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  1. Shocked that it's got a PS5 version. I don't think the game performed that well commercially but I suppose it did okay enough for a PS5 release.
  2. Another PS4 exclusive bites the dust, but it's nice that a wider audience can enjoy it after it's been a PS4 title for almost 6 years.
  3. It's clear that we're only going to see more easy and EZ PZ quick plats because there is a market and interest for them. I didn't trophy hunt back in the day, but Spider-Man on Easy or Normal would probably be considered just about the easiest it gets back in the pre-PS4 days. Now, there are easily hundreds (if not more) easier trophy lists. Not only are easy trophy lists getting easier and easier, but platinums themselves are more common than ever. It seems like the trend began around 2016-2017 and has hit fever pitch from 2019 onward. To each their own. I probably spend too much time and money on EZ plats and trophies. But I don't region stack (again, to each their own) and there are plenty of games I won't touch even if they're cheap or have an EZPZ plat.
  4. A sequel is very, very unlikely. The Wolf Among Us 2 is apparently the only Telltale game in development and it's relatively likely it will be cancelled. It would be nice if they re-listed Guardians on PSN and other digital stores. Guardians is about to get a game at the end of this month and it would be nice to have more than one Guardians game to buy. Thankfully, the disc of Telltale Guardians is still pretty affordable. I wanna buy it reasonably soon.
  5. Seems like most Powgi games where you don't have to complete all puzzles to get the platinum. The 60 seconds trophy probably won't be too bad, especially with a guide.
  6. I just kept trying until it worked yesterday with some crossbuy games. It's annoying for sure.
  7. Time to purchase Red Dead Redemption 2 since it's leaving PS Now in November.
  8. Yeah, I've got some. 1. Average of 5.00 trophies a day, which is feasible. 2. S Grade Average. Don't know how tough this is to get. But since there are a lot of easy and EZPZ S ranks I've achieved, it's possible. 3. More Rare and Very Rare Trophies. Don't know if I'll get my first ultra rare before 2021 is over. 4. A trophy level over 400. I'm almost at 395, so it's very feasible. 5. 4200 total trophies. I've got less than 300 to go to reach that. 6. No more than 30 E grade games. I'm sitting at 30 right now and would like to get it down. 7. Keep rarity average below 77% 8. 65% completion average or higher
  9. This activation thing is annoying and inconsistent. There was a time for a few weeks where I had to do it at least once each date I used the Vita. Now I can go several days to a week or more without worrying about it. I wish Sony could find a fix.
  10. I only preorder a few games a year, usually. I typically only preorder digital games. My logic is that they can usually be preloaded on your console and sometimes they have digital preorder bonuses. Pretty sure I've only preordered half a dozen or so physical games in my entire life. Last one was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate so I could get the exclusive coin collectable from Best Buy.
  11. Another meh. Don't know if I'll play any of these.
  12. Teacup is a sweet and well-made game. It only gives you a few hours or so of content for $9.99. But I don't think that should be much of a turn-off. The game gave me Winnie the Pooh vibes, as well as Arnold Nobel books (Frog and Toad, Owl At Home). Pretty sure none of the trophies are missable, which makes it easier for us trophy hunters.
  13. Good news for once. Hopefully they make sure it gets fixed on PS3 and PS5 as well. PS3 is probably pretty low on their priority list, though.
  14. Seems pretty normal for a new console. Most pieces of hardware take a full year to several years to really get a lot of the wow factor. Most people are using PS5 as a souped-up PS4. But is that really a bad thing? It's great that there's almost universal backwards compatibility, and the PS5 hasn't quite hit a year old yet. I don't have much of a dog in this fight, because I don't own a PS5. I've never even played with my brother yet on his (we obviously don't live together). But even as an outsider, there are things that disappoint me about the PS5. -Paltry storage. 667 GB or so of usable storage is really low. It would be low enough for a PS4 in 2020 or 2021, let alone a PS5. And it took Sony months to add putting PS5 games on an HDD, and they just now added expandable SSD (which has strict specifications and a headache). -Removal of themes, folders, and Internet Browser: Folders are so handy. It always boggles my mind when a company removes them from the UI after adding them on a previous platform. Themes would be nice as well. They spruce up the UI a bit. Plenty of them are free or cheap on the PS4. And there have been reward or promotional ones as well. It's a pretty simple feature that should be put on the PS5. Most people don't give a crap about the internet browser. And yeah, it doesn't matter too much. I have a smartphone and PC, so an internet browser on a game console isn't a huge deal or anything. But I really like the convivence of a browser right on my gaming device so that I don't have to rely on my phone. -2021 first-party lineup: Sony had an impressive first-party output in 2020. There were even some cross-gen games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy. That's a nice way to start a console's life. Sony's 2021 line-up has been light in terms of quantity and wow factor. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart seems to be the only flagship title. Part of this seems to be COVID-19 and other workplace conditions. Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon: Forbidden West were both intended as 2021 releases. They would've added some more oomph to Sony's PS4 and PS5 software in 2021. -Rest mode issues and other OS problems -Weird console design that requires a stand no matter which way its oriented. -DualSense drifting:
  15. Marvel's Spider-Man is one of my favorite games and Miles Morales was great. I'm all in for this, and hopefully patience will pay off.