid-style that you open as you progress: Axiom Verge, Minoria, Strider, Blasphemous, Hollow Knight RE - remastered or remakes: MediEvil, Onimusha, Zonne of the Enders 2, Grim Fandango, etc Undead - ghouls: Days Gone, Zombieland, Dead Rising, etc JRPG - Dragon Quest, Shin Megamai, Lost sphear, etc Spectacle - Bayonetta, Dead Pool, TMNT Mutants in Manhattan Everything else is in a folder by series as long as there are more than 2 games in the series like Resident Evil, Trials of Cold Steel, Ys, Senran Kagura, Darksiders, etc.
  11. so what time did it die?
  12. oh after 10:30pm EST, sorry forgot that part
  13. 10:30pm EST
  14. Best - Legacy of Kain Worst - New Tomb Raider