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  1. Who shot me? But you punks didn’t finish Now you ‘bout to feel the wrath of a menace! Best diss track of all time!
  2. This you?





    Jk, it's me. A fan of a franchise of misery, but they won yesterday!



    1. Troz


      not much of a sports watcher, but I know people around me were excited.


      54-0 Super Bowl Win % woohoo

  3. GTA V is about to become the game with the post players on PSNP, it is now 200 away.


    Never knew how COD got up there, but it's been a long reign. :popcorn: you love to see it!

    1. Dr_Mayus


      It might also win for most dispute cases

  4. missing Fortune Street you ever play sackboy a big adventure?
  5. Thank you all for 20000 views on my Maquette guide! Thats amazing! New milestone for me.


    I now have 60k views in total :o wow!

    1. Golem25


      +1 because I clicked the funny blue text

  6. thanks! nothing made me laugh so I might do it again (I still gave away the $10) Thinking of doing this but 10x the prizes ($100!) late this year, maybe the 12 days leading up to Christmas
  7. Seeing the trophies changed for the new GTA's makes me afraid that GTA V PS5 will have different trophies.


    I have been writing a guide for it for a few months now so hopefully they keep the trophies the same.

    1. DrBloodmoney


      The new PS5 list was published just now:




    2. PooPooBlast
  8. thanks for 10000 views on my Spider-Man DLC guide!


    my Maquette guide is nearing 20000 😮

  9. I was lost for so long, that's what my majority of 47 hours was. Crazy
  10. 😁 I've been waiting for this one! Woo-Hoo! Here are some suggestions for sequels: - Black History Month Break - Columbus Day Break - Martin Luther King Jr. Break - Juneteenth Break - Christmas Break 3 - September 11 Break - Groundhogs Day Break
  11. Fourth-quarter shawty, shoot up your party I'm a different man when I'm off of the molly Used to take five Xans to the face in the morning Now I take Percs, my stomach turnin'
  12. The Ashtray Maze is probably the only reason the game isn't a 1 for me. The game has zero redeemable qualities in my opinion. I got stuck in the Ashtray Maze at one point and it ruined the whole momentum.
  13. L40b6f5.png


    :platinum: Platinum 57 - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus :platinum:

    [Review located in Platinum Checklist]

  14. Platinums 57 & 58 - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus You ever play a game that makes you sick to your stomach? One that sends shivers down your spine? We will visit this later... When I first watched Doki Doki Literature Club (abbreviated DDLC for now on) I was 12 years old. It was when it became popular and all the Let's Players were playing it. I remember key plot points happening, but I do not remember any of the actual story. When I saw scenes of death and gore I was simply watching the Let's Players experience it. I was simply watching it happen to them. I did not quite understand the meaning or reasons, but I understood it was bad. When this game was released on PlayStation I was instantly intrigued. I had no idea how they would pull it off, as the main part of the game is to use your own computer's files against the characters. I remember it being a horror game that was disguised as a dating simulator. I bought this game around a week ago, looking forward to playing it. Upon playing, I thought nothing could faze me. I've seen the game through a couple times, nothing to worry about. When I started the game I instantly made a bond with the characters. I knew Monika was all-seeing, I knew everybody would die. Little did I know how unprepared I was for the actual scenes. After watching Let's Players experience the game I had not experienced it myself. I had not made the same bonds they did. On my actual playthrough whenever the scenes happened it still shocked me. The "safe-space" culture of this world blocks this out almost always, so when you see it happen the shock is even bigger. Big enough to make you sick and send shivers down your spine. This is what DDLC excels at, and they do it perfectly. It has a FNAF feeling where you do not control what happens, but instead you let things happen to you, while you are helpless to stop it. This is amplified my fourth wall breaking and weird visual glitches caused by Monika. Seeing your dear friends go in the way they did was almost as sad as [Red Dead Redemption 2 Spoiler!] leading Arthur to his impending death in RDR2. You could just simply watch it happen. DDLC is the best game I had ever seen (or any sort of media) use creepiness to the effect they have. Alright, that is enough about the horror. This game is a horror-anime-readathon. I hate horror, I hate anime, and I hate reading. So why did I like this game? I liked this game so much because even if you hate something, if its great you recognize that greatness. I hate country music but sure I will listen to a little country music in GTA V or RDR2, because it is done so well. This game does anime, horror, and reading so well I can't help but love it. As with the Side Stories, I skipped them all. I feel bad for that but they seemed like very little content for how long they were. I feel like I'm doing this game an injustice but I just didn't have the will to sink that much time into that. In a nutshell, DDLC is a game that will make you fall in love and break your heart, only to make you reminisce about how good things could have bene if they were different. They use horror, anime, shock value, deep subjects, love, and subverting your expectations to make this game amazing. If you hate all of those topics, you will still love the game anyways. My final verdict is an 8/10 for this game. It is very close to a 9 but I couldn't bring myself to rank this game among games such as GTA V. It is genre defining in its own right. Total Hours: 8/5 Completion Time: 13 hours, 56 minutes, 45 seconds Game Rating: 9/10 Platinum Rating: 8/10
  15. Just finished Doki Doki Literature Club. Even though I watched Let's Players play it back in the day, (I was 12! Not good for a 12 year old...) the story still sent shivers down my spine. I have always loved the end song, and have been listening to that for years.


    Now for the trophy cleanup!