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  1. I was thinking the same way, I'll save up all these items for the end and turns out I can't.
  2. OMG, i did the exact same thing. I was in the final phase of the fight and I thought I could use the statue but it was grayed out. I thought something was wrong and kept trying to use it that I forgot to pay attention to the boss and killed me lol.
  3. The easiest way to figure out if its your boosting partner is by marking them in the game. So when they match up with you, one of the three icons will be in red. I just figured that out today lol.
  4. I've done everything you just said but joining a union and I've read that it doesn't seem to help find people any better than the normal matchmaking. I'll probably will need to do a boost session, I just need one other person in my range to do it.
  5. Is there anyone within the 160k range and is a dark green color that would like to try and boost this, I figured out a way to identify someone but whether or not we match up will be tough, since matchmaking is really dumb. But i figure, if we have similar stats that we might have a higher chance of bumping into each other. message me on PSN, Akirasolid, if you have similar stats.
  6. Too bad we will never get a season 3 now 😭
  7. I was matched with someone who had a bp around 230k but he had over 350 matches played to over 150 wins. I don't don't want to play to 500 matches and only be at 250k bp lol
  8. Hey Ryu, if you are interested in buying Borderlands 2 I have a digital voucher code for the Vita I be willing to trade for a PSN card, message me if interested.
  9. I have 928 unearned trophies, damn you dlc trophies.
  10. I wouldn't say Bioshok Infinite is a masterpiece, its an enjoyable game but a master "absolute masterpiece" it is not. I'm one of the few people that has thought Bioshock 1 was extremely overrated but I actually liked Infinite a lot more than Bioshock 1. I felt more and cared more for Elizabeth than Booker, I coudln't get into that character the whole time I was playing the game
  11. This person probably came back from the future with his PS3.
  12. Getting killed right before I unlock a trophy.
  13. White Knight Chronicles is the worst game I have ever played. If I had played part 2 I would of said that one.
  14. Killzone 2, The Last of Us and Dark Souls 2.