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  1. Death Stranding. Fantastic profile altogether.
  2. Would you consider changing artwork for these two to match new images on PSN? They would be much nicer than the exiting ones.
  3. Do it! Once I start it, you'll have no excuse not to beat me to it!!
  4. Thanks Inuty! I keep forgetting to edit my challenge post with the DLC event. I will do that today. And yes, I will always appreciate recs for doable UR trophies in enjoyable games. One day I'll get to my goal 😁 Much appreciated! I don't know what possessed me to finish LN in one sitting, but I think it had something to do with the deadline for the Halloween event. Again, my priorities were skewed, and not in the healthiest of directions. I am very much looking forward to playing the sequel, and I have a chance to borrow it soon. It seems like a much more relaxed kind of game for sure. I think I will stick to my blind playthroughs from now on! (I do relate to the feeling of exhaustion at the end of some platinum runs though 😉)
  5. Little Nightmares (the one where a plat would have been nice) Little Nightmares has been on my radar for a long time: everything from its art style to the spooky premise appealed to me. One problem - no platinum! In itself that should't prevent me from trying out a game, but it sure doesn't push it to the top of my priorities. Thankfully, I did bite the bullet around Halloween and what a little treat it turned out to be: the creepy atmosphere, the claustrophobic setting, nothing but a flashlight to guide you, and grotesque creatures waiting in the shadows to grab you. The story also unfolded gradually, without revealing too much and unafraid to remain ambiguous. I loved how it subverted my expectations with "Kindness will be your undoing!" promise. I expected a certain something to happen, but it happened in a completely unexpected way that left me both shocked and saddened (in a good way). The only annoying part of the game was, naturally, the speedrun. On top of the tight time limit it added a permadeath of sorts, where dying would void your speedrun trophy. And dying accidentally is so easy in this game thanks to the weird camera angles and awkward platforming. I struggled a lot in the first two chapters that have most of said platforming, but it got easier in the subsequent chapters. That said, I totally savescum-ed it in between chapters, just so I didn't have to spend obscene amount of time going through the motions. This trophy alone should have earned Little Nightmares a platinum, but alas, it was overlooked. I do want to pause here and pose a question to myself that nagged me the whole time I was playing Little Nightmares: how much enjoyment of the game am I normally willing to sacrifice in order to save time on the road to completion? Is trophy hunting negatively impacting my gaming experience? I normally play all my games blind on the first playthrough. I look through the trophy list to make sure I am aware of things I need to look out for, but that's pretty much all the prep I do. I like to avoid spoilers and the pressure of doing a set number of things in one go. I never start a game on the highest of difficulties or open a collectibles guide until I finish it at least once. That's why I love open world games, where usually nothing is locked behind a plot-sensitive timeline. Little Nightmares, however, was an exception. I did open a walkthrough right away to collect all the lanterns and hug all the gnomes, but I wonder if it ultimately lessened my experience. The point of this game is to explore and to be wary of the things that go bump in the dark, so I can't help but think that I would have loved this game even more if I took my time with it and earned its accolades on my own. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to let trophy hunting get the best of me. Does anyone ever feel this way, or am I overthinking it?
  6. Have you tried quitting application, then loading back in through Continue? I had an issue with two early dlc trophies not popping. Doing that immediately unlocked them for me. Mine was a PS4 version. though, if it matters. Hopefully this issue works out for you. It's a great game, but the glitchiness spoils it somewhat.
