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  1. For example, this game says there are 4 recent players in the header, but the list of recent players at the bottom right corner all have been 1 month ago https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4043-spelunker-world
  2. I say own your trophies. If you want your trophies to count show all your coworkers, family, and friends you have played Hanna Montana or Dream Daddy or My Name Is Mayo.
  3. Awesome. Thank you for the recommendations. 😀
  4. I'm asking because I was thinking of trying out a Mega Man game for the first time. At the time of this post, this game/collection appears to have the highest 100% completion rate among all the games in the series.
  5. I'm hoping for a physical release one day that includes: all the DLC a mini physical artbook/photo album book of Crushed Ice and Dr. White a soundtrack download or a handful of the tracks from their album possibly in a steelbook or planogram
  6. I like the DLCs. I'm hoping there is enough DLCs released so they create a physical release later on.
  7. If the data isn't being retrieved through an open API then how did the trophy tracker sites learn about the 'closed API' for getting trophy data? Is this 'closed API' something only Sony shares with official PlayStation developers for games to be able to pull trophy data from their servers? Is this an authorized use of the 'closed API'? Sorry for the questions. I was just curious in case I might want to start my own trophy tracking site someday if I ever save enough money and get more free time in real life.
  8. I'd prefer the interquartile mean. Take out most of the speedrunners and take out most of the players who have little time to play games.
  9. That makes sense. I'm assuming it is also the same for the Game Owners total for the individual games. The basic formula is players on leaderboard + players removed from the leaderboard for cheating + players not on the leaderboard because of zero trophies or hidden profiles. Thank you everyone.
  10. I went to the last page of the All Platforms Leaderboard (https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/all?page=77270) and I got 3,863,485 as the total number of players on the leaderboard. Then, I added the 77,123 (number of cheaters removed but still being tracked). The total I calculated is 3,940,608 which is about 499,392 or about half a million off. What am I missing to be able to reach the 4.44 M number?