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  1. So stupid question I've just downloaded the free upgrade PS5 version (I have a PS4 disk), I'm guessing I'll be screwed for this trophy until they fix it Not really the biggest issue as I'm only just starting out so it would a while before I'm close to the platinum anyway
  2. Thanks for the links i'm sure they be a big help It's good to know it's the easiest base game I definitely try for the platinum
  3. So I got the platinum for Asylum back on PS3 and I've just gotten the platinum on Knight, never really tried on origins because of the multiplayer, I was wondering in comparison how hard do people consider this game Without going back and looking at my trophies I'm pretty sure I did 100% on the campaign mode back on PS3 and barely touched the combat and predator maps, so it's mostly them that I'm worried about
  4. Just got this trophy, felt so buggy, followed the video guide linked above, did all the ones the comments suggested multiple times before moving on and nothing did the first few again and got the trophy How did they mess this up, GTA has been doing stunt jumps since 2001 (possibly before then, I haven't played any before GTA 3) and they work because they give the player feedback by telling you if you passed or failed, I guess rocksteady thought they knew better though
  5. So going for the MVP trophy and I can't see showdown series listed in the menu, is it no longer available? Is hostile territory available in a different category now? I'm pretty bad at the online and can't see me actually winning any modes
  6. So a few months back I finally finished the GTA V platinum after putting it off for years cause of the online which honestly in the end wasn't that bad, although I did start playing with friends to do the heists probably would have taken a lot longer and been more tedious without them The singleplayer was also more time consuming than difficult, accept for that god damn bridge near the casino that seemed impossible to fly under, even going back for gold medals wasn't that bad and tracking every on the rockstar social club made it a breeze to know what I had left to do Which brings me to my question, which game do people consider the harder platinum from personal experience? Is there anything in RDR2 that is incredibly hard or is it all just time consuming, I can imagine studying and skinning everything will take a long time but can't see how it would be difficult
  7. Yeah I found the platinum for Yakuza 4 pretty easy apart from the Amon fights, that was the only thing I needed to prepare for Yakuza 5 though there is so much to do per character that I'm finding myself taking breaks and playing other games inbetween Up to about 25% done now and still on seijema's section I can easily see it takes months at the rate I'm going Last thing I was doing was four ball pool and that was enough to make me take some time away, hopefully there aren't to many more annoying minigames
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll be sure to focus on the all training as soon as they become available for each character try and get their full movesets and level up as much as possible
  9. So I've decided it's finally time to try and get the platinum trophies on Yakuza 4 and 5, Yakuza 4 doesn't have a 100% completion list trophy but the 5th does and also it's the only game (that I'm aware of) where you can't start a new game with progress made in premium adventure So I was wondering is it hard to get 100% for hall of famer or just time consuming and how hard is Extra hard? are the items I'll get from going for 100% like the golden pistol necessary or will it just be a case of saving often and stocking up on healing items I'd hate to be tearing my hair out trying to do everything 100% with every character before moving on only to find out Extra hard isn't even that tough
  10. So I'm on my new game± play through and I've gotten most of the titles to level 3 My dodges title with velvet is only up to about 40 so I'm hundreds away, is there any particular set up that will help me get more quickly Or is it just a case of playing class 4 administration zone over and over until it happens I've got my battles set to auto if that makes a difference
  11. So this game is over 5 years old and the division 2 has been out over two years Looking through the list the only trophies that worry me are the dark zones ones but kill 20 rogue agents has been done by over 5% of players according to the trophy stats on my playstation and all the other dark zone trophies have been done by more people in some cases significantly more Is it just a case of keeping my fingers crossed that the dark zone will be less populated or will I need to find people to help me out
  12. Sorry I got them all a few months back I don't even had the game installed anymore
  13. Just started the dungeon myself at about level 50 and I can pretty much auto battle every fight, been running through the dungeon then and I'm averaging 1 level for everyone per floor fighting every enemy seen this thread shortly after my game got an error, was about level 60 about to head back to the upper floors and all that progress lost 😭 this game really needed quick saving in dungeons
  14. thanks all the replies everyone, I think I'm just going to wing it first time through experience the social links I find and just enjoy the story Then I'll follow the walkthrough on a second playthrough, I know it was mentioned the walkthrough wouldn't really spoil anything but I feel like I'd have more fun without constantly checking one Also I'll be saving regularly on a few different spots but is there any way to screw myself, I'll do the dungeons as soon as possible just done the first rescue about a week before the heavy rain started but unlike P5R I really had to plan every move on the boss and even then it was a close call after a few retries. I'd hate to get 40-50 hours in and then because of bad prep or having the wrong personas I'm screwed, playing on normal if that changes any advice
  15. So I'm coming into this game after having played persona 5 royal and I'm wondering what are the main differences So far it seems to be largely the same but I'm wondering is there anyway to see if there are social links in an area without exploring everywhere, in P5R you could highlight areas and see who was there and if they'll level up in haven't found a way to do that here Also what are any other elements that work different that I should look out for