  7. Another week has gone by already? It's great to see everyone making such good progress! This week was very productive. First of all, I FINALLY 100%-ed Rocket League. Big shout out to @Inuty and @da_eMTy for boosting it with me. I could not have done it without them. Getting to level 30 to be able to trade and receive the last missing items was a pain, but the Halloween special event made it somewhat more tolerable. Rumble mode makes me feel like I know what I'm doing . Then I went ahead and finished the two multiplayer DLCs for TLoU. These are pretty straight-forward. I imagine they can come naturally to anyone through just playing the multiplayer a bit, but it was nice to quickly get them out of the way while I was boosting Hunter and Firefly journeys. Big thanks goes out to @GummaFlores for that. Next, I mopped up the remaining Zombie Army 4 expansions that I had - mainly the free horde maps that also gave me two complete DLCs. At this rate, I'll be close to retirement by the time they are quit releasing new content. Am I ever going to reach 100%? Lastly, I came back to a long-neglected GTA V and finally attempted the last trophy in the Editor DLC for unlocking all animal actors. What an annoying trophy, which I thought glitched on me (spoiler, it didn't). I'm going to at least try to finish the Heists DLC at some point, but no promises. Completed for the event (21) Little Nightmares (3): The Depths, The Hideaway, The Residence Far Cry 5 (1): Lost on Mars Rocket League (7): Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, Neo Tokyo, AquaDome, Dropshot, Champions Field, Clubs Update Zombie Army 4: Dead War (6): Terror Lab, Blood Count, Deeper Than Hell, Caged Fear, Graveyard Shift, Hell's Cauldron Maneater (1): Truth Quest The Last of Us (2): Abandoned Territories, Reclaimed Territories Grand Theft Auto V (1): Rockstar Editor Coming week is probably going to be slow as I intend to focus on The Last of Us campaign.
  8. It's Sunday, so time for an update! Some progress was done: going slowly through the Zombie Army dlc that is available to me at the moment. I think I can do two more before I am forced to sell another kidney to pay for extra content. Maneater was a spontaneous choice this week, but I managed to 100% it all, including the Truth Quest dlc. I have to say the expansion is quite a bit harder than the base game, but I enjoyed them poking fun at every History Channel reality show out there. Coming up next is The Last of Us Remastered, I hope. I am currently working with a boosting group to get through the multiplayer, which should give me two more dlc's if all goes well. Thankfully, they are not hard - just need to get a tiny bit lucky to get proper maps. Completed for the event (12) Little Nightmares (3): The Depths, The Hideaway, The Residence Far Cry 5 (1): Lost on Mars Rocket League (3): AquaDome, Champions Field, Clubs Update Zombie Army 4: Dead War (4): Terror Lab, Blood Count, Deeper Than Hell, Caged Fear Maneater (1): Truth Quest
  9. Same thing happened to me. Both trophies did not unlock like they were supposed to. Fortunately, closing down the game and re-launching it popped them as soon as I loaded in. I’ve done several trophies since without issues. We’ll see how it goes.
  10. Time for an update! Feeling good about the progress so far. I'm off to see the family this weekend so I doubt any more trophies will happen until I am back. See you then! Completed for the event (9) Little Nightmares (3): The Depths, The Hideaway, The Residence Far Cry 5 (1): Lost on Mars Rocket League (3): AquaDome, Champions Field, Clubs Update Zombie Army 4: Dead War (2): Terror Lab, Blood Count
  11. #40 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (the one where I could have done the plat years ago) Tomb Raider was the first gaming franchise I fell in love with decades ago (has it really been that long?). I also purchased the first title in this new, survival-style trilogy shortly after it was released on PS3. But for some strange reason I just couldn't get through it. I had two false starts with it, and every time I would abandon it an hour into the gameplay. You know, where Lara has to escape the cultist camp for the first time? The one with the awkward rape-y scene? Maybe I was a non-committal gamer back then. Maybe my younger self was too creeped out by the mild survival horror elements. But what I think really happened was that I could barely recognize the game I used to love in this new package. The old games were full of wonder and exciting action, Lara's sassy remarks, and her palpable love for what she did. The Lara I knew was confident, super cool, able to speak any language and operate any gadget, and most importantly, in love with adventure. Just witness the early moments of Tomb Raider Legend, when Lara chats with Zip - her tech guy - as she scales the cliffs of Bolivia. When she reaches the gates of an ancient temple, she exclaims with all the zest of a true adventurer and an archaeologist: LARA: Isn't she beautiful? I'm falling in love all over again. ZIP: You say that to all the ruins. LARA: I'm a terribly lucky girl. Compare that to the Lara of the reboot trilogy, as she crawls through the next crumbled set and grumbles: "Ugh, I HATE tombs...". I