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  1. 7 in common. Batman : Arkham Asylum Hitman : Absolution Resident Evil 5 God of War III Infamous 2 God of War God of War II
  2. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 , still have to play it sometime.
  3. Like some already said, it depends on the game in question, but assuming there are no collectibles or difficulty specific trophies that require multiple playthoughts, I choose hard, or very hard.
  4. Only one in common Jak and Daxter : The Precursor Legacy
  5. Kratos, yup im a goner.
  6. Definitely the game that scares me more than any other, however it was the first true horror game I played so i had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.
  7. Skyrim, still have to start it someday.
  8. There is no such thing as too many games lol.
  9. The last of us.
  10. Another awesome month for EU PS+
  11. Exactly the same in my profile, first trophy a plat , and 0 seconds, That happens because you earned trophies before even having a psn account, and in my case im pretty sure that my first plat is not even the one that is displayed in the profile.
  12. For me its a tie between collectibles and online, really hate them both , hard to say which more.
  13. Avatar ? , joking no idea.