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  1. The way they did RE2 Re-Imagined and RE3 Re-Imagined is enough to make me worry about it. However I do agree that the A/B scenario would be a good way to redo the co-op only section of Dead Space 3. Another option would be when you get to the co-op only sections the game could ask "would you like to play as Issac or Carver" was his name carver?
  2. I hear that the PS3 controls better but I have not played the Vita Version only the PS3.
  3. a good headset definitely makes a difference with some of the more ambient sounds.
  4. To me it was Less immersive as when something dramatic or violent happened he just stood there.
  5. This is one main thing that i did not like about the first game. He is might as well be a plank of wood without a voice. If this a Re-Imagining like Resident Evil 2/3 then it might get butchered like they did RE 2/3 so that worries me very much. I do agree that the games hold up fairly well for their age. Though 3 would probably need a remake to fix the forced co-op.
  6. no it uses a new save file, but I will re-check as i might have deleted the LM save. Nope separate save files.
  7. The only one i own is the PS3 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga but no trophies which i personally like.
  8. ah yes Folklore
  9. that i do not know as i do not have a digital version only the Limited Run and Deluxe editions
  10. I only have 3 of this style, Berserk and the 2 Dragon Quest games. Aside from those 3 I could not tell you much about this style of game. While it is not PS I might get a Switch and the 2 Zelda Warriors games as well.
  11. I can confirm that it is a separate trophy list from the Limited Run release. Plus this is like a Complete Edition it has patch 3.0 and before on the disc.
  12. outside of what was mentioned: Ace Combat 5 - Blurry by Puddle of Mudd Duke Nuke'm Time to Kill: The Thing I Hate by Stabbing Westward Spyhunter: Peter Gunn Theme by Saliva
  13. sweet, i might order this
  14. exactly 1 and for 2 reasons Cthuhlu saves Christmas 1: Cthulhu as the main character 2: The first PS5 game by Limited Run Will I get a PS5, don't know but right now I do not even want one.