get that the developers were probably aiming for some mild irony here - a little wink to the player all too familiar with Lara's future adventures, - but it feels so out of character and so unfamiliar that I get more irritated than anything. At this point Lara is already a student of archaeology, and she is following in her father's footsteps in search of a long-lost kingdom, but she acts like a prom queen who'd rather be elsewhere. I get that she wasn't counting on crazy cultists trying to murder her, but even the good professor Whitman got all excited about the anthropological possibilities of the island. This is Lara's first major discovery and she pays it no attention. This sets the tone for the first half of the game, and it feels rough. Lara is constantly subjected to gratuitous violence and gruesome deaths (whenever you mess up), she is stabbed and savagely beaten, and thrown off incredible heights, all in the name of showing how "real" she can be. At least that's what the game's director was claiming back in the day. I don't know, if anything, it made me incredibly uncomfortable. Some parts of it felt almost "fetish-y". I had a hard time connecting to this game and reconciling my previous experiences with something so drastically different. Where Tomb Raider sort of finds its footing is in the second half, where Lara becomes more determined to survive and fight back, just as she escapes the main compound with Sam. This is where things became more interesting for me: somewhere where the old Lara could take the reigns again and kick ass. From continuity perspective, it makes no sense that she went from helpless bystander to a killing machine in a matter of hours, but I was happy to get out of that self-flagellating slog. I could get on board with some amazing action scenes and fast-pace traversal across varying landscapes. Combat was fun once I upgraded a bit, and the near-death escapes felt satisfying. The running across crumbling buildings, the butt-sliding on muddy hills, the parachute gliding, and platforming across giant sets like the mountain village or the beach were all impressive. I'm sure if I stuck around back in 2014, my mind would have been blown. So, all in all, the game had a rough going but it managed to get there for an overall enjoyable experience. The trophy list turned out to be less scary than I anticipated too. I managed to get all the missable trophies on my first run just by being mindful of them. The infamous multiplayer that has to be boosted turned out to be a pretty quick affair. The group I joined helped me get all but the leveling up trophies in about an hour. Level 60 one I broke down into several sessions where I mindlessly farmed XP while watching Netflix. But even that only took 3-4 days. I definitely subjected myself to tougher grind before. I want to thank @gruffiiti for giving me a kick in the butt to finally start this one, and for having a friendly competition of who's getting to the plat first (I lost, naturally lol). I am definitely hoping to get to the sequels soon, and perhaps to hear some news on any upcoming games in the franchise (maybe with less emphasis on survival this time ).
  12. Quick update to make progress tracking easier. Completed for the event: - Little Nightmares (3) - Far Cry 5 (1) My main goal will be to do the rest of Far Cry 5 dlc, as well as finally go for the plat. There is a lot of great progress being made by other participants, and that gives me a lot of inspiration to aim for more dlcs to be done in the coming days. Keep them coming!
  13. #39 - Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 (the one where I won gold while wearing a pirate outfit) I'm a little late to the party. Tokyo 2020 games are long over now, but the prospect of playing a stylized sports medley that doesn't take itself too seriously slowly won me over. I was at the library, browsing for something to borrow, when Olympic Games jumped out at me. Seems like everyone was playing it just a few months ago, so why not give it a shot? I wouldn't personally buy it, but borrowing it seemed like a perfect compromise. Turns out this colorful, silly title is actually pretty fun, especially in co-op. As a party game, I bet it would be a hit. To be honest, it really reminded of Nintendo Wii's glory days. I think the most challenging trophy for me was the Olympic Event Master, where you have to win 10 gold medals in matches with the AI. The finals are brutal, and AI manages to kick your butt in everything from speed to reaction challenges. It left me in the dust for the 100m dash and the climbing, and it hit me hard with team sports. I barely squeezed by in a Judo match, miraculously out-Ippon-ing the opponents to a tight victory. One event I found I had the best chance was the Hammer Throw. As long as I did at least one "perfect" in the finals, I was guaranteed a gold medal. Throwing a perfect is tricky but not impossible, to a point where I managed to win about 50% of finals. It felt good to finally pop the trophy. Coincidentally, it also became the trophy to push me over level 300. It's a cute little title that is fun with friends, but the novelty also wears off quickly. Good thing that the platinum journey is a pretty short affair.
