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  1. I don't know if this applies to you. When I was going for this trophy, I kept getting zero match-ups for fight requests no matter what settings I used, what time of day I played, or how long I waited. When I removed the three dots comment from my profile that makes me appear offline in PS3 the fight requests started working for me. The three dots comment I am referring to is in the following video:
  2. It sounds like the game is fine then for 2022. The low price was the result of other factors. I'll give the game a shot.
  3. It was literally a penny. This was the first time I saw a game priced that low.
  4. I'm tempted to play it, but I'm not sure what the experience is like now after 1 year of no new development or patches.
  5. I believe if a player has a "Missing Timestamp" the player can appear on the platinum list, but not on the 100% list. For example: Deception IV: Blood Ties for North America. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2471-deception-iv-blood-ties The game has no DLC so the 100% list should match the platinum list. This game is somewhat affected by hackers/modders that are added/removed on an occasional basis but when there are calm periods the two totals never match up. (Currently, the numbers match because 2 hackers/modders were just removed. Give it a day to recalculate.) Doing a manual comparison between the first 50 achievers of the 100% and the leaderboard list number 29 is where a mismatch happens. Going into the profile for the player listed number 29 in the game's leaderboard is not listed in the game's list of 100% list it shows that the player has missing timestamps. I can't be sure how the 100% list is being generated but it appears players with missing timestamps seems to be affected. This was also one of the reasons why I wanted the individual game leaderboards to display players who have not earned one trophy but loaded the game's trophy list. I want to be able to reconcile the number of "game owners" that appears on each game's page to see if there were any anomalies and not just blindly accept that number just because it was generated by the database.
  6. I have created some past sessions. I somewhat agree. It would be nice instead if a set date and time wasn't mandatory to create the session and have an option like "Flexible hours - willing to work out a date and time comfortable for both of us". However, I think the set date and time also acts as an expiration date for the session.
  7. Try looking for the collectibles around midnight to 2 AM Pacific Time. Those there the times I used when I was hunting for the collectibles. Also, try to get a good route down for you to check the possible spawn locations for each map. When I did it last year all the extended warzones I joined were ghost towns. Occasionally, I ran into 1 other player who was playing around on the maps. The player ignored the collectibles, but kept trying to kill me. I think he might have been trying to go for the weapon kill trophies or just playing the game for fun. I can't imagine how busy the maps are now. Maybe, I'll boot up the game later today and just peek to see how busy the maps are now.
  8. I'm so glad I prioritized this game last year. I think this was my best trophy hunting decision so far. As a bonus, when the Intercept standalone became part of the PS plus catalog I got my first official auto pops. From my experience the number of days from announcement date to shutdown date is not enough for me to 100% the solo-able parts of the game. It took me a little over a month to 100% the game. Plus, I had to find two separate boosting partners who had the same free time/schedule - one for the supply box and the other for the revives. I still have memories of all the pain points during chapter 7 and chapter 9 during my elite mode run. Maybe it would have been faster if I had joined a boosting team. Now, I just need to concentrate on Jump Force and Everybody's Golf.
  9. Sounds fun. I wonder what the prizes will be. It gives me a chance to start a new account with only pure EZPZ games. I think I remember seeing somewhere on this site a thread dedicated to all the EZPZ games organized by category. I think there could potentially be at least 10,000 trophies just from EZPZ games by now. I'll have to look for it later and bookmark it.
  10. Is this an online-only game for all the trophies or will only some of the trophies become unobtainable if the server shuts down for ps too?
  11. I just ran into this issue. I was lucky I had the physical version I bought from a GameStop sale last year. However, the save files are not compatible and I had to restart.
  12. I just noticed that once you get all the trophies. The images spell out webnetic bookended with the puppy and cookie. This is so cute.
  13. I did some quick comparison visits on the "competition" using the reddit link below. PSNProfiles blows the competition away in almost every aspect. PSNProfiles is definitely the best trophy tracking site and I can see it deserves its prestige.
  14. I'm not sure what happened. I just checked again and the worthofweb link says the site is now around 40 million? It would be nice to have this site listed in my resume and know more about which endpoints are used for its data sources. I'm cautious though about the site's financial standing and if there are any possible legal issues being kept behind-the-scenes.