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  1. Sorry can't read apparently. Either NHL '94 Rewind or WWE 2K Battlegrounds.
  2. Between LA Noire and Fallout 4 for me. Loved both games and going for 100% didn't ruin my enjoyment of the games.
  3. meh
  4. Retro mode is the way to go! I got all of these I believe in that game mode in 1-2 games.
  5. GTA 5 (PS4) - 1.95% Madden 18 - 1.97% Madden 19 - 2.25% Madden 20 - 2.33% Brawlhalla - 2.58% Any sports game usually has a lower percent because most don't go for trophies/server shutdowns often. Brawlhalla was a fun plat though.
  6. The difficulty spike from normal for Doom (2016) to Doom Eternal is a larger jump. Basically Easy on Eternal is Normal on 2016 (for how it felt). I'd recommend playing fast and using what the game gives you for ammo and such (headshots on certain enemies, chainsaw when low, etc).
  7. 51 days. Shout out being stuck at home I guess.
  8. I'd say both. PS3's are cheap and a lot of games are either not backwards compatible or look better on the old console. However, there has been times where I had to use PSNow for a game as my PS3 couldn't handle it (Fallout NV as an example).
  9. Unless you have unlimited free time I would just stick with one. You could get another for exclusives or such, but thats up to you. I went to the console that has the better exclusives and where all my friends are. The amount of time and money I have put in these last few years alone for trophy hunting has made me never want to switch back.
  10. Glad there is a video version for this! I played this on Xbox and Playstation and somehow miss one thing both times.
  11. Mafia 3 might be one of my favorite games ever, but so many glitched trophies (still). I really hope they make it like Mafia 1 with the style of 3 and more of GTA controls. Either way I'm excited.
  12. I've had the issue of certain games not being on the PS5 list for trophies to hide. The only work around I found was to download and load up the game. It will then be added to the top of the list to hide games on the PS5. I would recommend using either a PS4/PS3 (if it's not a PS5 game) to hide them as it doesn't have this issue. You will still need to earn a trophy to update PSNProfiles, but only after.
  13. Really hope they knock it out of the park and do great things with this.
  14. I cannot stress how excited I am for this game.
  15. Can't see this being more than 5-6 hours of aiming for the trophies, with maybe a few tricky ones. Anotha ez one.