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  1. "Partner Up" - Toy Story Mania
  2. It's cool that they are adding trophies and other features to these old games. It gives returning players and new players incentive to play them. It would be cool if they put some or all of them on PSN at some point. For now, they will probably only be on the service. Sony sees them as a draw and would like the revenue for the Premium subscription.
  3. 168 days. It was from mid-October 2021 to late March 2022.
  4. If you're not tight on money, go for a PS3. There will be tons of titles not available on PS Plus Premium, and you won't have to rely only on streaming. If you are planning on the new services but don't have too much extra money, the streaming should suffice.
  5. 1. Regional Stacks 2. Trophy Site PlayStation players playing Elden Ring during this week outnumbers Mayo by hundreds of players to one, if not a thousand or more.
  6. Premium, it's a super easy choice. I've had PS Now since November 2020, and so I want to make sure I keep getting to stream/download a lot of games with the new service. The classic games are a big motivator for me. Hopefully they deliver in quality and quantity. The initial list is small, and I hope they don't trickle.
  7. 1. Use PlatPrices, they tend to have time estimates. 2. Something that has a 95% or higher completion rate on trophy sites is all but guaranteed to be around 30 minutes or under. Even some low 90 completion rates are about 30-45 minute plats/100 percents. 3. Just do general research if all else fails. Buying any title, especially without a little bit of info on it, is usually not a good idea.
  8. "Online Racer" - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Another Ultra Rare trophy in the bag.
  9. This is cool. We'll have to see if it's a mandate, or just select titles (probably the latter). If the titles come out at a trickle, then hopefully almost all have trophy support.
  10. Betty Bat's Treasure Hunt One of the few bronze-only games out there.
  11. My Name Is Mayo 3 It was probably the best of the trilogy.
  12. Agent Carter: Why oh why did they have to end Season 2 on a cliffhanger? The Boondocks: Both the show as is, and the cancelled reboot.
  13. Not at all. I'm a scrub compared to some on this site and other gaming groups. If I intended to platinum every game I played, I'd miss out on so many. Here are a few things I keep in mind -Aim for at least one trophy. I only have 4 Fs, and I'd like for there to be no more added to the list. -Ideally, a C average (by this site's metrics) or higher. And I'd usually like for overall completion to be at least 20%. -If I platinum a game, but not all its DLC lists than it's more than fine. I don't have 100% for Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, or Rocket League. I do have the platinums, though.
  14. Favorite: Stardew Valley. I don't consider any game fully perfect, but to me a 10/10 is near-perfect. Stardew fits that score. It's very open-ended for a relatively small game, and there's so much to do. I played it on Switch about 2 years before I ever got it on PS4. I even bought it digitally later to have the Vita version (I have a physical PS4 copy). Stardew Valley is worth trying for just about anyone. Odds are, you'll at least like it. I don't think I'll ever get the plat. Even with some toning down of one of the minigames, it's still probably a 6-7/10 difficulty. Honorable mention: There are several I would like to say. It's pretty tough. I suppose I'll pick Marvel's Spider-Man. It was probably 25-30% of the reason I wanted a PS4. It was my first platinum, and I just think it's amazing. It's a pretty acclaimed game, but I think it's even better than most say. I loved the swinging, combat, characters, story, Manhattan, pretty much everything. Least Favorite: Little Adventure on the Prairie. A steaming pile of garbage. I don't why I got this one. Even when I got it on sale, even for an easy plat...just no. Avoid both the PS4 and Vita releases (not cross-buy, btw). Avoid, avoid. There are better-made, easier quick plats/completions than this. Dishonorable mention: Popeye. Whereas Prairie is a pretty cheap pile of garbage, Popeye is expensive. It's $12.99 for very little content (even the few times it's gone down to $3.89 isn't worth it). You don't even get a plat with this one. But more important than the trophies, it sucks so bad. I love Popeye, but this is just so boring. There's virtually nothing of value at all here. Maybe powering up with the spinach for the first time and hitting Bluto once is cool. But that's it.
  15. "Just one hug is enough" - Sonic CD Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom!