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  1. Thanks! Buzzard locations were undeniably creepy! But I have to say ferals are even creepier. I even got a few jumps scares in the underground hideouts. I also want to thank everyone's input on these forums that made my platinum possible. All the information about potential glitches and strategies on how to approach the challenges really made it a smooth sailing.
  2. I started the game because the servers were shutting down and I knew I wouldn't attempt it if platinum was unobtainable. Mad Max was one of those games that was on my radar to try someday, but as we all know, there is always the next hyped game to play before you touch your extended wishlist. Well, I finished it last night and am I ever glad I gave it a go. I enjoy games where you clean up maps in open worlds: Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed, whatever. Give me lots of side tasks to do and I am happy. That said, the mechanics should be fun and engaging. Also, I never leave everything till the end to deal with or rush the main story. I made sure to clean up any scavenging locations and combat challenges as I progressed through the acts, so I didn't really feel like I was bored at any point in time. Between Acts 3 and 4 I did a long stretch of just doing side stuff and did get that overwhelming feeling due to the sheer amount of scrap locations. However, once I neared the end and trophies began popping up one after another, I felt pretty sad it was coming to an end. Playing after work every day and about half the weekends, I managed to finish in about 2 weeks. I went in being aware of the main glitches (190/191 and Pink Eye container), so I made sure to always be careful looting the last item in the location, do my math regularly, use all save slots with 3-4 hour increments, and never leave location objectives incomplete. Initially I set up three scrap crews and did just fine with the Dividend challenge. Being careful this way, I never experienced game-breaking glitches or had to reload an earlier save. A few minor bugs I ran into were enemies de-spawning mid-fight (happened twice) and my car losing engine sound on a rare occasion. The main story was lacking for me. It was cheesy and poorly written, never really delving deeper into motivations or character development. Keep in mind though, this is based on an 80s franchise when action films didn't even know what motivations or character development was, so it felt kind of appropriate. Honestly, I would have been fine just cruising around, thundrepooning enemy cars, and looting camps. Where writing lacked, I think they more than made up in location design. I thought the more complex structures were all unique and made you think about approaching them properly. Even something small, like a camp in the dunes under the bridge, where you have to harpoon a ladder to reach it - just great design. Another hidden camp in the cliffs only had like 1-2 scraps, but featured painted hearts on the wall and a pair of embracing skeletons on the floor, and you immediately knew their story. The historical items revealed fascinating background information bit by bit too. If this level of detail was put into the main story, I think Mad Max would have been an amazing game. As for challenges for Up to the Task trophy, I did most of them naturally through playing. I did leave 2 Gutgash convoys running just in case, but being aware of what you need to do to complete challenges and using every opportunity to execute those tasks should set you up really well towards the end. I was most concerned about Rattling Your Dags, Unstoppable, and Let's Be Overly Specific challenges. Thankfully, I got lucky and didn't have to farm any of them. I achieved Rattling without trying while fighting a lot of enemies at once in a 5-skull camp. Unstoppable popped up while I was doing the boss fight after Gastown races. And Overly Specific one was kind of a fluke. I drove out to do my last wasteland mission, which was to find the suspension upgrade in an underground bunker. I went underground, did my thing, and was about to climb out, when a storm hit. So, I am sitting there by the entrance, waiting for it to pass, when two enemies vehicles just drive up to Magnum Opus. Don't know if they followed me or what, but I saw two red markers right next to me. Just as I was deciding what to do, one got smashed by the flying debris, so I quickly changed my car to the correct archangel configuration, ran outside, jumped into Magnum Opus, and immediately thunderpooned the enemy, earning me Overly Specific. I had to jump out and run back to the bunker right away, because my car was getting smashed up pretty bad and was already on fire. So just be aware of your objectives and seize the opportunities whenever possible. I think I was left with 5-6 car specific challenges to deal with post game.
  3. Thank you! I was just pondering about ways to track it properly. I even made a little chart on paper to assist me. The collectables trick will come in handy. I actually just finished three races and had fun. They are pretty short and sweet, which was welcome in my books.
  4. Thanks! I completed most of the game now, so I think I'm gonna work on those races tonight and try to get majority of them out of the way.
  5. Fair enough. I'm gonna try going for it - gave my friend a hand with multiplayer, and now I am curious.
  6. There are just so many Archangel and Death Run related challenges, and I really hate skill/time based stuff they throw in every game. Does anyone have a strategy to share to minimize the number of races I gotta do (given that I win them of course)? If I do one race per location, per archangel, with legendary time and make sure to destroy at least one vehicle in each, I should be covered, correct? Obviously if I don't earn legendary token or lose I'd have to grind it out, but under perfect circumstances would this be all I gotta do - 16 perfect races?
  7. Are you still looking? I know somebody who’s looking to boost these trophies.
  8. What I make sure to do whenever I pick up the last piece of scrap or relic at the location is stand still until Saving... icon stops flashing. You do not want to risk falling off of something - there are plenty of pick up locations that are tricky and can cost Max his life. Do not pick up the last item until all enemies are killed, because you do not need some AI blowing you up accidentally while you are completing the location. Then, after every completed location just do the quick math. Do location totals in Challenges equal to location totals in Statistics? if yes, you are good. Make a new save file every 5-10 locations and back it all up on a usb stick or cloud at the end of the day. It's a pretty easy one to avoid if you know what you are doing. I also just heard not to do a scrap location as your last item of the day before you turn off your system, as auto-saving can lag a bit. Do something else for a few minutes - maybe drive around and destroy a few enemy vehicles, then travel to stronghold and save.
  9. I gotta thank the devs for shutting down the servers to finally kick me in the butt to play this game. It’s definitely a huge game with tons to do, but I’m having a good time. Otherwise, it would have stayed in my “someday” pile forever. Personally, I finished Dividend and did my backups, and I’m working towards a platinum before Halloween. Just in case.
  10. Today I got caught in my first electric storm. All storms I’ve encountered before were just sand ones. Anyway, I need just one more kill in the storm for the Tango challenge. Thankfully, as I was trying not to get fried by lightning, an enemy vehicle drove by, which I shot with a thunderpoon. It blew up the car, but I did not get my kill added to the challenge. I wonder why.
  11. Just finished the game too and also found the map the most terrible feature. It's quite useless on most occasions. Even hovering over locations to look at progress checklists was a pain, because the cursor was being pulled away from the spot I wanted to look at. Otherwise, one of the best games I've played yet.
  12. I purposefully used override to control one fireclaw to help me fight the other. Fighting one was tough enough for me - I wasn't going to do it with two.There is a spawn spot on the map (where you do the rockbreaker side mission) to help you get additional fireclaws, so it's not like you'd lock yourself out of the trophy if you run into that issue.
  13. No, I did not expect to win after 5 hours. What I am saying is that I have no drive to go after wins or learn strategies in a game like Fall Guys. Just playing this game to relax after some more demanding, story-driven games. Therefore my zero wins is quite amusing to me.
  14. I just recently started playing and spent maybe 5 hours in the game so far. Zero wins 😂 I wrote Fall Guys off as a casual game for me. No way I am chasing these trophies.
  15. Just finished my run and ended up with 15 minutes to spare. Didn’t really do anything different from a normal playthrough, just tried to be somewhat aggressive with enemies. Skipped maybe two fights. Thanks for the information!