  14. #38 - Injustice 2 (the one where Catwoman gave me nightmares) Fighting games are its own breed of headache. Usually long and tedious, they also often feature trophies that force you to be the best player in the world. I am yet to summon courage to face Street Fighter that's been sitting on my account for over a year. Injustice, however, is a more manageable kind of fighting game. It asks you to put some effort in, but it's not as punishing and unfriendly to newcomers as some others. That said, the guide's 40-hour platinum estimate is a joke, because the plat is locked behind a completely RNG-dependent trophy, and nobody is that lucky. Cat Fight trophy alone will cost you at least 50-60 hours of continuous grinding if you are going for a guaranteed method though the Legendary Multiverse. Thankfully, the game also supports AI battle simulations to assist with racking up the hours, and while not completely AFK, this method significantly reduces the burden. In all of its entirety it took me around 250 hours to get this platinum. So you see, I don't mind the grind with the goal in sight. Where the game was becoming rather hard for me was the combos. They are nearly impossible to pull off flawlessly - I'm just too much of a noob. Majority of the trophies are related to character exclusive finishing moves. Some are pretty straight-forward, like performing a supermove by pressing L2 and R2 together. But some require a string combo using a meter burn and fancy finger work that I just can't pull off without sweating a bucket and a half. Since I was going for 100% completion, the DLC also proved to be a challenge with combo-dependent Push Yourself Harder trophy, which needs you to finish a number of Advanced and Strategy training modules. Persistence was definitely the key. From the cosmetic perspective, Injustice 2 looks and feels good. I already enjoy DC characters, but they came to life for me with moves that speak to their personality, hilarious taunts, and fantastic facial/body animation. The story mode is pretty surface, as it's the case with any other game in the genre, but it is still head and shoulders above the cheesy/cringe nonsense of Street Fighter. Besides the really hard combos, the mechanics feel smooth and easy to handle. It's a joy to learn and try to be better once you pick a favorite fighter (mine was Harley, of course). The lack of ranking in online matches might be a pro and a con for different people. I don't mind being matched against more advanced fighters so that I can learn and challenge myself, but it can also become very discouraging to have your butt kicked over and over. Winning ten online ranked matches (each being best 3 out of 5) was a tough challenge. Now that I am done with Injustice 2, I am thinking about my future plans for fighting games. I should probably go back and clean-up Street Fighter, but I am also pretty impressed with the quality offered by the NetherRealm Studios. I am tempted to give Mortal Combat 11 a shot and see how far I can get. I started Injustice without knowing if I had it in me to get the plat. Now I want to keep the momentum rolling.
  15. You know I’m not gonna pass on the purrty 100%-ins. Sign me up. I’ll edit the post shortly with a list of sorts. EDIT: Here's the list of all DLC that I need to finish. I won't be able to do all of them for the event, especially since some are currently impossible for me due to different circumstances. However, this is the list I will be picking my contenders from, so it's going to be handy. 💰 - indicates DLC I still need to buy. I will purchase and attempt these if the price goes down to my liking. ‼️ - Indicates priority. These will most likely be attempted for the event. Call of Duty: WWII Call of Duty®: WWII - The Resistance 💰 Call of Duty®: WWII - War Machine 💰 Call of Duty®: WWII - United Front 💰 Call of Duty®: WWII - Shadow War 💰 Far Cry 5 Hours of Darkness ‼️ Lost on Mars [53% Completed] ‼️ Dead Living Zombies ‼️ New Game+ Ghost of Tsushima Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Mode New Game+ ‼️ Iki Island: Story 💰‼️ Iki Island: Exploration 💰‼️ Legends: Rivals and Mastery Challenges 💰 Grand Theft Auto V Grand Theft Auto Online: Heists [81% Completed] ‼️ Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor [84% Completed] ‼️ Grand Theft Auto Online: The Doomsday Heist [69% Completed] Little Nightmares The Depths 💰‼️ The Hideaway 💰‼️ The Residence 💰‼️ Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition Lord of the Hunt [92% Completed] The Bright Lord [53% Completed] Rocket League Supersonic Fury [15% Completed] Revenge of the Battle-Cars [33% Completed] Neo Tokyo [55% Completed] AquaDome [53% Completed] Dropshot [7% Completed] Champions Field [15% Completed] Clubs Update [7% Completed] Surviving Mars Below and Beyond 💰‼️ Zombie Army 4: Dead War Terror Lab 💰 Blood Count 💰 Deeper Than Hell 💰 Caged Fear 💰 Damnation Valley 💰 Alpine Blitz 💰 Dead Zeppelin 💰 Graveyard Shift 💰 Terminal Error 💰 Abaddon Asylum 💰 Return to Hell 💰