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  1. You‘ll only required to play it on normal once. There is also a trophy tied to normal. As far as unlocking Ex-Hard, any difficulty works. You‘re able to carry your Clear-Data into any difficulty, just make sure to no not override it. Hope this helps, have fun!
  2. Probably the hardest trophy in this game, especially the last song can be infuriating as hell.
  3. I can confirm that this glitch still works if its your last trophy left, on the condition that the plat was earned before. As a side note, I played it on the PS5.
  4. Yeah, I do have the same issue right now. PS5-Version works fine so far though.
  5. It is helpful to level up the other 4 main characters, except Haruka, in order to complete all of the Coliseum Completion. Don't forget to get all Soul Points from Dr. Minamida. Again, not required, but it will make things easier/smoother for the Coliseum completion. Hope this helps
  6. If your TV has a game mode, just enable it. In my experience this can help a bit. But other than that, you have to practice each song. Hope this helps