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  1. I just imported a Complete Edition of Nioh myself.
  2. come on now where is a disc edition? guess i will wait for a sale.
  3. still have to add manually, but that does bot bother me, i just really like the checklist.
  4. you got me at this, this is the only reason i still use PlayStationtrophies. they have a check box that lets you remove the trophies you have earned
  5. color me curious, Akibas Trip is a great game and i am looking forward to Hellbound and Debriefed.
  6. i do not trust them they always come across as biased to me. I might have bought this if it got a disc release but i still have my PS1 copy.
  7. count me in if there is a PS4 release.
  8. some of those rules are really stupid and cheap. i enjoyed TT until those later rules.
  9. now more folks can get Darksiders III, the improvements made after release made a big difference. Depending on skill the Plat in DS3 can be anywhere from a 3-5. Thinking about it Darksider 3 might be free to help promote Genesis, which is due out soon. I have not played Arkham Knight so I guess this is my chance.
  10. They are apparently doing another Re-Imaging for RE3 like they did for 2. It will probably be massively different in the same ways too. As for this Z/ZX if they release a Disc i will probably buy it day 1, if no disc I will wait for a sale.
  11. never played these, maybe they will do a disc edition
  12. I thought I made a post in here but cannot find it, so here is what I would suggest in no particular order: Witcher 3 Complete Edition Darksiders 3 - after all the upgrades they made it really made a difference Bloodstained - but they need to STOP nerfing everything in the game Battle Chasers: Nightwar Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Transformers Devastation Salt and Sanctuary Axiom Verge Akiba's Trip[ Undead and Undressed Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition Bloodborne Dragon Quest Nier Automata
  13. some of those TT rules later on were horrendous, also the only real difficult one here is Omega Weapon. He should not be too bad though. I beat him back in the day it was pretty funny as Gilgamesh showed up and used Excali-poor.
  14. what sucks is that I had a full set back when they came out. too bad i sold them back then. i actually like that list myself, still hoping there is a disc edition. maybe they will do a disc with all 3 (7, 8 & 9). otherwise i will wait for a sale.
  15. Code Vein is the only one that holds even a mild interest for me. If Final Fantasy VIII gets a disc release I will buy that but I have been hearing that it is no longer getting a disc release.